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The lunacy begins

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by pro-pilot, Nov 22, 2007.

  1. Well, we see now how the sublime turns into the ridiculous.



    Bottled water banned to save environment
    by Saffron Howden, Environment Reporter

    November 22, 2007 12:00am

    ABOUT 4000 NSW public servants have been told to stop drinking bottled water - because it is bad for the environment.

    The Department of Environment and Climate Change (DECC) has sent a memo to staff saying bottled water will no longer be provided at its 120 offices - and encouraging staff to avoid buying their own.

    "Staff are asked to consider refilling water bottles from the tap. All major centres in NSW have a clean, reliable water supply," a DECC spokesman said.

    "Staff can buy their own bottled water but we would hope they consider the environment."

    The decision to scrap bottled water was made on environmental grounds and extends to communal chilled water dispensers.

    "The environmental costs of bottled water, producing, transporting, refrigerating and disposing of the bottles, have led DECC to eliminate all non-essential bottled water purchases from the department," the spokesman said.

    A small number of the bottles will still be bought for occupational health and safety reasons, like fire-fighting operations or for field work.

    The department's decision could trigger a domino effect and hurt Australia's bottled water market - $385 million last year for 250 million litres.

    Manly Council will next month vote on a mayoral motion to eradicate all bottled water from council buildings and functions.

    Mayor Peter Macdonald is teaming up with environmental campaigner Jon Dee to write to every council in Australia encouraging them to do the same - in line with a similar move by San Francisco earlier this year.

    The aim of the campaign is to reduce bottled water usage by 25 per cent across the country in two years.

    "It's an environmentally disastrous product, quite frankly, because we've got very good tap water," Manly Councillor Barbara Aird said.

    "The consumption of bottled water is apparently increasing by about 10 per cent per annum."

    The Local Government Association last month passed a motion supporting the launch of a campaign to alert people to the environmental impact of water bottles.

    Then there is the impact on the hip pocket. According to the most recent research, tap water costs about $1.20 per tonne, while one tonne of the pre-bottled variety costs as much as $3000.

    DECC estimated about 200ml of oil is used to produce each litre bottle of water, including in the plastic, transportation and refrigeration.

    Australians' bottled water use last year was responsible for more than 60,000 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions - the same amount 13,000 cars generate in 12 months.

    Global consumption of bottled water is now estimated at around 180 billion litres a year.
  2. Should lead to a boom in soft drink sales, so where's the harm?? :p
  3. so drinking beer is now an enviromentaly friendly act!!!
    i'm off to the pub to do my bit for the enviromet :grin:
  4. I agree with DECC here, why serve bottled water when there is access to
    tap water, ice, and cups/glasses/papercups?

    Did you know that Melbourne tap water is of a higher standard
    of purity than the minimum requirement for bottled water ?
    And some of the 'fancy' brands are some of the worst?

    (Source was Choice magazine I think via an AGE article,
    winner of bottled consistent purity was 7-Eleven bottled
    water... maybe it comes from the tap??)
  5. PP, why is it lunacy?
  6. What is your problem with it PP?
    Are you saying that bottled water doesn't have an environmentle impact?
    personaly I think people should avoid the stuff just to prove they aer inteligent enough to know when they are being ripped off, but that is a seperate issue.

    You see mto have a very kneejerk reaction on any environment subject.
  7. its a good idea. reduce, reuse, recycle. reducing the amount of plastic and manufacturing needed to make bottled water, reusing existing bottles to drink from, and recycling the ones you have when you're finished. This is a step forward in environmentally thinking on behalf of the DECC. 2 thumbs up. It's a hell of a lot cheaper, for the same thing, too.
  8. I once heard a comedian say, "Unbeknownst to yuppies, Evian is French for TAP!" I can't believe people pay more to drink bottled water than they do drink softdrink, beer, etc.

    FTR, we live on tank water, which tastes better than either bottled or town water. :p
  9. Inidividually bottled water I could understand... I don't see why any employer should be obligated to provide individual bottles of water for people.
    Not from an environmental perspective, but as tap water is ok to drink bottled water is a luxury that the individual should pay for if they want it.

    Water coolers in offices though: now THEY should stay.

    As far as tap-water goes: we're entering summer.
    You ever try to get cold water out of the tap at 3pm on a hot day?
    You have to run the thing for a couple of minutes before you get past the water that's heated up sitting in the pipes around your house.

    I think this will save some oil, and waste a lot of water.

    On top of that: if it isn't provided, a percentage of people will turn to soft-drink, or just drink less water.
    Hooray for dental caries and kidney disease in later years!

    Office water coolers should be provided. Individually bottled water should be available from a nearby lunch shop for anyone to buy if they wish.
  10. I could never get my head around the need for bottled water in the first place.
    I don't see a problem with an employer deciding to no longer provide a stupid, unnecessary item like that. If they had BANNED people bringing their own, then yes, that would be way too much.
  11. + 1 Ktulu

    My point is that who has the right to make this decision for others. If a government department no longer wishes to pay for the over-head of supplying it that is fine.

    But to use the environmental impact as an excuse and also make moves to ban individuals from bringing them in downstream is just an act of BS.

    There are too many new roles created within this so called “green†or environmental team functions within companies, all of whom must spearhead some ridiculous initiatives to justify their jobs, at the expense of common sense.
  12. I think this is where they are heading. If you read into the OP. They will actively discourage people from using bottled water.

    Eg. You'll cop a carbon rod up the rear if you do! :LOL:
  13. Yep we have a chilled tap at work, bottled water should not be provided to staff. Drink from the TAP people. $385m a yeaqr on bottled water :shock:
  14. Strange that people who are continually complaining about erosion of liberties are saying that this is a great idea:?

    What next?

    Only people who ride pushbikes will be able to bring their vehicles to work?

    We are already seeing the seniors (me!!!) being discriminated against in job prospects, despite our age and experience, we are seeing fat people being made the pariahs of society for making people in aircraft uncomfortable, and the nanny crap goes on. Meanwhile NOTHING is being done to stop pregnant women having degrading experiences at hospitals, just to name one example.

    Why is this happening? Because we let the little Hitlers who come up with this garbage mask their true intentions in environmental terms (all hail the god of the noughties) and nod and fall in line like dumb sheep.

    We deserve what we get. When they say you can't ride your motorcycle to work because most people drive cars and too many people have motorcycle accidents, and there will not be any parking spaces proveded for them, etc, etc, reach for a glass of tepid dubious tap water, and rejoice at your great choices.
  15. There you go again, making arguments about nothing. They're not saying you can't have it. They're saying they won't supply it and maybe workers will consider their reasoning too.

    Quite right too. Why should someone's personal choices and lack of self-discpline/psychological trauma/etc. make my eight hour long haul flight uncomfortable? It's bad enough without someone taking up half of what little seat I have with their rolls of flab.

    You should work for John Howard with your fear mongering spins.

  16. Well that obviously struck a raw nerve, as I expected it would.

    Needless to say, I stick to my opinions; quite why you think abusing me would make any difference, I am at a loss to know. But you show your contempt for other people by your self-serving post, so I guess mine has had the desired effect.

    I'm off to the fridge for a cold bottle of water........
  17. So it is saying they will not provide it.
    How is it there right?
    It is there F#$king workplace, they are the collective bosses.
    If it wasn't a government department doing it but a private enterprise how diferent this thread would be.
  18. No, he's right.

    Regardless of the other reasons not to supply bottled water to employees [ie. we pay you in cash, not water - so buy your friggin' own, like everyone else] - the reason for this change to standard practice is born of environmentalism, and it is the new righteous justification that is shaping our society.

    Security and Environmentalism: both things that are socially unacceptable to question. Both things that are used to effect change... and not for the better in many people's opinion.

    ... perhaps it's a wide-angled view of one issue, but it's entirely correct and the sooner people take a 'bigger picture' approach, the sooner [hopefully!] our democratic numbers and some common sense stem the flow of insanity from the 'enlightened' few.
  19. Bottled water I can understand... but the water chiller water too??

    Now that's just stupid.
  20. Well, unless they've actually studied how much CO2 is released by people gossiping around them... :p