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the man from snowy river ride

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by jeffatav, Nov 8, 2007.

  1. I am all packed and the hornet has had its 6000 service and the snowy is calling me this weekend for the charity ride. Staying with a group of 4 mates in a lodge (with beer!!!!)

    Leaving tomorrow morning and staying in Thredbo Village Friday and Saturday nights before coming home Sunday (work calls)

    Really looking forward to this trip, but I have been scouring every weather forecast to ease my anticipated drenching, and the latest was friday with showers increasing :( and fine the next two days although it will be cold.
    Therefore, I have had to pack for all climates :shock:
    Friday will be spent getting there, so I will be able to dry out and hit the twisties all day Sat and a bit of Sunday.

    "door" prize is a honda goldwing (that would be straight on the market within seconds) and the raffle of the honda cb1000rrr that was on display at the bike show.

    Any other netriders down there for this???......................ya can register at Thredbo on Saturday morning and drink p1ss on saturday night.

    I'll try and stop and get some pics, but usually I am too slack to pull over.


  2. I would so love to go to this, but have to work tomorrow. I looked up this ride last night as one of my friends is riding down there today for it...all for a good cause. As for me....I'll be there next year for sure hopefully on my upgrade which will do the trip more easily than the gpx :grin:

    Have a great ride Jeff...the alpine roads and scenery are amazing at almost anytime of year. I have relos at Jindabyne so I can guarantee the weather down there is fickle....take what you think will keep you warm, then double it! BTW, thanks for taking those pics for me at the bike show netrider stand. :grin:

  3. Ride safe Jeff, have a pie for me.
  4. Ah, whats a bit of rain?

    I'm going. Heading down after work on Friday, so will get there sometime in the evening. Should be a fun weekend!
  5. I'll keep a lookout....

    I'm on the homo red hornet 9 :LOL: :LOL:

  6. Was supposed to be going with a friend on this ride, but he's already sold his bike and mine is naked at the moment, getting all dolled up for the going out of zzr sale scheduled for later this month :)

    Have fun!
  7. Gonna be an excelllent weekend!!!. :dance: :dance:
    Soooo looking forward to the awesome ride, to the socialising with old friends and making heaps of new ones, and to the PARTY after when the Angels pump it out at the Square!!!!
    Yep.......there could be some rain and might be a bit cold.......so what?....since when did that get in the way of The Snowyride weekend?
    See ya all there \:D/ with bells on.

    Now....I guess I'd better start packing :cool:
  8. See yas there!

  9. Next time you need a weather maps Jeff see here.
    And also half way down the page on the right ,in small red writing is the 28 day rain fall forcast.
    And just change the area you going at the top on the left on the page. :wink:

  10. got back this arvo from a very eventful weekend.

    Friday morning I met with my mates at Heathcote maccas and took off into wet and darkening skies that did not dissapoint to produce the wet stuff. Each time we thought about packing away the wet weather gear, down it would pour.

    went onto Batemans Bay and turn off for Braidwood where we had lunch and a little drying time (little did we know what was coming :shock:)

    From Braidwood to Cooma we were riding and watching the skies and we came over one hill to witness what looked like the end of the world in front of us and yep....................into its bowels we rode :shock: :shock:

    It BELTED us over and over and we finally stopped in Cooma with the hundreds of other bikers and licked our wounds :roll: I had to keep reminding my mates that in the wet and cold, I only use dirt bike gloves, but I do have heated grips :LOL: :LOL:

    Anyway, we got to Thredbo and started drying out (and drinking beer) and later at night were amazed to see the stars in the night sky.

    Saturday was flawless and the crowd was huge (nearly 2850 riders) and after wandering around a bit, decided to ride a bit of a loop.

    Well,.........................I have never had a more frightening experience in all my life than that 20 minute or so from the road from Thredbo to Jindabyne................100 speed limit and we were hurtling along at about 130 and were being overtaken within our lanes on both sides of our bars throughout that section of road, like we going backwards. I think there must have been some madness pills given out at the gate because all the boy racers were out if force and couldn't gove two hoots who else was on THEIR road..............what a bunch of wankers!!!!!

    I am not against speeding at all and don't mind if I get passed as each to their own, but it is no joy approaching a 65 posted corner at 120 k's and trying to set it up while watching BOTH of you mirrors :shock: :shock: ..................they all went NUTS!!!!!

    It was the most scariest ride I have ever been on and I was white with fear when we stopped at the T intersection at Jindabyne.

    We found that all the racers went onto Jindabyne to get their stamp, so we took off to Charlottes Pass and rode some great alpine roads and it was good to get some sanity back into us. When we got to the Pass, there were quite a few riders with the same feelings.


    We decided we wanted to live, so we rode and had lunch at Jindabyne and rode back into Thredbo on reasonbly quiet roads and started drinking beer.

    The parade came through led by a herd of Goldwings and I took a photo of one of Netriders favourite members


    Everyone gathered at the Village green for raffles and presentation and I found Tex and Bundy and had a chat.

    The ride raised nearly 1.2 mil for childrens cancer research, two women won the bikes, there was a marraige proposal and the police report that earned rounds of applause from all. The cops were really cool and understood the roads and the reason we were all there and were lenient with the speeding (maybe that's why the boy racers went mad in the morning??), but amoungst all the little offs that always seem to happen, there was a bike to bike head on that resulted in airlifting to hospital.

    Saturday was packed and plenty of well behaved drunks were found :LOL:

    Woke up today to more perfect riding day and a least the roads were a little quieter as the sore heads took over.

    Rode home via Cooma, through the plains and down Brown Mountain to Bega and then blasted up the Princes highway to Avalon. I am a little tired after 680 k's non stop by myself and it was always good when another rider overtook me and I could tag along with company (my mates went down to Canns River as they had Monday off and I have to bl@#dy work!!)

    I kept well clear of the boring Hume Highway with the madness that was to come that day and I bet the police fufilled their quota for the month today!!

    All in all I had great weekend, even allowing for the storm from the skies and the storm in my mirrors. The Alpine area must have THE BEST roads in Oz and I can't wait to go back and fully explore this riders wonderland!! We have planned to rent out my friends lodge as a base and just go mad when the roads are bare. What a great area for riders............... the Cooma plains are awesome on the way home as is Browms Mountain to Bega!!!

    Someone here did warn me about the boy racers, but nothing could prepare you for that Saturday morning.

    If I go again, I think the best idea would be to go down on Thursday, do the loop etc on Friday, hang in Thredbo all day on saturday (better than any bike show for sure) and stay in Cooma on Saturday night and ride home Sunday.

    Top weekend with 1500 k's travelled on great roads and the Hornet never put a foot wrong and it is great how a long ride can get you more acquainted with ya bike.

    Any other netriders have a report???

  11. could have had a coffee and food stop at mogo ya slacker!
  12. Great report Jeff ,I love it down there for riding and skiing.
    The loop from Cooma via Adaminaby and around the backway in to Thredbo is a cool run.
    I'm gona do Charlotte pass on the bike never been up there before.
  13. I'm with you Jeff,

    Glad I'm not the only one who noticed that on the road between Cooma and Thredbo. I Was sitting on 120-130 quite comfortably and must have been passed by over 200 bikes.

    Great weekend though - except,

    Went home via Alpine way via Tom Groggan and Kancoban and got pinged by the hairdryer on the only stretch of straight road there. [-X
  14. I had a great weekend - am definitately gonna go again next year :grin:

    Four of us headed off from Canberra around 1:45pm - just coming into Cooma and the sky ahead was black, lightning, etc. We pulled into a cafe there (the one with pics of Tex on the wall!) for a coffee and a quick bite before donning the wets and heading off again. That worked really well in our favour as we just caught the tail end of that storm - reports of people riding through hail, etc... very nasty... we just got a bit of rain.

    Rolled into Thredbo, accommodation sorted and off to the pub for a night of socialising and so forth :)

    Celastrina left at some ridiculous hour of the morning - Motormouse and I had a better plan - laze around for a bit in the morning for a leisurely 10:00am-ish departure. We had a very nice ride up to Khancoban - where MM got a message from the Mad Hatter who was in Thredbo - so we turned around and went back to Thredbo. On the run out there had been hardly any bikes or cars, few more on the way back but nothing to worry about - didn't see Constable Care once out there which was nice!

    Got back into Thredbo - found TMH and stood around talking shit for far too long - we had to hike it into Jindy to get our stamps :LOL: but that's okay it was a good run! Caught up with one of the KSRCians there then back to Thredbo for another night of socialising... How awesome were the Angels!! :LOL:

    Saturday night saw me a little too 'socially excited', which meant a very broken Mel on Sunday... a very sedate cruise into Cooma for greasy food and then home by about umm 2:00pm I think, I've really got no idea!

    I did take some pics... but mostly drunken ones on Saturday night :LOL: I might post them up later tonight if I'm feeling nasty :p

  15. Probably Terrys (Tex) last run on the Busa, BMW are giving him a 1200S to ride so he tells me. Nice writeup, might try to fit that ride in next year.

    So many roads , so little time.
  16. i'll deff have to put time aside next year for this ride. maybe one positive aspect of shorter semesters.
  17. I was travelling too fast and was looking for the sign to mogo.................but the closest my vision could make out was mooooooooo. :LOL: