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The monstrous 18-year-old Mike Tyson

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by hornet, Mar 18, 2015.

  1. Watch and wonder as Mike Tyson amasses 18 fights in 18 months while starting his pro career as an 18 year old and fighting sometimes twice in a month. These modern frauds who fight once a year, or less, take note, not one of them would have gone the distance against this boxing freak...

  2. I remember it well, it was the best period in boxing since the early Ali days IMHO. Pity he lost the plot and started biting peoples ears off.
  3. He was obviously destined for greatness as soon as you saw him fight, having Cus D'Amato as a mentor helped to tame the beast within too.

    Not the best but definitely the most exciting fighter to watch of his period.
  4. Bit of a dichotomy to me,he had some shockingly ugly crap pulled on him by every conman and woman in the USA,his first wife was not on the level,that ****,seems you cannot use the word for non consensual sex stuff was such a joke,yes he was convicted but,well unbelievable and then the biting stuff.Hope he settles down and has a trouble free rest of his life.To me there seems to be a decent bloke trapped in there somewhere.
  5. Really? My memory was that King never let him fight anyone of merit throughout most of his career. It wasn't until Holyfield was past it that they ever went head to head, and we know how Tyson responded to having to finally having to fight someone of merit.
  6. Sorry, Mike did not sign with Don King till the end of 1988, when he was 22, four years after this series of fights and knockouts......
  7. Ah, learned something.(y)
  8. I was never much of a Mike Tyson fan. But he almost won me over in the Hangover. Such a great scene.
  9. One of the most exciting fighters to watch in his hay-day
  10. Exactly, he was a fantastic, exciting fighter - not a great boxer but you always knew you'd see a great match (as long as his opponent wasn't called Leon Spinks).
  11. Who else is/was as explosive as Tyson ?
  12. No one I can think of in his weight division, before him it was mainly sluggers in the heavyweight division or cruiserweights for the skill, but in the lower divisions, Sugar Ray Robinson for his Jab, Roberto Duran for his heart, Ali for technical skill (Heavyweight Obv.).
    My favourties to watch would be Oscar De La Hoya and Roy Jones but I'm now showing my age.
  13. I remember seeing what must have been one of Sugar Ray's last bouts on B&W TV back in the early sixties??? He was graceful, and he could punch..

    Iron Mike was never pretty to watch, but if you watch that video you'll see that while his promoters lined up plenty of people for him to fight, as the year ground on they knew what their probable fate was before they stepped into the ring. I'd love to know how many ribs he broke with his body punches.....
  14. It used to be said that Tyson won most of his fights before he even entered the ring, such was his reputation.
  15. A lot of guys he fought had a height and reach advantage also
  16. Absolutely, one of them in the film was 6'6" in the old money, another 6'4"
  17. bTyson should have been one of the greatest heavyweights of all time but once Gus passed and King got his hooks in, he was on a downward spiral. Hangers on and entourages appeared training went out the door for awhile his reputation alone helped him, most of his opponent's were beaten before they even got into the ring.

    Once Douglas knocked him on his arse though people saw through the reputation and kings lack of work ethic couldn't be undone.

    Would have loved to have seen him in an Ali style era of boxers. Frazier, Foreman, Holmes, Norton, Spinks, Bugner, yes Aussie Joe Bugner he went the distance twice with Ali and lost a close decision to Frazier.

    Another great what if heavyweight match up would have been Ali v Teofilo Stevenson the great Cuban amateur heavyweight (3 X gold) their was rumoured talks of million dollar paydays but Stevenson couldn't be bought or budged.

    As for the other divisions fighters some of my favorites Marvellous Marvin Hagler, Henry Armstrong, Pernell "Sweet pea" Whittaker, Roberto "Hands of stone" or "No Mas" Duran depending on your preference, Azumah "The Professor" Nelson & Hector Comacho.

    Boxing is sadly missing great fighters and the UFC just doesn't cut it for me.
  18. Tyson was terrifying! The raw power was off the chart and who would ever want to get in the ring against that?? Today Floyd Mayweather is in my opinion the bench mark. Such a skilled boxer. Incredibly accurate with his punching and impossible to hit. He has a bout with Manny Pacquiao in May. Should be a ripper. Make the time to see it if you can. Mayweather is past his prime IMO but beautiful to watch and arguably the best going around for some time.
  19. UFC is doing it for me. Both the mens and the womens is pretty exciting. I hear it is gaining momentum more than any other sport out there. There are a few legends that are something else to watch. Jon Jones for one. He has so many ways he can put an end to you that i don't even know how he chooses which one to use. Rhonda Rousey is so good it is not possible to find a woman who can come close to matching her abilities. What a great way to spend an arvo in the pub!
  20. UFC's stand up fighting, grappling chokes, holds and locks are great but when it comes to the ground and pound stuff that's just B/S. That's street fighting 101 not art no style just kick and smash the fcuk out of them, with any part of available anatomy you have free.

    Their referees leave a lot to be desired too, along with the fighters who jump on clearly KO'd fighters to pound on them some more.

    Take this out of it and it truly would be a great test of abilities.

    *Edit* Rhonda is amazing