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The MIGHTY CAR MODS anti-Zombie 4X4

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by moog, Dec 18, 2010.

  1. #1 moog, Dec 18, 2010
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    Hey 2 wheelers. It's been a little while but after much debate over whether a motorbike or a car was better for a zombie escape we thought we had to build a 4X4 and see just it could be done...


    Yes we've still got bikes and really want to do some MBM (Mighty Bike Mods) and will hopefully look into this next year!

    Stay safe (from zombies!)
  2. Looking back at your old vids (pulsar rego inspection) I saw that you guys are local. cool.
  3. MOOG!, Im a huge fan, I got a MCM hoodie, I bought something from jaycar a few weeks ago and when I went to pay for it, the guy behind the counter went "hmmm, cant seem to find your company in the computer..." I looked at him funny and he pointed at my hoodie and asked if I work for mightycarmods?

  4. Great vid moog as always :)
  5. Yeah I posted this a few days ago on my web site too. Very funny and very professionally produced.
  6. Awesome... and everybody who's watched that is now on a terrorist watch list :LOL: 8-[
  7. What a laugh! (We do have an account there interestingly)

    BTW thanks for buying a hoodie and wearing it around - thats awesome!
  8. how you gonna deal with this monster Bluesuede create? huh?

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  9. In hindsight I should have made him watch the show, both series. Then and there lol.


    Do you and Marty both ride?

    I spotted what looks like an FZR in the making of the zombie episode
  10. Yeah we both ride and have been members on here for ages. I like trying lots of different bikes and haven't found something that satisfies all my needs yet. But the DRZ400SM that I got last year was about as close as I've come so far!

    We have been toying with bikes ideas for ages and even registered http://www.mightybikemods.com/ (even though there is nothing there yet)
  11. Sounds good but I bet you guys are busy enough with the car side of things.

    What bike mods do you have in mind?