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The Mitta Mitta run or 2 days of solitude

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by cjvfr, Nov 5, 2014.

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    There is great fun in getting a group of other riders together for a road trip. It's the buzz of riding in a group and of discussing the trip each night over a beer. The next day, marshal the group and do it all again. But the other side of touring can be the joy of solitude, when friends, family or work has been demanding of your time it is nice to be on your own. You and your bike, beholding to no-one, master of your own destiny, it can be incredibly healing to your mind. I have just completed such a journey.
    The intention was to scout the newly sealed Omeo to Mitta Mitta run (C543), I had done this route many years previously when it was unsealed. That decision was forced on us because the Bogong High Plains rd had been closed due to a late snow fall. That trip had been hard, the road soft and muddy in spots, the bike loaded up with full camping gear so heavy and unresponsive. But I remembered the route being spectacular in scenery and with some interesting twists and turns. Time to see if the sealed version lived up to my memories.

    Day 1:


    Weather; not so good with scattered showers predicted. Having intended to camp I quickly piked and thought a nice warn hotel bed and shower would be more comfortable. Bike loaded up, fueled up, tyres pumped, rider pumped. of we go. An easy start, running over through Christmas Hills, Yarra Junction, Healesville. A few showers but in general Ok. Then the start of the trip proper, Noojee and Willow Grove. The Motorcycle weather juju deserted me and down the rain came. Oh well, buck up, I am dry keep going. Gradually though as happens damp spots started to be felt in uncomfortable spots. Colder and colder, look at the ambient temperature gauge, 4 degrees, I didn't need to know that. Damn you technology!

    Near Noojee

    Then Heyfield and Maffra is that a break in the weather, Bruthen and on to the GAR heading for Omeo. Glory of glory the sun break through and clouds part in an almost biblical manner. Sweetness and light as I settle in to the cornering mindset. There's a good spot for a picture, too late, oh well next spot, no that one I'd have to stop on this beautiful corner, next one then. STOP, I need some shots for my wallpaper at work for those times I am feeling trapped and yearning for the open road.

    Close to Swifts Creek

    D1-3.JPG Before Omeo

    Settle in and enjoy the rest of the trip to Omeo. Then the Golden Age Hotel hauls into view. Soft beds, cold beer and a balcony to sit on an watch the passing parade that is Omeo. I could go further but the siren call of a cold beer draws me in. Beer, Food and bed.
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  2. Awesome..

    I liked the bit about me. Oh, you haven't written that part yet.. :p
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    Day 2:


    Rise and Shine, breakfast of champions in the hotel dining room, bacon eggs, orange juice and toast. Talk to the other riders in the dining room, where are you going, which way have you come. Some heading back to the coast, some to the Bogong High Plains, some up Falls creek. No-one else going the Mitta Mitta route.

    Across the road to fill up, check tyre pressures, talk to the other bikers fueling up. Time to go, the day was bright and sunny, I have lucked it for the main part of the trip, Sweet. Always one of my favourite pieces of road

    Looking down on the Combungra River near Anglers Rest

    Off and on to the twisty road the crisp mountain air in my nostrils. The first part to Anglers Rest climbs in fairly gentle curves then starts to tighten up with some hairpin corners, The road is empty not even fellow riders so I can enjoy the road as it climbs and dips. Before I know it the Blue Duck hotel hauls into view and across the Cobungra river. The road straightens out for a while as it runs along the river

    Before long I am at the Bogong High Plains Rd turnoff and the new section of the Mitta Mitta run opens up. This is the section I have been waiting for, the road is lots of fun, well signposted and twisty keeping you on your toes. Every now and then a great vista sails by and I think I should have stopped and got a picture but having too much fun.. Damn there was another one. The road climbs high above the river, drops down to river level and climbs again. The peak comes up before it starts to drop back down. Before I know it I am at Mitta Mitta and its time for a stop. That was tons of fun!

    A downhill stretch on the Mitta Mitta run.

    From Mitta Mitta its fairly straight and open with spectacular views of the surrounding hills. I am quickly on the Tangambalanga turnoff. From there its open sweepers through Yackandandah down the Kiewa Hwy and across to Beechworth. Time to feed the bike some petrol. I would like some food too but the joint is jumping and I decide to push on to Milawa. Lunch and a reasonable coffee and time to push on.

    A camp ground about half way along the Mitta Mitta route.

    Opening up after the twisty route.

    Next the Whitfield Tolmie run, always an enjoyable exercise. Before I know it Mansfield, getting close to home. Sadly he trip is coming to a close. Yea is upon me before I know it Whittlesea not far behind and the fun part of the trip is over. Get out there and enjoy those roads my fellow riders, it is good for your sanity.

    Still smiling :)
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  4. Nicely written...

    I feel like taking this road trip now...
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  5. And I met @blackadder@blackadder skulking around Whittlesea. ;) Definitely a highlight of the trip ;)
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  6. Thank you for the great and inspiring write up Chris!

    One of those to read on the rainy days.
  7. nice writeup chris. Think il use this route in the future if you dont mind :) although camping is not my style, need my beauty sleep in a comfy bed!
  8. No worries, camping has its attractions but a cosy hotel is nice after a hard days riding. I find that I can do less k's if I camp, by the time you have packed your gear and tent etc a good hour is gone. The up side is waking up in some beautiful and remote locations to just the sound of birds and nothing else. As I get older though the call of the hotel becomes louder. ;)
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  9. Nice ride, great description. Hopefully I'm doing similar in a bit over 12 months time.
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  10. I will be there. Soon, very soon...:)
    Great story Chris.
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  11. Question for you CJ - can you give an estimate on how long it would take, without going especially hard, to cover the stretch from Omeo to approximately the Murray Valley Highway?
    Google Maps has it at a bit under 3 hours but perhaps that is based on the unimproved condition?
  12. I did most of this route last week (Thursday & Friday see my 2 pics in photo's of your ride thread), although I turned off at Tangambalanga, I can say that between Omeo & Mitta Mitta it is one corner after another, slow hairpins etc, it took a good 1hour 20mins with a couple of short stops. After Mitta Mitta it does open up a bit more to more sweepers etc Google maps is probably a little conservative, but not too far off considering the road..

    It is an insanely good motorcycling road, and if you have the chance to get out for a look, you would not be disappointed. Great visibility on the right handers means you can cut them safely if you want to, the lefts need to be treated with some conservatism as I found debris (rocks, decent size, about 30cm ish) on some of them. I passed just 2 cars in 100ks.
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  13. About 2 hours fairly easily. I was at the Tangambalanga turnoff inside that time.
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  14. Cheers Bob, doing that bit tomorrow.
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  15. Another question - fuel at Mitta Mitta?
  16. There was a general store there that had a bowser, sign on the door said open 9am-5pm, but I rang ahead at around 2:30pm and there was no answer, so fuelled up in Omeo to be sure. Can't remember if they had premium or only 91.
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  17. Thanks Bobthekelpy. I saw the bowsers on street view but couldn't tell if they were operative and open on weekends.
  18. Great road trip Chris. Nothing better than the high country to make you feel alive Cheers
  19. I have ridden these roads a few years back now. Makes me wanna do it again.
    Loved it. Though few winery stops included in mine.
  20. Hi Chris, thank you for your write up.
    I Love that country. You have inspired me to plan a trip back to Mitta some time soon I hope. I Camped under canvas up there a few years back at the caravan park , travelled the mitta omeo (unsealed) road in the car, and loved it. Now after reading your post, I really want to go back on my (new) bike.
    Side note....
    The kids loved the shop at Mitta, we call it the 4 "fitty" shop, bread was $4.50, milk was $4.50, eveyrthing was something fifty. Store keeper says Four Fitty thanks.....we paid with a cheeky smurk.....