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The love has gone.... time to sell.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by ~DadAgain~, Oct 2, 2012.

  1. Odd though it is, I think I've lost the urge to ride.

    The urge to ride hit me very quickly about 5 years ago and I went from not really giving bikes a second thought - to NEEDING to ride one.

    The licencing path at that stage was simple and after a couple of QRIDE sessions I had my full licence and got myself a ride.

    My commute became fun, quick and economical - I LOVED it.

    I changed jobs and again the bike commute was a winner, I'd pass through traffic like it want there. I arrived almost every day with a smile on my face, and left eagerly anticipating the trip home.

    My kids grew a little older - and I became increasingly involved in ferrying them around before or after school - but still, I'd commute most days on the bike and LOVED it.....

    Then I got a new job again.
    This time the commute was a further, so I started my day a little earlier. I needed to dress slightly differently and therefore had to deal with changing clothes. The time savings from the bike in the less demanding traffic were minimal and wiped out entirely by the changing of clothes. I found myself pushing hard and harder on the bike to try and make the time to justify riding - but somewhere in the back of my head I knew this was not a sustainable practice. I was over-pushing the envelope - and for what?!

    The school day commitments grew - meaning even more days that HAD to be in the car and eventually I found myself just jumping in the car in the morning because I couldnt be bothered to ride?!

    HOW did that happen? What happened to the guy who'd jump at the chance to go to the shops and pick up a litre of milk just for an excuse to put on the leathers and go for a quick fang down the road?

    Its now a month since I've ridden - the bike sits there gathering dust... and the economic reality is starting to hit home. Perhaps I need to trade in a car and a bike to get a more reliable car (the '04 Astra is a complete shit of a car and I really should give it the flick)

    So - anyone else gone through this? Does it go away? If I sell the bike will I wake up in 3 months time and hate myself?

    My logical brain just keeps going with:
    - Car is cheaper
    - car is easier
    - car is no slower
    - car is safer
    etc etc etc

    Anyone in Brisbane want to buy a beautiful blue '05 ZX6R (636) with 30K on the clock?
    Why does this writing this post make me so sad? :-s
  2. Sell the children :p.
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  3. hurts to read this, but go with your heart!!
  4. Mate, it doesnt sound like you're riding for fun, so what is the incentive...Its up to you in the end, but family comes first..
  5. Why aren't the kids working? Lazy if you ask me....kids their age have been working in India for years by now

    Sell the Astra.....buy kids push bikes and get yourself a new job
  6. Maybe keep the bike for a while, make sure it's really what you want to do before you sell....
  7. You need to stop listening to your logical brain.

    Keep doing that and before you know it you'll be behind the wheel of a Volvo/Subaru wearing a beige cardigan and complaining about all the bikes cutting in front of you.
  8. Happened to me 40 years ago, kids, homes, business all get you in the end. Dont sweat it, you can come back to it later in life if the urge returns. If you wake up in 3 months hating yourself come back here we'll give you a hand with doing that :)
  9. I get whatcha mean with how it -can be- so tasking to get on the bike. I've barely ridden mine lately as I'm working almost every single day, and my job (paramedic) means I have to take my uniform, boots and a stack of equipment with me every shift. I have to leave at least my safety helmet and study material at home if I ride. And getting shifts with less than an hour's notice and warming up a 2-stroke don't really go hand-in-hand! Not that I bought that bike for commuting purposes but yeah, haven't found much time for it. Some days that I've wanted to ride to work, I've thought about all of what I just said and kinda gone "Ughhhh". (Maybe I'm going through a phase... hmmmm)

    Not interested in keeping the bike just for fun rides when you get the time?
  10. Actually the Subaru Outback doesnt look too bad....8-[ ... and it does have a very reasonable diesel option.

    hmmm.... there is something comforting about a good cardy! - Not sure I can justify beige though, gotta draw a line somewhere!
  11. I think there might be a few minutes somewhere in May 2016 that havent been allocated on the calendar yet...
  12. I had an earlier Astra 6 years ago - and completely agree - worst car ever. It started acting up from about 34K onwards, coils, window winders, serpentine belts not lasting, brake discs wearing prematurely etc.
    I talked to other Astra owners (at the time) as well and they all had the same issues. So it wasn't unique to mine.
    Ultimately go with what you think is right. You can always get another bike in the future albeit its hard to let one go sometime.
  13. Don't do it. It'll only lead to buying a psuedo-sporty convertible when you're older, fatter and balder.
  14. Regardless of what you do with the bike, piss the Astra off, I've got an '00 model. Shittest car I ever owned.
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  15. If your not having fun then don't do it.
    You can always buy another bike. But cars have no soul. I cant connect with one like a bike. They have no animation, no life.
    If your not going to ride get a yacht
  16. pmsl - unfortunately yachting to work from NW Brisbane to SE Brisbane every day would be a *really* tough commute!
  17. mate........ depends on the economics of it all I s'pose............

    been there, done that..... only ride for fun now, otherwise commute in the car.

    'tis all right to say, havent ridden it for a month but,.... you know its there in the back of the garage ;).......... be very sure you can do without it completely before you sell it

    Good luck
  18. If the bike isn't fun, I think you should either re-discover how to make it fun, or give it up. You've gone to the effort of writing this post, so it sounds like there's a part of you that isn't ready to give up just yet... and if the bike's been gathering dust for a few months, you owe it to that part of yourself to change that right now, get the bike out of the garage and take it for a spin to pick up a litre of milk via whatever enjoyable riding roads you can find within 100km of your home.
  19. Put on your leathers and jump in the car? :p

    I agree with the points you raised about the car. However for me, practicality wise, the car always wins. I ride for the sense of freedom and adventure it instills, and the riding community on the road. The car doesn't provide that.

    The cost of owning a bike is definitely on par with a car.

    Maybe just leave the riding to the wknds as a recreational outlet? But yeah, family comes first
  20. Hey DA, just ride for pleasure on the weekends.

    /end thread.
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