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The Manliest Way To Drift

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by gunissan, Jul 18, 2015.

  1. Going Sideways In A 110-Year-Old Land Speed Record Car Is The Manliest Way To Drift

    Goodwood has released this video from last month's Festival of Speed, showing a bonkers 25.4-litre 1905 Darracq being driven to the edge

    Many of the older machines that make it up Goodwood’s famous hill climb are driven rather gingerly, but that’s definitely not the case with the car you see here. Built by French manufacturer Darracq, it features a 197bhp (200bhp) V8 displacing a whopping 25.4 litres, and clocked 122.5mph Daytona beach in 1906.

    Going Sideways In A 110-Year-Old Land Speed Record Car Is The Manliest Way To Drift

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  2. I love that, love to old cars and the people who are brave enough to drive them!!!!
    I came across this clip a while ago, I think it even ended au at Goodwood

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  3. Holy crap 122.5mph in 1906 is damn impressive. That would have blown people away.
  4. When men were men. 8-|
  5. Here is a private run of it at Goodwood

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  6. Those old cars were awesome weren't they? Brave boys with that exposed chain drive, though!!
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  8. Hard to believe thats from the same country that gave us Lada's
  9. Impressive, all great videos
    Thanks for sharing
  10. Lay back in a tinny with an esky of cans and just let it go with the flow.
  11. some pretty good drifting here as well:
  12. Oh god all I can think of is how many bikes he has probably smashed up practicing that :/
  13. fcuking awesome - impress the enemy then turn and blast them to oblivion!!!
  14. Lol have posted this one before (I think in multimedia)....