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The Man's Bathroom

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by grange, Jan 13, 2011.

  1. Bathroom for men, none of that girly crap in here....


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  2. WTF is the lamby bogroll holder doing in there?!
  3. Why is there a sink?
  4. ... he's from New Zealand!!.... 8-[ (Lambs = s-e-x)
  5. and WHY is it so clean WITH THE SEAT DOWN!?!?

    i call fake ;)
  6. His G/F cleans it,
  7. .. oh!!.. now that's nasty!!.... [-(
  8. Too many car posters, not enough pr0n. :p
  9. Easy now thank you. We don't like Lambs....they're underage.
  10. Not Really.
    Have a look at how clean it is,
    What bloke cleans a dunny like that, Hahahahahaha
  11. that's exactly what i was thinking!! i don't think i can see any p0rn?!?!?
  12. Oh!!.... Lambs = Jailbait!!

  13. Yep, not so much as a Ralph magazine amongst that lot.
    I'm starting to think it was done by a woman who wants us all to think it's a man's bathroom.
    Why? Who knows WHAT they're thinking...
  14. i think it's this womans bathroom:


    girly - cleans
    but butch - into car mags and advertising her bathroom as a mens bathroom
  15. A kiwi farmer is showing his new girlfriend around his impressive property, and is pointing out all landmarks of interest.

    He walks to a solitary tree and points to the ground.

    He says proudly "This is where I had my first sexual experience, and ya know, it was even with her mother watching"

    The girlfriend says "Oh my gosh, what did her mother say??"

    The farmer looks at his girlfriend and replies "Baaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!"

  16. Aaaaaahhhh....memories.
  17. Oh great, and I was ready to go home!!! Now I have to wait a few minutes before I can stand up!
  18. While we're embarrasing countries......

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  19. I retract my previous pic and put this forward in it's place.

    He he he

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