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the milan runs well!

Discussion in 'Scooters' started by curafit, May 5, 2008.

  1. This scooter gets better with more kms, if I lose weight it will probably go faster. Hitting 60km/ph on the flat now.

  2. Engines do "loosen up" as they wear in, and there's a bunch of other factors that could affect the performance. Are you heavier than your friend?
  3. +1

    Power will be different depending on how they are run in - some will be run in faster than others. Go on a diet, take the restrictor out, and wait another few thou kms :)
  4. unfortunately Phizog and Loz are correct... on low cc skoots weight of rider really matters. Found this out myself when overtaken on a hill by a miniscule male rider on the same skoot as mine... took me a minute to figure it out... ouch... I didnt want to go on a diet so i opted for a 500cc skoot instead! imagine your mates face when u turn up for your next ride on a T-Max!! :shock: Run rings round him you would :LOL: