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The Midnight Run

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Mad_Maca27, Oct 17, 2013.

  1. I was lying in bed at 11:20pm and couldn't sleep...

    The bike hadn't moved since Saturday...

    It wasn't to cold for a Melbourne night so I thought fcuk this, snuck outta bed as to not wake the handbrake, on went the t-shirt, shorts, boots and lid. ( it should be noted I am normally AGATT)

    Rolled the bike down the drive and fired her up. She is only a 250, but the subtle pur brought the biggest smile to my face. I decided not to head to the local macas but the next town over, close to redlining the first few gears, taking roundabouts like I'm Mr Rossi himself at what seems like 50 degrees.... the only one on the road, wind through the visor, letting loose the few ponies I have... you can't help but enjoy the freedom and the this is living sensation. All your worldly problems dissolve, just you and the machine.

    Much the same on the ride home, pushed her up the drive and awaits todays ride to TAFE. back to bed by 12:15, but just enough for me to sleep easy.

    how often do others get bitten by that bug?


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  2. When i had a bike all the damn time, it's far too tempting. Nobody on the road, mostly green lights no hassle by the rozzers. It's peaceful :)
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  3. most normally just jerk off lol

    admittedly I have done many midnight runs
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  4. I work nights and love the 3am ride home, limited visibility and going fast scares me abit so I kind of take it easy
  5. Love it. Do the same when i'm not written off from work.

    I'm lucky that I have 3 national park runs within 10 minutes of my house. Around summer I do try and avoid going alone as the risk of wildife (read: roos) is too great.

    I hit a roo at around 55km/h last year in December at about 2am on one of my favourite roads (mind you I was in the cage). Was doing 70 at the time and I reckon i'd wiped off 15 by the time of impact. Killed the roo - no damage to the car. Couldn't believe it.

    But yes, I do love a night run to get a late coffee or just down to the beach for a 'shmoke and a pancake'.

  6. Yep, best time to ride. Except I don't have to sneak out because I'm a man :cool: Not many vehicles on the road except those who are also up for a little fun. It's hard finding places that are fun and well lit though, for me anyway because I like to stick to roads that I know well.
  7. Same here, kinda... I leave home at 11.30pm and head back at around 5.30ish on weekends. And I've moved from a weekend job 2 kms from my house to a 55km round trip just in time for the warm nights!