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The Loved Ones

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Garfield, Oct 30, 2010.

  1. Just saw the thing on the tele, still play their CD, ( one only) many years later..........
    I was a 14 year old when I first saw the band. At the very last road race at Phillip Island (prior to the track becoming a Gp circuit) the Loved Ones were played over the P.A circuit on the Saturday night. ( Cause we liked them so much) Later, in the early 90's I had the pleasure of meeting Gerry Humpryes and forming a bit of an ad hoc friendship.
    Does anyone on this site know who the Loved Ones are?... and there contribution to Australian Music? Who are your big music influences in your life?

  2. Yes, I've got the Loved Ones 'Magic Box' CD. Gets a listen every now and again... I was 5 when they disbanded so I never saw them :)
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    Garfield you have the most excellent taste in music .. I never got to see The Loved Ones do a live gig, but The Loved One was the first single I ever bought, and Everlovin Man was my second. Magic Box was second album I bought, the first being Disreali Gears by Cream.

    For those who don't know who Garfield is talking about, and to paraphrase Molly Meldrum, do yourselves a favour a have a listen to this

    all I need now is a five paper joint and a Lager and Lime and I'm back in the 60's. (allegedly)
  4. Ever since I first read this post last night I've had The Loved One stuck in my head repeating over and over........what a great band. I remember them well.
  5. Shit, I'm 25 and I know about them. The singer had a scary range...
  6. INXS covered "the loved one" on their "Kick" album.