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The Magical Roundabout a SMIDSY adventure.

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' at netrider.net.au started by cjvfr, Jul 7, 2016.

  1. #1 cjvfr, Jul 7, 2016
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    I promised I would put up a thread on my recent SMIDSY adventure. We all know you can be in the right and it still ends up hurting, Examining the incident will help me sharpen my roadcraft and perhaps will raise some things that help us all. It is not intended to absolve me of my part in the roadcraft. it takes two to SMIDSY.

    So this is the roundabout, it has 5 entries, split entries and exits and 3 pedestrian crossings. It is a bad roundabout and forces you to shift your focus of attention a couple of times to deal with entering vehicles and pedestrians. It is a busy roundabout with people tending to plant and go when they perceive a break in traffic :Lets face it SMIDSYs are all about being seen and perceived.


    My track is in Red, the car driver in Blue.


    As previously mentioned the roundabout requires you to shift your focus of attention. once as you enter from Ibbotson St to Grace Sr to Morwell Ave to the Pedestrian crossing on the exit into Watsonia Rd. It was this last shift of focus where I should have done better.

    I checked the vehicle in Morwell Ave and he had stopped by checking his wheels were not turning. I "thought" I had achieved eye contact with the driver. This where it all started to go wrong, I shifted my attention to the gathering pedestrians on the wedge shape island on the Watsonia Rd exit, they had stopped. Then SMIDSY ....

    So in the right legally but definitely a failure in roadcraft, end of ride, a couple of blocks from home, spider senses should be on extra sense alert. Feel free to comment, there are probably things I haven't thought of.
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  2. ??

    Will this be a full expose?
  3. Were mushrooms involved?
  4. pop.
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  5. image. ??
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  6. On the edge of my seat here...I hope the guy makes it out alive!
  7. We are all ears Chris, let's have the first installment laddie.
  8. :) Yes

    Not that I can remember but then if mushrooms had been involved I wouldn't ... ;)

    Hope you brought enough for everybody

    I remember them,

    I did ;)

    See above :)
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  9. I'm at a loss. How fast were you travelling?
    Is it possible that you were going slow enough for the knucklehead to think you were letting him in?
  10. Let's see if I've got this right before I offer any comment.

    Looking at the photo, the car that hit you came from where the pedestrian is crossing the road? The road immediately before it is and 'exit' only
  11. Fairly slow, I was concerned about any pedestrians on the exit about to leap lemming like into the fray. It is a possible consideration I hadn't thought of Titus good point.
  12. Yes it appears so but there is an unmarked pedestrian crossing there that is a common rat run across to the train station.
  13. Sheesh - I do what you do sometimes, in busy intersections.

    Once I've checked my right and proceed into the roundabout - if it's really full of distractions (like people crossing at the wrong place, pot holes, etc) - at some point you have to sort of trust the people on your left.

    How would you make this better? Go even slower through the roundabout? Ignore the pedestrians until you were right on top of them? (Ok maybe I exposed my inclination to run over dumb people there)

    (Edit: I make this sound a bit black and white - I know you can sort of multitask but as soon as you do that you can't fully perceive everything though)
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  14. The bigger threat was the car. As you say I should have ignored the threat of the pedestrians until I was absolutely certain of the cars intentions. I had room to brake before the pedestrian area. Of course then I may have ended up with the car up my clacker. Going slower and you possibly have the misinterpretation of intention discussed by Titus above.
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  15. Is it possible the driver 'lost' you in the shrubbery so to speak?

    But, I'd agree with what you've already said about 'spider senses', mine would been fair pinging in that scenario. Personally, I'm less concerned about pedestrians than I am about cars.
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    I don't get it, how you could possibly "achieve eye contact" (can you read their intentions in their eyes?) in those split seconds, what the significance of that could be and how this could prevent the accident. :sour:
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  17. Pretty low shrubs and a high car (Ford Territory) so I did think of that but don't think it applies in this case.
  18. A combination of multiple exits and entries, combined with a clearly marked pedestrian crossing and the hidden one is certainly a recipe for disaster.
    It's one of the ugliest designed roundabouts I've seen !.
    Good luck trying to work out how you could have made any changes cjvfrcjvfr (from your description no glaring fault on your behalf) to improve your navigation of that mess.
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  19. I'm becoming a big proponent of all bikes being loaded with high explosives. Us riders are probably buggered if we're hit hard anyway, it's about time the numpty drivers that just don't want to look got left in a frakkiin' crater as well!

    Glad you're still upright, cjvfr.
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  20. Did the incident happen day or night time Chris ?