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The monash smells like coffee [Vic]

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by oohsam, Jun 4, 2008.

  1. I have noticed a strange anomaly. I dont mean to post whore, but latley in the mornings on the way to work the Monash has a strong, and i mean REAL STRONG smell of coffe around the Ftgully/springvale road onramp area.. (Travelling from the SE suburbs inbound).

    Is it just me, or can others smell it...its so so so strong. Its been there for a little while now...

    Useless post I know, but I've never noticed this whilst driving.

  2. Damn was that you behind me ?? :oops:
    Must ask the missus to change the brand of coffee she's buying me
  3. hahaha......If only we could fart a coffee scent.
  4. Easy solved, just need to make some real nasty smelling coffee.
  5. never smelt coffee before. However on the westgate fwy (city bound just after the westgate bridge) you go past the kraft factory and every day without fail you either smell beef flavoured 2min noodles or Vegemite. makes for a very hungry ride home!
  6. I often come down Lygon St - coffee and other breakfast smells all the way. Even if I've had breakfast I'm hungry again by the time I get to work :cool:
  7. Years ago I used to ride past a fruit pie factory. A different fruity aroma every day :grin: .

    And, of course, those Sandgropers who use GE Highway bypass regularly will be well aware of the animal products plant that perfumes its eastern end with a scent almost (but not quite) reminiscent of the Sunday roast :sick: .
  8. i live round the corner from Arnotts biscuit factory.. and drive past a brewery every day to and from work..

    now thats two smells that makes it hard to want to work..
  9. No one has mentioned the piquant odours of the tanneries at the meeting of the western ring road and westgate freeway

    It can almost make you chuck in your helmet some days, especially in summer. :eek:
  10. I've asked the maintenance planner there whether they make vegemite, he swears they don't... but I can smell it too!!
  11. There was a similar thread last year, yes, but not specifically about the Monash:

    What's the best thing you've smelt while riding

    Some very interesting smells to be had out there for sure.

    My tip is to not get stuck behind one of those big trucks carrying cattle/pigs/sheep :sick:
  12. Then there's the wonderful scent of cattle/chicken/pig trucks which you know may be up to 1 km ahead the scent is so strong on some days.
  13. :LOL: snap
  14. Yep I smell that as well - same place too. It doesn't last for long and then it's back to the smog :grin:
  15. all i ever smell is bitumen. :(
  16. ...better than tarmac... :bolt: