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The monster is not happy

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Kaer, Dec 16, 2005.

  1. Let's see.

    Last week, shorted side-stand switch. And while I was trying to diagnose, shorted the battery. $150 for a new battery.

    Yesterday, knocked over while parked. No note of course. Picked up and set back at least. Cover was on, so minor damage. Mirror scratched, bar end scratched, clutch lever bent, back left indicator smashed. Of course on a duke, there's no such thing about cheap minor damage. It'll be around $400 to fix.

    Today, she's dead again. Electrics on, engine doesn't turn over. Think the new battery wasn't charging though, it was reading 8 volts on the multi, so an overnight charge hopefully will fix it. Did cost me $110 to get it transported back home though, since it was after 6 (I ain't leaving the duke out overnight in oxford st, and being late on friday, not enough time to sort out alternative transport).

    Fun :)
  2. Ouch! Thats sucks.

    Her feelings might be hurt.
    Maybe she knows your looking for a BMW? :D
  3. [-X Yep she knows your looking for a BMW
    You have to treat her good 8)
  4. condolences dude... not having a lot of luck lately are you?

    out of interest, where did you have her parked?

    ps. i still owe you beer - work was out of control this week so i couldn't get round ;)
  5. Brisbane lane.

    Was in the middle of a pack of bikes. Thing is when I leave to go home, it's the last one there, so in the open.

    Suspect whoever did knock it over, had a quick look, thought there was no damage, and then stuffed off. Not realising how much damage was done.

    Not too pissed off about that, the electrics on the duke are annoying me more though :)

    The new termi exhausts are on. 104 decibles of noise, and 15 extra hp. Got to go get it stamped soon.
  6. That's exactly what the wife said. I'm trying to convince them there's enough room in my life for 3 bikes. And convince the wife as well.
  7. I just had a flash-back to the Castrol Six-Hour race and Ducati electrics; I thought they'd exorcised those demons years ago?
    8 Volts sounds a bit low, shouldn't it be charging at over 11, or even more?
  8. I wonder if your fluid levels have changed as a result of falling and/or sitting on it's side for a while.
  9. I understand that a new battery needs to be thoroughly charged before you first use it.
  10. Yeah, she was charged totally up.

    Recharged it overnight, and it's back at 12 volts, and all seems fine. I'll be carefully watching her for the next week and see if it keeps dropping or not.
  11. I'm glad it could be charged up to 12 volts again. :)
  12. Doesn't sound like you are having much luck. Poor Monster, as suggested by others, its nose is probably out of joint - all this talk about buying a BMW! Pffft! Is your regulator okay? Might be worth to check out if battery won't hold charge.

    Hornet, Duke electrics are pretty good now days. We have only had a few minor problems. One when the indicators packed it in (on his bike) when I was following him through Sydney in a downpour. Mind you we had been riding for three days through torrential rain. The other problem was when mine was brand new. Battery died. Dealer diagnosed problem with the relay mounts (too much carbon content in them) and it was draining the battery. Replaced relay mounts and battery lasted for five years and was still working when I replaced it with a dry cell. Battery tenders are wonderful things.
  13. Son of a biatch.

    And this morning, I pulled her out of the garage to go to work. As I'm shutting the garage door, she fell over. Boom.

    Snapped off the clutch lever, bar ends even worse, and the gear change is now bent.

    Thankfully I hadn't fixed the parts from the previous drop. So no major harm.

    BTW, I'm looking at replacing the Spada with the BMW, not the duke :)
  14. I know a of ahome for tha SPADA :D ........ if i have the $ :?

    bad luck with the Duke...... does it need a therapist??
  15. Depends on when I source the BMW. I really wouldn't hold your breath though, as I'm in great rush for the GS :)

    On the Spada front.

    There's some cosmetic fixes needed to her though. Black bike.

    Paintwork is a little scratched, exhaust needs a polish & and a scratch buffed out.

    The only 2 even remotely mechanical things wrong with her. Rubber mountings under tank is a little loose & need a bar end for the right handlebar.

    She is almost due to having valve clearance done though.

    Having 2 bikes around, does make life a lot easier :)

    I'm going to have to debate fixing her up and selling her to a learner for slightly more cash than cost of fixing her. Or just selling her to someone who wants a ratty commuter.