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The long way round (Ewan and Charlie)

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by wedge, Mar 18, 2007.

  1. #1 wedge, Mar 18, 2007
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  2. I was given the DVD set for xmas by my sister who sent it over from England....

    I found it brilliantly inspiring, amazing!!!

    ....for what it's worth.
  3. Got it last year, ripper series. Probably my favorite motorbike DVD.
  4. bought it at the Bikemart shopping night...... only got through 1 disc though so far
  5. Its a hoot.... i really enjoyed watching the dvd's but in the end "the world does look like scotland" :LOL:
  6. Race to Dakar is also very good!
  7. Reading the book at the moment. Quite entertaining. :)
  8. Excellent DVD's... even my wife enjoyed watching it. Found it amusing that its like 3 DVDs full of Europe and Russia etc.... then like 1 episode for all of the US and Canada lol.

    Watched a bit of Race to Dakar but i can't stand Boorman....
  9. Yep great series as well. Missed a few on telly when it was on, will be getting it on DVD.
  10. Sverre was getting quite annoyed with him by the end too..."he's just so...gay". :LOL:

    It's a fantastic show and book. I read the book last year and only just finished watching the series a couple of weeks ago.

    Ewan is fantastic...Boorman is annoying, but as a whole it's very well done. I love towards the end when you can tell they just wanna get home, and Ewan's all "mummmm! I'm on the telly! Mum! I'm on the telly!" cracked me up.

    And him cracking up at Evie when they meet up just before they get to the end and she's saying how much she hates his beard! So many funny moments throughout it all :)

    Sorry if I spoiled anything :p
  11. I lvoe his Star Wars jokes... its the nerd in me...

    "These are not the bikes you're looking for...." at the border LOL
  12. Sounds like i might have to purchase the DVD series. I've read the book and really enjoyed it, such a feat for a motorbike to make it over all that terain
  13. One word 'Manimal' - i think ewan mcgregor is hilarious :grin:
  14. Great series - got it last year and watched it with mrs.mad and we both loved it.

    Favorite bit is Charlie using his stomach to demonstrate european road surfaces and russian road surfaces (you gotta see it). :p

    Still want to see the Paris Dakar one even if Boorman is 'gay'.

    Any other good road trip series out there?
  15. ... and they've started The Long Way Down. Can't wait for that one.
  16. Really? That'd be very cool. How did you find out about that?
  17. Now that would be very nice to see, loved the first.

    Cheers :cool:
  18. Thanks for the weblink - long way down looks greta, perhaps we should organise a screening once it hits the shelves.

    I thought that maybe it was going to be Alaska to the southern tip of South America or something, but this trip sounds just as good.

    Come on September - lucky its my birthday month - now I know what to ask Mrs. Mad for :p
  19. I can't wait for the Long Way Down.

    My daughter is totally hooked on Long Way Round - watched it every morning before school for the last 2 months!!! I bought her Race to Dakar, hoping for a change, but she just doesn't like that one as much.

    My favourite scene - the massage they got in Kazakhstan. Hilarious.