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The lucky squids

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Siwagod, Apr 24, 2013.

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    This just cropped up on FB. This is what happens to you without gear, if you're LUCKY.

    Newbies and oldies a like take note. Good reminder of just how fragile the human body is. It's your only one, look after it.







    The album: http://imgur.com/a/3fiDD

    Post re-instated to original - Justus
  2. :eek:

    I bet he is glad he had a helmet on ...
  3. Jesus, his back :eek:
  4. She'll be right mate, you can buff that out.
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  5. +1 for the helmet....the road rash i've had shit as bad as that on the pushie (mind you i've had alot of bad bmx accidents in my early days....waking up from a coma to a tube being pulled outta yo wang sucks.)
  6. ^^^obviously woke up at EXACTLY the wrong time...
  7. woke up to some ugly female nurse....might not have been as bad if she was hot :/

  8. And that happened after a BMX crash? How did you manage that!?!
  9. ah the coma was young....like 14...drunk....riding fast along a street at night dragging some poor sods garden hose i'd nicked off with for a giggle behind me....hose swung over to the side of the road n got caught under a parked cars tyre....i essentially ended up being slingshotted about 10 metres in the air n landed on head/shoulders.....apparently took 6 ambo's to hold me down as i was having seizures n shit

    edit....slingshotted down the road in the air ....not 10 metres UP in the air
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  10. That's not nearly as epic as I was hoping for.
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  11. *nods* the epic ones never do as much damage (y) i speak from experience
  12. LHS petrol tank is destroyed but oggy knob looks perfect. How did he manage that.
  13. He is now the Hugh Hefner of squids. *

    *Since chicks dig scars.
  14. I love that the bike is meticulously tied down....I'd have just thrown it in and put an ocky strap across it to stop it bouncing out...

    Kobo :cool:
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  15. There's a whole website of images like that - or rather, much, much worse - with the moral of the story being one should not ride motorcycles. If you don't mind me, OP, rewriting your words, the author of that website could write: This is what happens to you ride a motorcycle, if you're LUCKY. Of course you could argue that it is not necessarily the case that a rider will come to a bad end, but likewise it's hardly necessary that those those of us who dress down at times will suffer for it either. The same logic in both cases. But really, I should cut down my words and just quote adprom above. Search 'squid' and see how ubiquitous are such threads. Obeying the golden rule - not crashing - is worth more than all the racer boy leathers in the world.
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  16. Lol, was tempted to do that with son's bike when it fell over on the trailer, then later broke a handlebar. Not nearly as much damage as this, but if anything else had happened, we would have drained some of the fuel and used it to set the bastard on fire.
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    Not saying those who dress down will end up like this. Remember that squid, like you said, covers a range of things from riding outside your skill level to trying to show off, doesn't just mean riding naked and I never meant as such.
    But I agree, pretty much can be covered by 'lucky rider' of any sort. I simply copied across the title from the posting I stumbled across.
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  18. Blessed are the squids, for theirs shall be the kittens?
  19. Gravel rash doesn't scare me much. Sure, I'd rather not have it but it's rarely fatal and having a bit of scar tissue ain't the end of the world.
  20. "Broken bones heal and chicks dig scars"