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The look of the new VFRs

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Bravus, Nov 26, 2010.

  1. [​IMG]

    Not a fan. The large expanse of featureless fairing just doesn't so it for me.

    Others' reactions? I'm sure they're awesome bikes, but the combination of the price, potential for costly servicing and the look would have me looking elsewhere.

  2. The fairing is the least of its sins, although you can't see it much in this pic the exhaust is a disgrace.

    I think this beat the BMW1000rr for 2wheels bike of the year.
  3. I like it. Its sleek, modern and minimalistic. Nothing to really draw the eye away from appreciation of the whole. Anyway, thats what I reckon.

    Meanwhile, most service costs are a pain in the pocket unless you do them yourself. The valvetrain sounds complex with its VTEC gizmo, though, but I'm guessing it still has fluids and filters that you can change yourself.

    Cheers - boingk
  4. It does look a bit like Honda is trying to bite back some market from BMW.
    It will be aimed at the guy in his fourties and will probably sell well. I hope that fairing comes in bits or it will be very expensive to replace. But it looks clean and neat. Not sure if it's the angle but the headlight looks a bit odd/fussy for the rest of the bike.
  5. I don't like the look of it, or the small fuel tank, or the price! I'll be looking elsewhere when I replace my VFR800
  6. when i look at a bike i think 'how can i bling this puppy up and make her look hot ?'
    (ok, i also fantasize about how she'd look naked)

    but when i look at that photo... i just don't know where to start
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  8. Creative add, if not also impressive from Honda in your link bretto61.
    I was looking forward to the Viffer1200's introduction and like Monkeyman, I am a strong enthusiast in pimping up my bikes. I wouldn't know WHAT to include on this bike...it would almost make anything fitted look out of place.
    It does appear a 'futuristic' curvy fairing kit and like bretto said, the headlight does look somewhat the odd one out at a cocktail party.
    Dunno...might take a while for these to grow on me, but for the pricetag, I'd definitely be looking elsewhere.
  9. I can see where they were going with it, but I'm not a fan, but then I've not hit 30yrs old yet so don't think I'm really the target audience.
  10. MrBling,
    Mate, I'm past my mid 30's and being a sportbike enthusiast, the look on this still does nothing for me. It may be an acquired taste bike choice strictly or as you say, my mind changes instantly at the time of my 40th Birthday ?
    I've read the comparo of the VFR1200 vs Hayabusa vs BMW K1300S vs Triumph Sprint GT.
    Personally, if I was after a sports tourer that I wanted to spend a little on refining to my particular taste/needs, I would have to closely look at the Sprint GT - best value for money ! If money wasn't the issue, the Beemer would be my pick, though should a reverse flick of my common-sense brain cells (whetever's remaining!) occurs, I could also change to the Hayabusa, my future 'wish list' bike addition.
    The VFR12000 will attract a certain crowd, but not this duck - even if I WAS 40 and over.
  11. it would need to be a whole heap less expensive for what you get for it to look good (although it is better in the metal, I must admit)
  12. I really like it, clean and minimalist. Looks good to my eye (and I'm not normally one for fairings of any kind).
  13. Not for me and i'am over 40 my vfr 800 still looks better and would be going for the triumph GT at $15k ish not $25k plus
  14. Think ill shop round for the 2010 model when i go to buy next year.
    If thats what the 2011 model looks like FORGET IT!
  15. Better get used to it, because this is clearly going to become the signature look of Hondas for a while to come. Check out the just announced CBR250 and even their 125cc PCX scooter and the family resemblance is very clear.

    I'd bet anything the next Fireblade will receive similar treatment as well!
  16. LOL.

    Yup, that's exactly what I was saying, when you hit 40, on the day, BAM your mind will change...

    Are the bikes in your profile pic yours? If so, then based on that, I'd say your not really a part of the Sports touring audience either (yet, 40 is creeping up though :p )....

    It will, most bikes (and for that matter products in general) do...
  17. Agree with boingk and Grumply comments above.

    I see a few of these on my daily commute and apart from everything else already mentioned they seem to have a strong road presence and Honda has done a very good job at it.
  18. Should have noted at the start that this is just a taste judgement and everyone has different tastes and that's OK...
  19. Taking a better look at the images on the net... i think it would be better NOT in red... perhaps black or a deep blue.
    Still dont like the exhaust though. Honda isnt kawasaki, why pretend they are and put stupid looking exhausts on?

    late edit... said wrong colour... correction in bold.
  20. it looks ****ing horrible