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The magic words 'I love you', the ultimate aphrodesiac

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Johnny O, May 1, 2008.

  1. It has taken me 48 years to fully appreciate the awesome feeling of the words 'I love you'. I read on another internet forum.....

    MEMO to the Playboy Mansion: when looking for a sexual partner, Australians don't care about "technique". Beauty, brains or a big bank account don't really rate that highly either.

    But the nation's romantics are a pragmatic lot. Research in the Marriage and Family Review has found that when looking for a sexual partner, people are keenest on someone who loves them, rather than whom they love. "We obviously need to feel that someone is especially concerned about us," said chief researcher Jake Najman, from the University of Queensland.

    "I would argue that people are looking for an affectionate and caring partner over a rich, intelligent, attractive or talented sexual partner."

    Professor Najman reached his conclusion by surveying 1784 men and women aged between 19 and 59. The participants, including heterosexual singles, de factos and married couples as well as gays, were asked to rank the qualities they most desired in a bedroom partner.

    Gender and age differences did emerge in the sample. Overall, women favoured "someone who cares about you" as their top quality in a partner, while men rated most highly that that special someone "enjoys sex".

    Technique emerged as a lower-order priority. "Sex was preferred with someone who enjoys the experience, a quality quite distinct from technical lovemaking ability."

    I find that beauty is within, knowing that your partners cares for you and is understanding of you, the word 'love' encases all the magic essenses of intimacy.
  2. Spoken like someone with an ugly girlfriend!

    :LOL: :p

    Just kidding :wink:

    Someone who makes your heartrate race, whether they be beautiful, ugly, fat, thin, smart dumb, big, or tiny. Whatever works for you, and only you will know who that is when you meet them.

    When I met my wife, at my first day in a new job, I went home that night and told my mum I had just met the girl I was going to marry. I just knew :) 6 weeks later she dumped her boyfriend and we started going out, and 4mths later we had bought a house together. About 3 mths after that i proposed and we were married a year later.

    I love a happy story! :grin:
  3. I would agree with that sentiment wholeheartedly. Upon reflection, in all my relationships, it was only once the other had professed their love, that I relaxed and 'allowed' myself to fall in love back. Being the big emotional chicken I am, I really need to be completely assured of that person's committment. If they are a chicken like myself, then it's doomed to fail, cause I can't seem to 'fall' first.
  4. I too believe in what you say; a couple of psycho's in my past had me doubting that it was possible to identify love so soon.
  5. [philosophy]

    While I agree that love is a feeling or a state of mind, love is most importantly (IMHO) a verb. It is what you DO that communicates you love someone the loudest.

    It has been said by many that men use love to get sex while women use sex to get love. It is when both parties show acts of love (no doubt with a bit of sex too :grin: ) that relationship constantly and consistantly improves.

    The acts of love I am talking about are usually very simple. Things like:
    Listening - not just "Yes dear"
    Praise - genuine compliments on achievements
    Sacrafice - postponing what you want to assist your loved ones
    Gifts - not massively expensive but considerate ones that match the recipients desires
    Support - giving unbridled support for your partner and their wishes regardless of your own personal views

    There are many more, this was just a quick sample.

    By the way, these acts of love don't have to be reserved for your intimate partner. They can be for other members of your family, friends, work colleagues, even complete strangers. The great thing is, while you are giving acts of love, you start attracting more love back into your own life. It is the simple rule of "The more you give, the more you receive" or as others know it, the Law of Reciprocity.



  6. The best foreplay is done with a teatowel.
  7. Yep, somethin to be said for that "L" thing
    I met my sweetheart when I was 16, she was 15 then.
    Dunno if it was her golden hair, or hazel eyes that drew me to her.
    4 years later, we were married. 27 years of marriage, 3 kids & a grandson later .. She still gets my heart pumping, & I still think she's a hottie and my best Pal.
    Her only competition ... my bike :p
  8. Yep, my wife is my best friend also. We talk about pretty much everything together, I'm comfortable sharing my fears and concerns in life as is she, and we deal with everything together, with a common goal for the outcome.
  9. As Boo would say....awwwww fuzzy wuzzy's!

  10. u cracked onto a taken woman? that's so not cool if that's the case
  11. Just told her how I felt, she did the rest, and THEN we hooked up. Besides, boyfriend/girlfriend is not 'taken', it's just 'reserved'.
  12. There's some lucky guys here - and I'm one of them. My wife of 20 years is my best friend... and the hotness!
  13. And for the poor buggers who are still single...when still looking on the dating scene, and you find someone who seems nice...

    Not married / not gay / not psycho

    Pick 2
  14. this "love" carry-on is all garbage, wives are for cleaning, child control and other general duties.
  15. Are you fair dinkum , or is this a fishing comment ?

    I want to check before i start
  16. I think he's joking :wink:
  17. Hmmmmmm..divorced mine after 24 years when she wanted
    to come out of the kitchen!!

    I agree with Joel.
  18. Kinky bugger. One of those "map of Australia" type ones or your standard checkered variety?? :LOL:
  19. Bloody hell, we've gone from the noble and beautiful topic of love to kinky sex in just over a page?? Sheesh, men!
  20. Not all men