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The missus' Honda

Discussion in 'Showcase' at netrider.net.au started by mav, Nov 1, 2010.

  1. Hi guys,

    And here's the missus' new Honda.

    And yes, she hated every minute she had to spend cleaning it (all 3.5mins of it!!)



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  2. Grats! My bf picked up a blue one too. The previous owner probably never cleaned it (cough shori) so we'll need to give it a good clean next weekend. Hopefully both of us will be ready for homebush in 2 weeks :)
  3. thanks Raie!

    the sessions at homebush are great, and are really confidence building. and the hamburgers and thick shakes afterwards are really good!
  4. Nice looking bike there. Happy riding to you!
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  6. Hey Mav ... good to see you guys at Homebush on sat, you both did well. Couple more sessions and P's here we come :)
  7. How can she hate cleaning her bike? I love cleaning my bike and car. When cleaning you can always see if anything looks mechanically out of place and fix if needed.
  8. Shes a bit cleaner then my VTR after tassie... 8-[
  9. sup ZX..yeah homebush was fun. thanks for picking up the cones and setting them back up before anyone noticed i had knocked them over and for putting a proper obstacle in Goz's way when he was joy-riding my bike :)

    Resmen...she just hates cleaning mechanical bits without knowing what they are. and also messing with chemicals...

  10. ahhh your bikes not there to be loved, its there to be ridden :D :angel:
  11. that would explain the stain on the seat

    it's cool to be like me

    thanks for the tip on the u-turn by the way...and the cheers! woot!