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The Moment of Truth

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by 2wheelsagain, Apr 8, 2008.

  1. Does anyone watch this garbage show on Ch9?
    It looks very voyeuristic with questions designed to break up families.
    I'm not sure I can stomach that sh!t.

    They should bring back Gilligan's Island.
  2. Just turn it off.
  3. I have the complete Addams Family on DVD' much more entertaining.

    Besides, reality TV is an oxymoron, and that includes reality shows about boring blokes riding boring bikes round the world as well
  4. I dont watch it Rog. Catch a bit on the ads.
    Just wondering if anyone did and what they get out of it.

    Paul, with all respect, whats wrong with Ewan and Charlie?
    They do trips most of us will never do. :wink:
  5. Long way around was pretty good.

    Long way down wasn't anywhere near as good.

  6. I think it is being renamed to The Moment of Divorce.

    You would have to be a moron to go on there.
  7. I so HATE reality TV :twisted:
  8. I reckon a reality show following me around for a day including places like the crapper, me picking my nose, me bashing my head against a wall cos my staff do stupid things and me asleep would be more interesting than all the shows put together!

    But the most interesting thing would be my new addiction to Netrider!!
  9. I'd rather watch American Chopper. :biker:
  10. Long Way Round = quite bloody brilliant, apart from the Pommy whingeing.

    Long Way Down = shit-let's-hurry-and-get-another-one-out crap. Ewen MacGregor showed himself up as a selfish twat, IMHO. There is, apparently, a longer version being worked on/coming out.

    There's also a new series being planned, so I hear ...
  11. RE: The Moment of Truth ..... caught it yesterday for the first time when I changed channels to watch Kitchen Nightmares. Couldn't quite understand the point of the show.

    Kitchen Nightmares on the other hand ..... OMFG! That restaurant was a cesspit! Couldn't believe what I was seeing. :shock:
  12. after reading this thread went and watch the end of it last night to see what it was all about.....like others why would you do it, unless you wanted out of your relationship :? and then if you did well i can see the point. But yeah don't reckon it will last to long
  13. There is soooo much crap on TV. Even the news is barely worth watching.

    Thank god for DVD's. My wife gave me the box set of The West Wing for Christmas last year. I just keep watching that. Fabulouso!!

  14. yeah dont like it.. but watched it last night and it was pretty moving actually :p they had had all these questions for this chick and it was seeming like her husband was getting pretty sad... but then for the 100k question it was "Do you believe that you will spend the rest of your life with Darren", she said yes and it was true, and it redemed all those horrible questions from before, they took the money and were happy. the relationship wasn't ruined... it was really revived because all the crazy questions were about the past and this one was about the future.
    anyway im soft. :oops: :p
  15. Watch Gordon Ramsey's kitchen Nightmares. The one on Thursday night in Pommies restaurants, not the one on Tuesday in American restaurants.

    The American one is over edited and the owners, chef etc ham it up to much.

    It's funnier to watch the conservative pommies biting their tongue whilst coping a bullocking.

    Best TV in years
  16. Loved LWR, some crazy places and would do the same trip in a heartbeat (so long as someone paid my bills whlie I was away) and yet to see LWD

    But if you didn't enjoy Race to Dakar, then you're a hard nut to crack :wink:
  17. ok .. You got me there !!
    I started watching it last week.. I was like .. :shock: then :? then :LOL: :LOL:
    It's the Best TV I've seen in yonks !!!!
  18. Seems to be the way it is lately- only one or two half decent shows on the tube... Another case of pandering to the lowest common denominator.

    Could be used as a segue... :wink:
  19. The fact that it is hosted by the guy (Mark someone) who hosted the classic exploitation show "Temptation Island", where they took four couples on the brink of separation to a tropical island and showered them with prostitutes of the opposite sex to get them to cheat on their partners, speaks volumes. Him and Jerry Springer (and the host of "Cheaters") will share a room in hell together. Having said that, it's hilarious.