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The Long Search is over, Picked up my First Learners Bike :D

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Memphis, Nov 25, 2008.

  1. Yep, after reading through these forums and looking at peoples views and opnions regarding learners bikes, plus checking out the GSF650FU's and SV650SU's I finally purchased my learners bike.

    It came down to either a VTR250 or GS500F

    Today I picked up the GS500F, second hand.

    12,500kms on the clock and in schmick condition, only 1 small mark on the rear, came with a cover, gear rack, gear bag and center stand.

    But happy as. Unfortunatly I can't ride it untill December, but once I get my L's I'll be jumping into some of the Learner Rides you guys put together.

    So thanks to all those that helped with answering questions, I hope to catch up with you and eventually join in on your rides.
  2. Awesome choice of bike mate. She'll do you well :)
  3. Congrats on the purchase.

    Don't get caught ridiing it around the block, now!!! :-w

    Oh and of course....
  4. Congrats, I hope the bike is everything you want it to be.

    I'm in the opposite situation:

    - Got My L's :grin:
    - Got my safety gear. :grin:

    Still working on getting the bike...... :roll:

  5. Thanks for the replys fellas.

    Nahh, its gonna stay in my garage untill I get through the Learners Course.

    I am still trying to decide on a Helmet and considering I'm loosing weight at the moment, I'll wait untill the last minute to get riding gear!

    But it just got delivered, I have to say a big thankyou and recommendation to Greg - Motorcycle Pickups 0413 317 127

    He was a great help with getting the bike back and he also took very good care of it.


    I'll get some pics tomorrow and post em up for ya to have a looksee!
  6. Well done and congrats. Enjoy it when you can take it out. :grin:
  7. Well done mate, the GS is a fine bike
  8. Your first learners bike? are you expecting to have a second :p

    lol congrats, its a good choice :)
  9. Congrats,

    You will soon know that riding is fun :)
  10. well done man. make sure you post some pics when you can.
    what kind of gear did you go for?
  11. Haven't got any gear yet, the mind is still boggling over so many different helmet choices!

    Looking towards the Shark RSR2, I like the Arai RX-7 but people have said they are very noisy... Dunno... Got some Ideas?
    I actually fit in an Arai Medium and Large, but a Large with the Shark RSR2. I am looking for helmets that have removable liners and some form of anti Fog...

    As for the riding gear, I've only looked a little.
  12. just remember if you think your a large, your probley a medium. there are so many people out there who are wearing the wrong size, even in jackets. just remember it shouldnt move at all.

    Its like a girl, the more you stick your head in..... the losser it gets haha.

    most good helmets are anti fog, just dont skimp on the gear. it might be an extra $200, but it means you might be able to chew your food after you come off.

    dont hesitate to ask people from netrider to come along with you when your ready to buy some gear. i spent around 1500 on my gear when i first started. SHOEI helmet OXSTAR boots, TEKNIC Jacket and TEKNIC gloves, got a good discount because i brought it from the place i got my bike at.

    then after a few weeks i brought a pair of Draggins.....

    And dont buy a second hand helmet off ebay lol [-X
  13. I might just see if I can get someone with experience to come with me regarding clothing. Sounds like a great idea.

    Nahh, I'll be buying a Helmet NEW from a shop :D

    Also as promised, here are the pics. Now off to the RTA and transfer it into my name. :D





  14. Congrats on the new bike, very nice indeed.
  15. Nice bike. I love the modern look.
  16. Congrats on the new bike, looks great!
    I've got one too (naked) and find its a great all-rounder. It'll probably keep you happy for a lot longer than a 250 so you won't feel you have to upgrade so soon (if ever!).
    There's lots of great information and help on the GStwins site if you haven't seen it yet.
  17. Grats on the GS, nice colour

    I loved mine in times past. She was an excellent commuter and really fun to boot. She's still in garage but a lil worse for wear.
  18. Re: The Long Search is over, Picked up my First Learners Bik

    I don't see why it wouldnt be. Its the same bike with a bit of plastic which would make it even heavier and therefore even less power to weight.

    I've seen a few around with L's.

    Surely you'd be able to get around any problems by quoting it as a GS500.