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The Long Ride 2007

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by drkstr, Jan 20, 2007.

  1. Has anyone heard of and considered doing the inaugral Long Ride? Starting April 19th (to 27th) riders from all over Aus will head towards a meeting point (somewhere in the NT I think) for a final massed ride to Darwin. Its to raise money for the Royal Flying Doctor Service which each rider does with a $50 donation and puts in effort to get 'sponsors'. Details are at www.thelongride2007.accolades.com.au I am in the process of "humming and hahing" myself! Its not going to cost a lot but to state the obvious...its a bloody long way.

  2. i'd love to do something like that but i doubt i'd be ready by april.....but i am open to bein convinced...... :grin:
  3. Have read all about it drkstr but I have a lot on my long riding plate already this year, damn shame as it's the first and hopefully will continue on
  4. Cmon you only have to get therE from QLD !. I'm (hoping) to come up from Melbourne. Still, it'll be a challenge.
  5. This year I have so far:
    3100k each way to Border Run in August, 6200 all up over 4days
    Attempt at Bris>Freo>Bris 8900k all up under 100hrs
    Approx 4, 1000k+ days with my FarRiders group
    Dubbo and back for another bike meet prob Oct, just over 1000 each way in 2 days

    want me to go on :)
  6. lol davo your a nutter but sounds like alot of fun good luck with it all
  7. I have been called worse things :grin: thanks.

    After all.

    ...... it's just a road
  8. Hey drkstr!!!
    Did you end up doing The Long Run?
    Any reports out there from anybody else who did?.....with pics too please, please.
  9. Did it, was great.

    Do it !!

    Did 8395k in 8 days including Darwin to Port Augusta in 23hrs last Monday, look it up on a map :grin:

    Next one will most likely be September 2008.
  10. Holy crap thats a long ride, over 1000kms a day!!!
  11. i love the descriptions "slight" right........
  12. Google is so damn close.

    2724klms Shell Darwin city to BP Port Augusta in 23hrs is what I did all witnessed and documented.

    For anyone interested this is the breakdown, now don't go busting a poof valve I do it often.

    Day1 : Cooroy to Barkly Homestead, 2297k in 21hrs
    Day2 : Barkly to Katherine, 860klm
    Day3 : Katherine to Darwin with 150 bikes and police escort, 300k
    Day4 : No riding just sight seeing
    Day5 : same
    Day6 : Darwin to Port Augusta, 2724klms in 23hrs
    Day7 : Port Augusta to Warren, 1091k
    Day8 : Warren to Cooroy, 1010k (including 2hr stop at Coona getting Griff fixed, stuck thermostat)

    8395klms all up in 8 days.

    Got home 6pm Wednesday 2nd
    Did FarRide #4 to Moree and back 1248klms on the 5th.

    ..... it's just a road.