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the long way home

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by slowandsteady, Jan 12, 2007.

  1. Picked up my wife's new '02 zzr250 from Canberra and rode it back to melbourne today!!
    point 1: although a lovely bike... not designed for 6foot + people
    point 2: my new drggain jeans have chafed BOTH arse cheeks off!!!!
    point 3: bikes are definately cheaper in ACT than melb.
    We could have freighted it down but then where is the fun in that? Anyway she's booked in at Stay Upright this weekend for her L's so it looks like we'll both be cruising around together after this weekend.....

  2. congrats 2 the the other half,
    did u get the zzr new or second hand?

    I'm in real pain..... Figured since it was going to be 38+ degrees, the jeans would be more comfy than the leathers...... bad choice there....
    nice chaps by the way... real mardi gras stuff.
    Paid $5500 for the "02 model. Only has 7000km on the clock and has full dealer service history. Bike is in beautiful condition. Gotta love those public servants......
    We looked at quite a few bikes down here, and asking price was 5500-6000 often with BIG km and often dropped....
    I'm thinking about heading up there when I go shopping for my VFR800 next year....
  4. Yeah when its time to upgrade I'm heading to canberra in the winter :D
  5. private or from shop?
    when the k's on a bike thats 4 years old don't you ask how come? i guess some people just aren't into riding, my bike was back in the shop for its first service 7 days afetr i got it...
    anyway hope your wife gets better use out of the bike then the previous owner/owners
  6. low k's mean ummmm

    Bought it through a dealer who was selling it for a private seller. Turns out they didn't like the trade-in offer but since they were upgrading to a new bike, the dealer was happy to leave it out the front. Previous owner went out only on weekends for short rides with her hubby who also rides.
    My Hyosung went in for it's 1000k service 2 weeks after I got it and that was only because I had to work every day.
    Some people just don't know fun when it's in front of them. I look for excuses to ride me bike. After a 12 year break from riding, I've rediscovered the concept of fun (even if I had to start from scratch again).
    MY GT 250R is a ball of fun and although only a 250, being a v-twin it has enough torque to drag my lard ass around OK. And let's face it, torque is what gets you out of the corners quickly. - please hold all "hyundai" comments for someone else.. build quality on my '07 bike is far better than my old 91 gixxer and with the megacycle can on, I can almost COnvince myself I'm riding a bigger big....... almost...

  7. yeah i know what you mean i'm still trying to convince mates to get their licenses, guess might get some new people to ride with here.

    just think if you lived in the act you could have got the gt650r restricted though, lol i thought about a hyosung but at the time the 650 was 10990 + on road where as i got my gs500f for $8400 on road, maybe should have concidered it alot harder as now i am looking 2 up grade where if i got the 650 i could have got irt deristricted and maybe kept it for longer

    would have gone the 650 option if we had lams down here but figured losing $1000-$1500 over the L and P plate period is a small price to pay to be back in the saddle and LEGAL. A lot of tools down here (same sort who wear shorts, thongs and singlets as protective gear) just say "bugger it" and just buy a bigger bike. Problem is, some cager cleans them up at an instersection and they spend the rest of their life eating stewed apple through a straw, they don't get a cent from TAC in insurance. I've got a business, wife, kids, life..... way more important than the need to go fast straight away. Anyway, my age group is currently taking the largest slice of the fatality pie according to Monash Uni research so I'm happy to take it easy and re-learn....
  9. thats the way just doing whatever it takes to get back on the bike hey
  10. How long it take you to get home?
  11. canberra to melb

    Left Canberra at 10am and pulled in the driveway at Altona Meadows at 6.15pm
    I spent 20mins getting lost in Canberra, so I guess a cruisy 8 hrs?
    I stopped to fill up in Canberra and then again at Wangaratta.
    Had 2 x quick rest breaks at the Yass and Chiltern park and pretty much stayed on the speed limit for the whole trip bar drifting up to 125-130 a few times.
    The Hume is a pretty good road these days and barring wind buffetting (and the sore arse) it was a nice ride.
  12. I normally wear sports shorts underneath the Draggins if I'm doing more than about 50k's on the bike. Stops any chaffing, even from moving around on the seat or walking in them. I know it might conjure up some awful images, but you could even try wearing bike pants underneath. That way you have some extra padding to help with any ironbutt.
  13. bike pants mmmmm

    Funny I'm not only one having those ideas! If overweight 50+ executives can ride around on pushbikes in bike shorts (like they do around Melb) then wearing them under my jeans is just fine!!
    I think I'll keep them for short trips and "fashion" forays only.
    I usually prefer the leathers anyway (hey I figure if Moto GP racers are OK coming off in leathers at 200+ then worst case scenario I'm OK doing it at40-50).
    I am usually happy to forgo a little bit of temperature comfort for the added safety of leathers but I thought I'd look like a bit of a tool on the plane up to Canberra with leather pants even if I took the sliders off!!!
  14. Re: bike pants mmmmm

    You know, this sort of problem goes away when you get older(as per the 50+ executives) because you get to the point where you honestly don't give a shit what people think about how you look. It comes down to not worrying about pulling chicks anymore! :LOL:
  15. I can't wait till I grow up!

    Apologies for offending the last of the gen X'ers! It wasn't meant as a comment of derision so much as testament to just that: not giving a shit! I guess I'm still in that 35+ age group where I still have a little bit of ego to get rid of still!!!!!
    Hopefully when I upgrade to the vfr800 early next year I'll settle down. (everyone keeps telling me it's an old peoples bike aka goldwing).
    then again I'm not riding to pick up chicks... it's all about the freedom, the wind in my hair, the bugs in my teeth........yada yada yada
  16. Re: I can't wait till I grow up!

    Thats it S&S and 8hrs is not a bad run. :wink:
  17. 8hrs

    And here was I feeling like it was slow.
    Im thinking 650k @ 100km hour....yeah sure!
    Back when I was young and stupid I did Adelaide to Melb on my 750 gixxer in 6hrs and I thought was pretty cool.
    Happier to get home in one piece!! NO near misses or incidents until 5mins from home on the ring road and some cager changes lanes right next to me! Sharp tap on the drivers window with the armoured gloves woke her up pretty quick!!
  18. Re: 8hrs

    Well thats the main thing.
  19. Re: 8hrs

    Must a been pretty close if you are tapping on the window :shock: Glad to hear you had a pretty good trip :) Don't envy a trip along the hume on a 250 though.
    6 hrs from Adelaide hey! These days you'd have a plethora of police vehicles escorting you. :roll:
  20. Hey slowandsteady!

    Good to see some more western suburbanites out and about here. Also good to see some more hyo riders, although I picked myself up a GV250 Aquilla right before christmas.

    Good luck to the lovely lady wife when she goes for her course at Stay Upright, they are an excellent place to learn.

    Also, check out the calander for the new Merideth loop posted by Voyager the other day. It's a good ride for the beginners and those getting back into riding, and there should be atleast a few of us fellow Hobsons Bayers around.