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The making of the Nissan GTR

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Takamii, Aug 26, 2012.

  1. ................

  2. Id take all the other proper supercars first...........Porche, Ferrari, Lambo, and even a Corvette ZR1.
  3. 47 minutes, Tak????
    That'd use up my Internet account for a month :)
  4. Dont worry Hornet, with your dial up, that will take ya a month to download and watch...................lol j/k :p.
  5. dial up? I've got a piece of fencing wire hanging out the window :LOL:

    Looks like a good clip, I WILL watch it later :).
  6. Why's that? The performance of the GTR is supposed to be phenomenal. Plus ferrari's and lambo's are for wankers and posers :D
  7. I'd take one. 2/3rds of a plain 911 and quicker.
    My big worry is each car is hand built. Motor and gearbox as one unit. What happens when you blow one of them ???
    This is a car to cross continents as quick as a light aircraft. With much more comfort...
    Put a GT3 and one of these at the same take away price........It would be soggy rice bubbles my ass would be in the Porsche so quick
  8. I'd take 2. Not only are they sexy as all hell, and all wheel drive, any car that leaves Jeremy Clarkson literally speechless gets a big tick in my book - and after the GTR they had to take him away in an ambulance!
  9. Unless you could afford one, then they'd be ok. What a stupid, unenlightened statement.
  10. I'd take one in a heartbeat.
  11. Friend of mine has one, hasn't let me drive it yet though I'm working on it ;)
  12. I think it was Clarkson who mentioned that since the engines are all hand built there can be as much as 10HP variation in power output from engine to engine.
  13. You'd have to be one hell of a driver to miss that 10 hp though wouldn't you?
  14. Who here would drive the car at 10/10th on the street all the time?................not thanks ill take an equally fast Porsche, Ferrari or Vette.............all three better lookers than the Nissan................and this is coming from a guy who drives a Nissan import :p.
  15. Oh enlightenment is liking expensive sports cars? Quick, someone tell the Buddhists of the world they're wasting their time with meditation.

    You know, when I put in the smiley face (the one that clearly implies you're having a laugh), I was worried someone might take me too seriously.