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The most inconsequential thread of the week!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by hornet, Jun 23, 2012.

  1. This morning, due to two cars being in my driveway, I was forced to move the bike to very close to the street to wash it and polish it.

    As I was busy doing same, two boys, probably no more than ten or eleven years old, rode down the street on scooters. They stopped as they rode by, and one said "That's a real nice bike, mister", then rode on...

    chuffed I was.......
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  2. Re: The most inconsequential thread of the week!

    I love small people looking at my bike always give them a wave.
  3. Re: The most inconsequential thread of the week!

    I love when they all simultaneously turn around in the car that I'm behind all pointing, waving and giving thumbs up. Always puts a smile on my dial
  4. Re: The most inconsequential thread of the week!

    I always wave back, :) It's my subversive act to get them thinking about getting a bike.
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  5. Re: The most inconsequential thread of the week!

    Love it , coming out of the bank near the preschool the other day.This tiny little fellow was just stopped at a car door ,holding his moms hand ,With the look of a future rider , his Mum said he loves bikes, i gave him a wave / g-day little buddy and a rev off.

    Not sure who`s day was made most.
  6. Out of the mouths of babes!
  7. Re: The most inconsequential thread of the week!

    nice :)

    friday night i had my bike parked in the city in front of the state library. it was there for a few hours. as i was walking back to it, i saw 4-5 girls posing+sitting on the bike while a guy was taking pictures.. lol.. i didn't say anything, smiled and they giggled away..
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  8. When I was a kid, whenever I saw bikes go past it would always turn my head and watch in wonder. Not too much different now to be honest, haha. I used to dream of riding motorbikes when I was young the problem was i always would have to pedal in my dreams... Not having the experience of riding a real bike I guess.
  9. Re: The most inconsequential thread of the week!

    It was a year or two ago now... but I was out near Noojee one day. There were some kids out the front of their house holding their hands out wanting to be high fived by a passing bike. Had my (now ex) girlfriend on the back... Slowed down... We both held our hands out... Double high fives all round. Kids were totally chuffed as I watched them jumping around laughing in the mirror. Even their Dad was laughing and gave us the thumbs up. :D
  10. Re: The most inconsequential thread of the week!

    i used to live across the rd from a primary school. every couple of weeks there would be a different kid with his mum/grandparent asking me if the can sit on the bike and 'make it loud'.

    was tonnes of fun
  11. Re: The most inconsequential thread of the week!

    had a harley rider pull up next to me at the lights,
    and commented that my bars look awesome from behind,
    that made my day
  12. Re: The most inconsequential thread of the week!

    I was just down the street and gave them a lollypop to say it )
  13. Best thing I had was being stopped at a set of lights next to a bus full of school kids (primary school) and the bus driver beeping his horn to get my attention...I look to my right and flip my visor up and he points behind him with a smile and there's like 10 kids pressed up against the windows trying to get my attention and then yelling out the lil windows 'Hey mister ! I love your motorbike!! Does it go fast?! It's a nice colour!' and proceeded about 2 minutes of conversation with 10yr olds about my bike before I was caught off guard by the light turning green and a car beeping me from behind....waved goodbye to the kids n revved the crap outta the bike n the kids cheered as I took off...agh I need a kid...they're good value
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  14. Re: The most inconsequential thread of the week!

    Yes they are,,, I've got twins!! (y)

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  15. You know there are laws against child labour in this country, streets. :D

    Yeh. Kids. My kids love my bike as well. And yesterday, I was stooped at the lights, this little boy kept looking at the bike as he crossed the road with his mum. I waved at Hume as he passed and he was all smiles.
  16. Re: The most inconsequential thread of the week!

    I commute past a centre that caters to disabled and retarded adults, and there's one particular fella with Down's Syndrome that seems to love bikes - he's often standing on the footpath and I give him a wave and a beep to his apparent delight.
    Actually, I'm not sure which of us gets more out of the encounter...
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  17. Re: The most inconsequential thread of the week!

    My boy who is 2 HAS to sit on my bike every night when I get home. Bit worried as he has figured out how to start her now......
  18. Re: The most inconsequential thread of the week!

    Don't know how many of you have done the Barry Sheene Memorial Ride from Bairnsdale to PI for the MotoGP, but just imagine riding through towns 600+ strong, we had people in shopping strips stopping and waving, we had schoolkids allowed out of class to wave from the fence or the footpath, but what I liked best was the oldies from the nursing home, a lot in wheelchairs, waving flags and cheering as we rode through.
    One of the best highs I ever had a bike while doing less than 25kph, and yeah I always wave or give the tinlids a thumbs up....
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  19. Re: The most inconsequential thread of the week!

    Things that make me smile:
    -dogs on back of utes barking as you go past,
    -Tradies gawking at you as you pull up at servo, lift helmet off, fill up.
    -Kids with daddies both open mouthed and smiling as they look at all the pretty bikes in a row at Maccas when I meet up with a group of friends,
    -and the old dudes that srike up a conversation with you as you approach bike, giving an account of their heyday and telling you 'lucky you turned up as I was about to jump on and go for a hoon.'

    Most inconsequential thread of the week? I think not...Best feel-good thread of the year,

    thanks Hornet :angel:
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  20. Re: The most inconsequential thread of the week!

    I was a a set of lights last weekend and saw/heard 2 Harley scary looking duds coming up behind so had stopped in the centre of the lane expecting them to filter to the front as there was quite a bit of traffic in all 3 lanes. They stopped right behind me almost touching my rear wheel, one each side.

    I was behind a couple of cars and they actually waited until I was through the intersection and the traffic stretched out before going round.

    They never said a word, think it would have been a brown pants moment if they had.