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The Long Way Around

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by russ, Mar 14, 2006.

  1. i recently bought (well, ok it was bought for me :grin: ) The dvd set of "the Long way around" wiht Ewan Mcgregor & charley boorman.

    I was interested in how the DVDs would be because i had found the book to be quite "whingey", every third word was "this is hard" or "tough", so it detracted from the book quite a bit.

    I had also heard a fair bit of comment about the fact they had a crew helping them along the way and so it was a bit less of an experience, suggesting that in a way they "cheated". a video was posted fo that guy on the R1 which he had taken around the world and many people pointed to him as the real deal.

    as a review of the dvd I'd simply call them "fantastic".
    forgetting for a moment the "support crew" factor, the places these guys decided to go in itself is worth admiration. for sheer beauty of the places they went the dvd is worth watching, plus the profile raising of bikers is fantastic (both actors had accidents with cars during the show, charley boormans reaction is priceless.... worth an emo: :furious: )

    as for their being accompanied, it seems easy to forget that they had 100k worth of camera equipment attached to their bikes & they needed to carry & subsequently protect the filmwork they took. there is no internet in mongolia or siberia or kazakstan so they couldn't just upload it...
    also the support crews story is just as interesting as the two bikers. driving thorugh wilderness is not easy when there is pretty much no road!
    I guess what I am suggesting is, if you rode and camped from melbourne to darwin but stopped off at a mates place in townsville does that classify you as a wimp - since you should have toughed it all the way? the distances were equivalent in this show (between support crew meetings).

    interestingly Ewan occasionally does things that allude to his wealth (random purchases etc) yet you don't begrudge him that luxury due to his quite obviously personable nature. heck the very fact they had 3 new bmws all the gear & could take 8 months off (true they were sponsered but still..) i wonder how many hollywood stars would be that likeable after a few weeks in the bush. :shock:

    ironically the this i most wanted to learn from the show is about the cameraman Claudio. this guy joined two best friends for 4 months with the express purpose of filming them and not getting in the way. meaning he remained reasonably separate from them, yet often bore the brunt of their frustration (a natural function of being the third wheel - nothing particuly sinister). i think his story owuld be fascinating as the mental lonliness would have been far tougher than anything they group had to deal with.

    recommended viewing. (quite cheap too all things considered $39 for 3 dvds)

    now to drop everything, buy a beemer and head to turkmenistan

    ps i have no affiliation with these people and make no money from these statements :deal:
  2. I must agree that this series was fantastic...

    My partner and i were sucked right into it, and loved every minute, to the point where we wanted more. I felt they could have gone into a bit more depth in some places, but there was obviously restrictions when making a series such as this.

    I also found Claudio facinating, and somewhat comical, still cant believe the short notice at which he started the journey, and the fact that he had to get his mum to fly his passport over, and he had no licence, classic...

    One of my fave moments was Ewan having a dream about being obi-wan in the nude.... hehe :grin:

    What a journey though, i was nearly ready to pack up the thundercat and just take off into the wilderness... think i might go home tonight and watch the whole series again.....
  3. Your Nickname would suggest otherwise :LOL:
  4. After reading the book I was a bit let down, wasn't great by any stretch I found Charlie so friggin annoying, and the commentary was more on their difficulties than the journey, though the book has some great photography.
    Then the jolly fat man got me a copy of the DVD, chalk and cheese, I loved every minute and I believe it is a must have for any travel or bike junkie. The fact their was the support crew meant sweet F A I was totally engrossed in the journey.
    I give it 4 1/2 stars :grin:
  5. damn, my cover is blown 8-[

    exactly how i found it too, and i think it was partially because their brand of humour doesn't translate to the page, what was annoying written down, was humerous and endearing in person.

    all i can think of is packing it in and heading off into the wilderness
  6. Aside from the Canadian/American leg of their trip I gave it two thumbs up. It was an adventure and good marketing for BMW (against KTM) :LOL:
  7. We saw the Mongolia and the early sections of Russia on Foxtel. We enjoyed it so much we went and brought the series on DVD.

    I have to admit I thought the first 2 episodes to be a little dull, I think they could have used 1 episode in the setup of the trip and spent a little more film time in Western Europe.

    I pretty much enjoyed everything else from the Ukraine through to Magadan. The feast of balls and goats head in various countries will always come as highlights.

    I did not mind Alasaka as it is one place I really want to visit, and the states brought back memories of the late 90's and several months on the road.

    It was an excellent series and I found something simular on Foxtel not that long ago, where they do a trip from India and it goes up through Russia then ontp Western Europe.
  8. long way round

    Having done a few countires on a bike,support crew or not,free bikes and gear or not,it was a fantastic effort on both their behalfs,gruelling on mind,body,bike and spirit,agree with someone else comment who said Charlie Boorman could be a bit of a prat at times,kinda weird seeing as being the "hollywood star"usually would mean the personas reversed with Ewan Mc Gregeor and him,however Obi Wan came across as a 100%stand up,el naturale dude and would be a pleasure to cruise with him anywhere.
  9. I loved Long Way round. Its an excellent travel series, and better still, its by bike! I thought that Charlie Boorman came across badly in the tougher parts of the journey, especially the times when Claudio fell off. That said, I cant wait to see what he gets up to in the Dakar rally.
  10. Did he actually do the Dakar rally? (The one where Andy Caldecott had the fatal accident?) :?:
  11. I am not sure. It was mentioned it the final episode Long Way Round, and that final episode was 1 year on (late 2005), but I saw an article by him in a bike mag this month talking about it as an upcoming thing, so I am assuming that he has yet to do it.
  12. long way round

    He said in the reflections year on episode that the trip had given him the courage to undertake the Dakar,man thats just insanity in my eyes,its one thing to ride at your own pace,its another to do the Dakar(called something else,Lisbon to Dakar I think)at 160kmh across unknown territory.
    Them boys can really ride and got balls of steel :shock: Dont know if Boorman fits into that catergory,if Caldecott who was kinda of a wildcard and only got bumped into the KTM team because their other choice had a stack and injured himself,
    Then Caulecott,a superb trail rider and winner of several oz safari,s,who travels at ridiculous speeds where you dont get a second chance and still f*'ksup,and dies,I wish Boorman all the luck from the motorcycling gods for a safe journey,he,s gonna need it,all power to him for trying.
  13. Yes he did the Dakar this year.

    Was doing well, not great but well. (But considering it's one of the world's toughest races....)

    Forced to withdraw after he broke his hand after a fall.
  14. I loved the DVD - even the preparation bit as it got you in on the spirit of what it's all about. In the USA the DVD was released as a 7 seried set instead of 10 (missing out on most of the preparation). They figured that the Americans wouldn't have the attention span. I prefer the 10 ep version.

    I'm reading the book now, and it's great because it takes me back to the places and characters in the DVD and fleshes it out a bit more. Reading the book before seeing the DVD would make less sense. Make sure you see the DVD before you read the book.
  15. Cheap ! :?: i paid $29.95 from Kmart when it come out :p
    Great dvds though, me and the wife have watched them 6 times now.
  16. Charley Boorman = big poof.
  17. I downloaded the 7-ep series about a year or so ago. Loved it. Will have to go get the DVD to see all the extra bits.
  18. From a "Moderator"? I'm appalled! :wink:
  19. sorry to be fussy but it's called "Long way round" :wink:
  20. found this after a bit of looking:

    I would just love to have his take of all of this, given that he is probably about as hardcore as it comes... so incredibly unassuming too

    this guy filmed bin laden in 96 :shock: