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The miracle of Christmas cornering...yipeee!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Oldmaid, Dec 24, 2014.

  1. Okay I am so busted:whistle:
    So took the bike to the shops ~ 0900 - good thinking 99 parking was easy peasy.
    wrangled kittens and the village idiots in no particular order left at 0935...
    I had to, had to go for a ride...just got home 3.5 hrs later...haven't cooked, cleaned, wrapped shit up blah blah.

    But FMD hornethornet and maybe, iClintiClint , you will hopefully be impressed!

    I get cornering now. I went through from Pitt Town to Wiseman's and took every corner with a lot of thought and planning... lined up the road thinking in thirds, in wide, tip in at apex ish out tight...
    Wow when it comes together it is liquid heaven- Wasabi and I have reached a new high together

    Steady on the throttle, no crazy gear shifts, could really crack through the corners with more speed and not so much lean unless tighter corner!!!! Wooohooooooo
    On those snakey corners was like a gentle swing in and out gorgeous feeling.

    Best Christmas present I have ever ever got.:p

    Now perfection is a while off but after 5 and a bit months I am stoked to have got it at last.

    Still a bit leery of sitting wide on the lefties for too long before tipping in, but all in all a 7.5/10 kinda ride.

    Bugger Christmas, cooking and crap...I just want to go ride and ride and riiiiiiiiiiiiide!

    Houston I think we have a problem...could be the good Colonel for dinner at this rate.
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  2. Chuffed, I am!!!!!
  3. Four big moments in my life,riding a pushy unassisted,taking the drop on a wave,power sliding a dirt bike,coming out of a snow plow into a parallel turn on the snow and scraping a peg before bikes had cornering clearance.One day I might master simple maths.
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  4. Congratulations OldmaidOldmaid when it all comes together it is a wonderful feeling. Not wishing to rain on your parade but you will still have days where nothing seems to be working: it just comes with the territory, gradually they get less and less frequent. It's still a hoot when it all comes together.
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  5. Oh yes indeedy I know those days as well...and will know them again.

    But those corners when it works seem "effortless" ( although I really did think about them as I saw them coming up and prepared for them etc) and dare I use the O word...it felt pretty friggin amaaaaaazing.

    Oh thank you cornering Santa for letting me have a little peek at what gifts you can get from riding a bike!;)
  6. That a high 'five' back at ya :LOL: Did you run out of fingers?
    Na I reckon riding is hard to beat unless you're with the right person...:sneaky:
    Damn still haven't started cooking and shit...
    I'm going to be in trouble yet AGAIN!:banghead:
  7. I've personally never had a bad ride with the wrong person......... ;)
  8. Lucky you LionzLionz
    Somethings are best not remembered ...:wtf:
  9. and others quickly forgotten
  10. Did you let Mrs Lionz out of the shed yet? It is Xmas after all...:p
  11. Sure......... she's in the kitchen ;)
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  12. ok Maiden just remember easy in hard out not the other way around
    twistys good crash bad, Merry fcuken xmas
  13. Back at ya Uncle GregUncle Greg you wicked man ...
    M special Ddnner was an abortion so to speak but WTF I had the ride of my life today and not caring! Thank santa for liquid lubrication and in quantity if not quality!
    Can do easy and hard in that order no probs..:smug:
    Ho ho fcukin ho...whatever:devil:
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  14. um, I was talking about riding
  15. I wasn't
  16. oh , that would be hard in easy out then
  17. Depends on what one has in mind at the time Uncle Greg;)
  18. Get a room
  19. Excuse me?
  20. Good job oldmaid, great to hear your cornering progress, and always enjoy your posts as they have a tendency to turn into rather epic, sort of saucy threads!

    Ah biking, the gift that keeps on giving!
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