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The Most Depressing TV Show - "Recruits"

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by QuarterWit, Jun 10, 2009.

  1. Has anybody seen this?

    I'm really surprised this is allowed to go to air. It follows a bunch of recruits to the NSW police force, and through their training and a few that are currently on the job in their probationary year.

    It's the scariest bit of TV I've ever seen.

    Some of the people who join are beyond belief.

    Toula: A hot girl who can't pull her Glock out of her holster. While handling it she starts waving it around and points it towards her instructers face. Has no physical fitness at all - after actually completing something like a level 2 on the beep test, does a little victory dance and sprains her ankle.

    Some Bald Headed Twat: Will do anything to become a cop except jog. This is the scarier dickwit, because he desperately wants to put on the superman suit. During roleplaying he manages to be a complete twat of a cop and a real bastard. Goes home and shows off his new found self defence skills to his wife, who flogs him.

    I don't know how the residents of NSW manage to sleep at night. Whats more, I'm bloody surprised the cops let this thing go to air. Am I the only person who watches this and shakes my head in horror?
  2. I only watch scary stuff if it has vampires or werewolves :LOL:
  3. Let me guess... you had this vision of 'our brave, intelligent, fit, loyal and totally above corruption police force' and this show represents a cross section of fairly average joes (and janes) who don't come near your expectations of what a police officer should be?

    Slightly unrealistic IMHO
  4. Wow!! Not every human born is competent at handling weapons safely on their first contact with them! OMG, they actually have to be taught first! :roll:
  5. Actually, the twit who did the retard dance is already gone. The girl who can't draw from the holster is a different twit.

    The bald headed guy started off a bit of douche, but over time is becoming more level headed.

    I'm a member on some "closed" forums where this is discussed by serving coppers, all of whom which agree that it's a bit over the top. Apparently they were following some very "capable", more normal people but they just didnt think it'd make the ratings. The people being followed are not particularly bright, not particularly assertive, etc.

    That said, everyones new to something, at some point.

    Sure, we know its overly hyped spun bullshit, but each episode is indeed getting better. They also follow some capable people who take a few hard knocks and keep going, like that bloke with the level head who failed the first sessions exams, so he's going back and trying again.
  6. Unloaded, and he grabs it instantly to teach her control. As stated before, some people need to learn things.
  7. I don't know what the recruitment process is like in NSW, but I have a friend who has gone through it in Vic and the selection process stretched over many months, with what I'd call pretty exacting beep test, pysche test, character test criteria.

    Which makes me think. I know this person and believe they'll make an awesome police officer. But if the process is so hard, why are so many twats in the force? Or does dealing with brain dead criminals and lowlife 24*7 just suck any hope you have for humanity?

    Watching the police shows on the UK (paytv), the shit and people they deal with would knock the spirit out of the most compassionate and optimistic person.
  8. I felt that becoming a Police Officer was like going into politics....

    The desire to become one should automatically preclude you from from it...
  9. Not nearly as scary as that learner driver reality TV show that was on some time back.
  10. Yeah, that was depressing.

    ZRX, I did have high hopes for the people that became coppers. But I didn't think they'd be that unrealistic. I know one girl who's starting this weekend, and another guy who's been in for the past three years. Top bloke.

    I haven't done NSW firearms training, but I've been trained in two other environments and the first rule has always been the nasty end goes away from you. The way she was waving it around... sheesh. But that's a different dimwit to the one who did the happy dance and rolled an ankle?

    Liq, what is the consensus from serving cops? I'd imagine that lots of the guys in the background were reasonably fit, intelligent and well-rounded members of society. It must be painful to show only the dumbest morons who go through.
  11. Essentially, it was that quite a few solid, capable, people come through the academy all the time, and some much more deserving people got passed over while the series was being produced. Also, that in doing so it's painting a negative picture of the police. The bald headed blokes a good example of someone coming in with completely the wrong attitudes....but consider, goulburn is the only "YOU PAY TO LEARN" place...so people get a chance to be educated and change their attitudes, which is fair enough right?

    Anyway the people being focused on are the slightly more moronic types that are going to appeal more to the retarded neighbours or home and away loving crowd.

    That said, the seasons getting better, and it's interesting to see how some people start off extremely nervous and ungainly, not confident, etc, and evolve in front of you when out on the street. In that context I can see the series being beneficial, but god, the first few episodes were shockers.
  12. I'll reserve judgement on the individuals until I see where they end up at the end, but it isn't looking too great atm

    Sess (the bald bloke) so far has been a spectacular fail, still hasn't finished a simple run without stopping and needing a pep talk. Has demonstrated his high horse attitude once, and it resulted in him getting 'stabbed' by the demonstrating officer. If he improves, great, but I'm definitely pessimistic about it.

    The weak girl just needs to learn a bit of aggression/assertiveness I think. As long as her attitude is right (and at the moment she seems to treat most things like a bit of a joke), you can work on physical strength quite easily.

    Overall the show has so far left me fairly depressed about the standards of entry, really hoping they prove me wrong by the end of it.
  13. without them the show would be less interesting to watch. And how can you train daily and still not beable to run 3km?
  14. You are freaking well kidding me, right?

    Anyone who lacks the requisite number of brain cells to figure out NOT to point a weapon at another person unless you plan on killing them does NOT belong in the police force, period.

    Evidently the NSW police farce sets the bar lower than Centrelink does. Which is an achievement in itself, really.
  15. Yes but you have to consider, you pay as you go there, so it's very easy to get "in". from what we have seen so far, even if they are showing some NORKS in training, the people who make it "to the beat" are actually level headed, decent, etc.

    Your average tool watching this isn't going to make the distinction.

    Also ease up. the first time she held a gun, it was unloaded, and she waved it around a bit. It's very easy to do. People dont usually need to take such care with, say, a mobile phone. Its a habit to make hand gestures, especially for girls when they get flustered, or, well, THAT girl.

    This is why you get TRAINING. This is why the process takes years. I mean sure you can hope she never becomes say, a sergeant, but not getting in at all? It's a little early to say that for sure.

    Some of the most finnicky, dumbest people in a group I have worked with, have consistently proven to be the most capable, fast thinking and calmly reacting when put to the test .
  16. Have a look at Australia, the country is fairly well protected from firearms, except those who grew up on farms with rifles on hand as needed. The majority of the Australian population would have never had exposure to weapons full stop. Do you know how to walk around the kitchen safely with a carving knife? Yes, that's because you've been using them all of your adult life.


    Having personally been trained in the military on weapons handling (father never had a regular rifle on the farm) I saw similar things. People from all walks of life standing in a line given a weapon. Some of the people had absolutely no idea about the safety / handling etc etc, and at the start of the Training looked absolutely hopeless.

    Flash forward to the end of training, these same people were some of the highest ranked shooters in the course. It's called training, the same thing these people in question are doing.

    +1, they show the worst /shocking / most interesting stuff to get the ratings... everyone here should know that about the media by now after all the debates and topics discussed here on NR Off Topic.
  17. I dunno the technical reasons for it, but I suspect that some people just can't. Twenty years ago, I was a landscaper and I was, though I say it myself, very fit indeed. Which was fortunate, given the preference of my bikes at the time for being pushed up steep hills rather than proceeding under their own power.

    Anyway, in spite of my decent level of fitness, which allowed me to carry 100 kg dead loads over rough ground all day every day if necessary, I still couldn't have run for a bus, let alone 3 km.

    Nowadays, of course, as an ageing fat bastard, my inability to cover ground quickly is more easily explained :oops: .
  18. I honestly wonder how they are cops.

    I used to want to be a cop, but didn't think I'd get anywhere near even the start of the interview process. Perhaps if I move to NSW I'll get in.
  19. That was the best comedy show on TV at the time.

    Especially that one girl who went to pull in to a parking spot, clipped a telegraph pole at 2km/h, panicked, put the foot on the accelerator and somehow managed to trigger the airbags in the car accelerating over the space of 2m into a kerb.
  20. Oh did you see the episode where some guy was going slowly down the street, the only problem was he was driving with the car sliding along all the parked cars on the street (Like a cat rubbing itself against a person's leg or on a door), ruined the sides of about 7 cars, it was shocking.