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The "Milestone" thread

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Teamsherman, Jul 13, 2013.

  1. Post you bike milestones here! Where were you when it took place? What bike is it?

    On my way back from getting some seafood for dinner, I hit the half century on my 2003 Kawasaki Z1000!


  2. 1999 Honda ST1100ABS taken on 9th December 2012 at 5:16pm about 3kms south of Riverton.

    On the way back from Naracoorte after spending the weekend there. I stopped to take the photo and added 10 litres of fuel which I had in my side case.

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  3. 150,000!!! Nice work!!

    Only 850,000 to go till she's new again!! LOL
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  4. I passed 40,000km last week, but was having too much fun to think about a photo!

    I only realised at 40,029!;)
  5. That was the last ride for a couple months. Bike was down for Timing Belt and cooling system overhaul so it'll be good far another 75,000kms before I do the hoses again.
  6. On my commute to work on the 15th of October 2012, my '95 Suzuki GSX250F Across reached 100,000km and ticked over to a brand spanking new bike. The trip meter was set 1000km before hand at 99,000km and it all lined up :).

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  7. Best one yet!!!

  8. The last few weeks I've been eagerly anticipating hitting the 50k mark on my 2000 VTR. It was at about the 49, 900 mark when my son asked me if he could borrow it.

    It came back like this - my photo opportunity missed!

  9. No photos but we hit 70 thousand on the vfr while heading back from a trip to nimbin recently. Still going strong... :riding:

    Looking forward to rolling over to a brand new bike.
  10. I'd post my Millstone but she is camera-shy...

    oh wait....
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  11. If only they came with a odo
  12. But then you'd know exactly how much they've been ridden.
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  13. Is that a bad thing? I always look at the year and odo
  14. I always make sure the right holes have plugs in them.
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  15. MT odo.

    My fat old moll, been ridden far and ridden hard but still plenty of life left in the old girl yet.
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  16. Nice one!!! What bike is it and what year model?
  17. 06 MT-01 but she was sitting around for a couple of years while I was O/S, so it took a bit longer to clock the Ks. 84369 as of this morning, that pics a couple of weeks old.
  18. I thought we were talking about something else......

    .........my bad......:devil:

  19. -Shifty eyes-

    Regular maintenance is more important then the odo

  20. Cue the reference to making sure she is well oiled.