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The Longest Day

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by hornet, Aug 5, 2005.

  1. No, not the famous war movie, but what is the longest distance you have ridden in one contiguous 24 hour period??

  2. I have a feeling this is small beer, but we recently did 965 kays between Wollongong, as far north as Murrurundi and back through Newcastle and then home, started at 7:30 am and arrived home at 2:30 am.
  3. Probably about 350kms is my record on a bike. Should break that pretty easy on the way down to melb though. Done 1000 kays in a day in the car before.

    Edit: 550kms new record - ride day.
  4. Adelaide to Sydney, but thats really easy compared to my hardest ride. The 24 hour Reliability Trial on-off road held in Adelaide every year. Did it in the 80s. Hats of to the SA clubs for hosting the greatest ride on the planet.
  5. ye gods, that's over 600 miles in the old money, equivalent of Sydney to Melbourne! How many hours?>?
  6. 1300km?

    did melb to Sydney and then sydney to brizzy... in two days...

    syd to bris was 1300km on the odo I think, damn near killed me.
    mighta been 1200...

    never again :shock:
  7. how long were you on the bike for both days russ?
  8. 350 , then i have to fill up :p seriously tho , 1190 kays up to tantaldra .
  9. This was sposed to be a stopover at Dubbo but ended up due too lack of communication a single stint TWOUP ride with my late wife on bored.

    Coffs Harbour to Barraba NSW ( her sisters place ) then onto Dubbo ( stopover ) [ yeah right ] !!

    Then due to a major stuff up we had to continue through to Melb asap

    long story but we where coming down for a funeral and someone got there days mixed up !!

    TOTAL just on 1700ks an almost 24hrs in the sadle !

    we made the funeral but where just about death warmed up ourselfs

    :shock: :?
  10. So far 300 ks, sunday arvo ride.
  11. Sub-conscious supression!

    I just remembered that I once rode from Sydney to Melbourne on my Kawasaki 250 triple two stroke; my memory must have been supressing that!!! (vibration, sore butt, countershaft sprocket vibrating off near Gundagi, erk, forget please)
  12. I've done over 1200 k's twice, Canberra to Ipswich via the Newell, on the CBX550. Once in Autumn that wasn't too bad and once in the middle of Summer and that was like riding in Hell. Both times only stopped for fuel and drinks.
  13. I did Byron Bay to Benalla via the putty road and the Hume a couple years back. Would have pushed on to Melbourne but for the tinted visor... Who said that Ducatis are no good for touring?
  14. Think about 500 - 550k for me (Melbourne >> Port Campbell for lunch >> Melbourne). Not too bad considering I don't actually own a bike yet.

    Driving I did Melbourne >> Adelaide >> Broken Hill >> Dubbo >> Pokolbin >> Tamworth without hitting a hotel room. Slept in the car halfway between Adelaide and Broken Hill and fell asleep on my sausage roll in Dubbo.

    Slept for literally 20 hours straight when I hit Tamworth.
  15. My bike doesn't exactly have the most ergonomic of riding positions (my elbows touch my knees) so 100-200ks is about as far as I get before I need to stop and try to regain the feeling in my limbs.
  16. That's an impressive effort, Tony, I am surprised you can remember it all. Makes for a good read though. Rode through the early morning fog around Hall's Gap at Christmas time so I know that bit real well.
  17. A beamer is an unfair advantage . :p :p
  18. A little over 600km... not much, but it's a 250. :p

    Think that was one of your rides Marty... :LOL: