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The Loop

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by BadGrrmmr, Aug 17, 2015.

  1. Hi All,

    Is this comfortably do-able in a day? Apart from the locals in Wollombi (Age of Aquarius Hippies… ;)), anything to watch out for?


    Ryan Screen Shot 2015-08-17 at 4.22.07 PM.
  2. Mmm, I'd be keen on something like that when I eventually make it up there for a few days to suss out all these roads I read about. Looks great Ryan.
  3. yes it is very do-able and well worth the effort, try and get an early start to give yourself time for decent breaks on your way around. my personal preference would be to do it in a clockwise direction.
    enjoy (y)
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  4. I've done it in a lot less than a whole day, so yes it's definitely do-able.
    I also prefer clockwise.
  5. The road between Wollombi and Paynes Crossing can get narrow and gravelly. 5 - 6hrs at an easy pace
  6. Watch out for Lemmings corner, it's a bugger and can REALLY catch you out if you are not prepared
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    Yep, not only do-able, but 'must do-able'. It is the loop to be done. Start early. I also like clockwise. As stated above, watch our for Lemmings Cnr (which is more tricky anti clockwise). For extra fun you can do the Galston Gorge rather than Berowra Waters version of the loop.
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  8. Very do-able, just take a few stops to stretch the legs and maybe grab a bite to eat and you'll be fine.
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  9. My crystal ball says clockwise with a few good breaks. Beware I see boys in blue in some hidden groves of trees towards Laguna and also between the hours of 3 and 4 pm I see of the school buses turning near Laguna also.
    Enjoyment is in the cards as well...
    Make an offering to the weather gods though, I see storm clouds on the near horizon... :eek:
  10. Done it more times than I've had a hot dinner in anything from half day to 7-8 hours depending upon how many people on the ride and how long we spend having lunch. If you live out West, start at Berowra in the AM, if you live in the East, North or South start out at Windsor. That way you avoid much of the traffic on the way home at the end of the day.
  11. Have done this in both directions several times, a great full day run. I also add in Galston or wisemans for variation. Will not do Galston early morning again though, too foggy.
  12. Easily do-able in a day: I do it with a couple of extra hundred kays thrown in getting to Windsor and getting back to Wollongong thrown in. Even in winter with short days to can do it all in daylight. Clockwise is definitely best: stop at the Grey Gum for morning tea, Wollombi Pub for lunch. Lemmings Corner has a good surface these days and is sign-posted with warnings about five kays either side so if you stuff up there you've no-one but yourself to blame.
    The old servo at Kulnurra is a nice stop for a cuppa, and the shop out the back sells nice peace offerings to take home to the missus.
    If you're keen and you live out west, turn right just after there and head back to Windsor via Wiseman's Ferry and the Cattai Ridge Road.
    ALL this while sticking to the speed limits...
    Hey Tweet, how about this for a guided L&P ride third weekend in September???
  13. Did this run on Sunday from Wollongong via the nasho. Left 7.30am and had a beer in my hand on the couch by 4pm. 560km with stops at Berowra, Broke, grey gums Cafe and a fuel top up somewhere heading home.
    I've always done this run anti clockwise, figure it will be busier coming home through the old pac and the city on a Sunday arvo. It's must do run for me every month or so.
  14. I'm away that weekend mate (19-20). The only options I have for Sept are - 12/13 or 26/27. Prefer the Saturdays to Sundays as less traffic coming home from the North. Would need to be an early start, and we should create a group via Pm of those who express interest in going otherwise every man and his dog besides the noobs will front up.
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  15. Second weekend of any month is out for me so the last weekend looks like it. It should be getting a bit warmer by then so I don't mind being at Wilberforce at, say, 8:00am.....
  16. If 26th works for you, feel free to post it up and I'll lock it in.
  17. That would be amazing! Where does this get posted?
  18. I'm assuming Lemmings corner is on peats ridge Rd? After Wollombi going clockwise?

  19. Great North Road
  20. Wait for Hornet to post a ride in the ride announcement forum.

    Great North rd is correct for Lemmings Cnr. It is after Wollombi going clockwise. I personally don't see what is so difficult about that corner, but lots of people stack it there..