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The madness of bush...

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by ward_4e, Sep 7, 2007.

  1. #1 ward_4e, Sep 7, 2007
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    I know its a fake but still its sounds just about correct!

  2. I woulden't b suprised if it was true its Bush where talking about here he will find any excuse to fight anyone or any other nation
  3. America is the only country that thoughtfully provides a war, for each generation of its young men
  4. without wars theyre'd be 60,000 australians out of a job right now, or just really bored :popcorn: :tantrum:
  5. jeez, I don't know, I lived in the bush for years, and it didn't send me mad, send me mad, send me mad :LOL:.
  6. Look. Very few people get a free ride. Buy your own damn subscription. :wink:
  7. Um sorry but have to disagree Rog, i dont think any countries (with a few exeptions) 'provide' a war so they can send there citizens off to be killed, and with the way the world is i'm afraid were all going too be involved in a lot more over the next few hundred years or so.
  8. Indeed, Roger, you need to be careful not to let rhetoric get in the way of facts. WW1 was nearly over when America joined it, WW2 was half over likewise. These two wars between them killed or maimed more men and women than most of the rest of the wars of all humanity put together, and America had nothing to do with starting either of them. It was, however, thankfully instrumental in ending one of them, or the loss of live would have been even greater......
  9. Yeah ok Paul, but my tongue may have been planted in my cheek a little. Perhaps you should consider Korea, Vietnam, the undeclared war, and this silly Persian gulf bizzo. Bush and Howard should send their own kids first.
  10. Oh, I forgot. There is no oil in Bosnia, is there? I can't stop being a pacifist