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The most exciting moment of my short youtube career!

Discussion in 'Video Logging' at netrider.net.au started by ArbitraryEmu, Oct 7, 2016.

  1. Hey guys!
    Im pretty pumped so I want to share/brag to you guys! Also maybe some advice?? haha!

    Recently one of my favorite youtubers, Yammie Noob, had a bad crash, and he's uploaded a video titled "I think I'm done riding on the road"
    This got me thinking, at some stage most, if not all of us have a had a moment where this has gone through our heads. All be it, a near miss, a minor crash, or something more serious!
    So I'm planning a video on addressing this topic, with the intention of proving that while motorcycling on the road can be dangerous, the benefit outweighs the risk.
    With this in mind I contacted Yamie Noob as I wanted to draw and cover off on specific points within his video in order to make my point. To my surprise he replied! (He as almost 70k subs to my 28 lol) and said that he was more than happy for this to occur.

    With all this in mind, my thoughts are racing with different approaches to making this video.
    My ideas are as follows:
    1) Stick with my current format I.E. Me talking shit to the camera on my own
    2) Organise with some other local area youtubers to form a panel or discussion forum on the topic

    I'm torn between the two!

    What are peoples thoughts on this?
    Would any fellow netrider youtubers be interested in joining me for a group project?
    Do you guys feel that a video with this content is even relevant?

    Cheers in advance guys!

    P.S: If you steal my idea, I will cut you! :p...... seriously though....

  2. I don't mind a bit of YN, he's got some funny stuff.

    Option 1) I like your current format. Would you make up a prepared vlog and then talk or freestyle it a bit?
    Option 2) This could be interesting if it stayed on topic. Depends on how open the other YT'rs are to getting involved.

    I've had a pretty serious incident recently so happy to offer some insights if you want.
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  3. Yeah, i forgot about you're mishap mate to be honest! Hope you're bouncing back ok!

    For option 1 I would most likely kick off with a bit of riding footage heading up probably Mount Tamborine or similar, and then set up somewhere at the top with the bike or bikes in the background, and either freestyle or have a chat with the other YT'rs (probably cut the a$$ out of the chatting bit to make sure everything is relevant and the message isn't lost in dribble) Bit more riding (push home how much fun riding on public roads is without taking crazy levels of risk), then a final statement from me...... roll credits! lol
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  4. ArbitraryEmuArbitraryEmu I'm going well thanks, already done a 3200km road trip on the new bike so no way am I giving up the bikes :)

    Sounds pretty good to me :)
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  5. i love v logs
    nothing gets me going more
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  6. Thanks UG, you just blew up my sarcasm detector! ;)
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  7. hears a thought
    go with option 3
  8. Dare I ask? o_O

    Don't want to get smashed....... :cool:
  9. well
    option 3
    take your go pro
    stick it where the sun doesn't shine
    and record something more interesting
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  10. Not your cup of tea this thread Greg, go for a walk.
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  11. sure
  12. Another , i'll just say person , feels the need to post just for the sake of it . He asked for advise not for smart arse comments but with you that's all you seem capable of .
    I have seen your videos and like the format how it is but having said that , i do see merit in the second option.
  13. Haha, its all good! haters gonna hate! lol

    Cheers for the advice guys! great support as usual,
    Now I all I have to do if 69SIM69SIM is interested, find probably one or 2 more people and organise this thing!!
  14. The benefits (the ones that apply to most riders in Western countries at least) are mostly subjective and intangible. Unless you are talking about yourself, how can you possibly prove that these benefits outweigh the risks (which themselves would be assessed subjectively)?
  15. I can shoot some aerials, voiceover stills etc
  16. I sub to YN and I like his vids. I was a bit surprised to see that post of his.

    If you can make your vlogs into something useful for other riders I think that would be a good positive step as there are so many of the sterotypical bike vloggers on YT - the angry ones, the knee-down boyracers, the commuters, the coffee vloggers etc

    if vlogging is what you like doing then have at it - me, I like to watch...
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  17. You make a fair point! My reasoning would most likely revolve around the fact that all forms of motorcycling are dangerous. When I was into trail riding and enduro you're hooking through tracks inches from trees at high speed or track days where if you have a fall (or get rear ended by some numpty) the speeds involved are far greater than road riding etc...... As opposed to riding on the road, enforced rules in place, speed restrictions. And also juggle that with cost, specifically maintenance, and time spent preparing for days or weekends of track or trail riding. I got out of trail riding when I moved to the city because I would lose an entire weekend for the sake of a few hours on the bike. Where as road riding, you check the tires, lube the chain, warm the bike up, chuck your gear on and go.....

    Sounds awesome! way more ability than any of the gear I have! :p So would you be keen?
  18. We can chat about it. Can shoot 4K full HD 200Mb-1.7Gb/sec aerials and clean stills in low light as well as voice over if needed.
  19. Not sure, I'm starting to tune off vloggers who just rant about nothing and don't offer anything constructive be it riding related or other, Leadpin was a good example of someone always evolving his channel.
    Option 2 would be interesting, riding has certainly played a positive part in many peoples lives
  20. I know how you feel, lots of vloggers just now seem to either talk about fluff or endlessly rant. LP was good though he's got his own issues going on now.