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the mad hatter's another year older...

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Azz, Nov 6, 2006.

  1. Happy birfday Andy

    Have a great day & will catch up with you tonight in Williamstown
    :birthday: :beer: :beer:

  2. :WStupid: hehehehe always wanted to do that!

    happy birthday Andy!!!!!!! see u latter tonight 4 some birthday bashings!!!

    :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    Stay up right brother.

  4. :birthday: HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANDY :birthday:
    Hope you have a great day, see you tonight :beer:
    :dance: :dance: :dance: :dance:

    P. S lol@jadey
  5. Thanks to all for the best wishes, i am humbled by your thoughts. To all who is near williamstown coffee tonight pop in and say hello!
  6. well after an 1 1/2hrs trying to get to williamstown we finally got there even if it did take us 30kms from the westgate bridge. it was a good little detour to try and find a petrol station with petrol.

    thanks 4 the awesome ride 2nite andy... had no idea we were anywhere near st kilda!

    well time 4 bed!
    nite nite
  7. Just got home... had an awesome nite, thanks for the invite Andy :grin:

    I was a PB wh0re 2nite, was on the back of 3 bikes in a few hours... Z1000 :eek: R1 =P~ then the baby blade :LOL:

    Never knew the ride from Williamstown to St Kilda could be so.... entertaining :wink:

    won't 4get this nite in a while... someone running out of fuel, getting lost & sampling most of the Western burbs before making it to Andy's bday at closing time & the hunt for dinner begins, KFC with no chicken :shock: , someone's tail lights not working & endless unsuccessful attempts at getting the Hyo's seat open :mad: , some police attention at 2am... 6 bikes zooming in and out of lanes/side streets & alleys in StKilda isn't dodgy at all :LOL: awesome speed humps Andy... can't wait for the mystery ride :wink:
  8. OK OK sorry i sent you guys half way around meblourne before we got there but it was fun wasent it? I swear i thought i knew where i was going till i hit deer park. hehehe Awsome night. Andy Hope you had a good one and cant wait till your leading a thursday night ride in some good weather. Im gonna bring my bike lock chains and shit too. Look like im in the army or sum shit. hhehhe :LOL:
  9. Thanks Azz, Jade and ed for turning up! I had a great night too. :grin: Its amazing how much fun you can have with no type of real plan and alot willing motorcyle people. They say usually the best nights are the ones that you don't plan. :LOL: Just go with the flow thats my moto, no stress just alot of laughs and stories to tell. :) Looking forward Ed to seeing you with half of bunnings around your neck (chains and locks). Catch you all Thursday. :cool:
  10. :birthday: :beer: :birthday:

    Have a good one :wink:
  11. hehehe... yes Ed, it was fun... thought u were guna try for knee down around that round-a-bout :wink: a few more times around and I probly could've got my knee down from the pillion seat :LOL:
    never thought I'd ever do 30km's from the Westgate to Williamstown, remind me to carry some spare fuel on the back if you ever lead the mystery ride :p

    Andy, had a great nite... and have to agree that the best times are those not planned :grin:
    well there's lots of laughs and stories to tell from Monday nite, wasn't expecting to have half as much fun/entertainment as I did... you'll have to come and meet us OS for your next bday and we'll go out for another allnighter :twisted:

    oh yeh, make sure brother John's on the ride 2moro nite... I wana c what he can do on that postie :LOL: