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The MMAA - anyone a member?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by 12RS, Sep 24, 2012.

  1. I'll throw it out there and am prepared for the barrage, but is anyone a member of the Masonic Motorcycle Association of Australia?

    Feel free to PM me - just curious if it's any good or just a bunch of old reminiscing farts.

    Cheers. RS.
  2. Don't have the right bike
  3. Yes I am mate.
  4. Excellent. So what chisel should I use to chamfer the edge of a basalt block?
  5. Doesn't go into quite so much detail (yet). All I know is about squares, compasses, chisels, gavels, plumbs and rulers. All very metaphorical.

    Lovely little boys club. A combination of that and motorcycles seems nice to me.
  6. I shouldn't think it's that much fun - when you get through all the secret handshaking at the meet-up, there's only enough time to fuel up and go home!
  7. No, not yet. I have made an enquiry and been quite blunt about whether there are people my age in the group and the sorts of rides they do.

    My philosophy in life is i'll try anything once and learn as much as I can about all walks of life. This is an example of one of them. It's not really as glamorous as the term 'secret society' would imply.
  8. No. Any experimental days are well and truly behind me. There's no dirt the LPAB would be interested in digging on me.

    Hell, I don't even drink anymore and only smoke the odd cigar when it comes my way. The family hate me come Christmas and dad's pissed that he'll never get to taste the 91 Grange I bought years ago!

    It's more the type of rider i'm concerned with. Something 15-20 years below Ulysses Club, but nothing like a squid fest would suit me. Meet ups with camp fires and beautiful views is my idea of a heavenly ride.
  9. So you're looking for riders who are aged between 20 and 25 and are Freemasons. Good luck with that, I don't like your chances.
  10. OK so I had a little joke about secret handshakes - the OP expected it and well, someone had to...

    But I think Mick's on the money above - isn't it enough to find a few blokes of similar age/mindset and go for rides together, without being part of an organisation?
    Come along to the next Putty Run (7 October), introduce yourself and we can chat about it over bacon at Grey Gums...
    But no wanky handshakes, OK?
  11. In my experience, age is not a particularly good indicator of mindset.
  12. Exactly what are you trying to say, Mick?
  13. Oh, you know.
  14. X2
    (I thought the only thing they rode were goats? :LOL:)
  15. Cheers mate. Might do. I've never used a handshake yet FYI. Of course I expect a bit of shit about the Freemasons. One reason I was so curious about them. Where do you normally meet for the Putty Runs?
  16. See here...
  17. I used to work with a gentleman who was a Freemason, he'd never discuss what they actualy did.
  18. Thanks!