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The 'Loaner'

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Kranzy, Aug 22, 2008.

  1. :) Normally, I do all of my work/servicing myself.... But for my baby's first service I thought i'd spoil her!

    Took her into Jeffreys today and they happily handed over the key to their nice little 600 hornet!
    2400k's on the clock, had an akra so it sounded pretty good and lol it was funny.... after rocking up on my Blade, to sit on it was like having a pole jammed up my @rse :LOL:
    But once I got used to it, nice bike hehe was fun to be able to use the entire rev range and feel like I was using at least SOME of her potential!

    Nope... nothing exciting here, just thought i'd share how great Jeffreys have been to me, big points to them for looking after their customers!!!

    I'm glad I took it in..... I told them to see if they could find the puncture in my rear tyre coz buggered if I could!!!
    To all of our surprise, they couldn't find it either, until they immersed the whole rim.... The rim was POROUS! lol They switched it for a brand newy of another bike for me, not a worry in the world!
    :shock: I can't believe how light and thin the rim is!!! Price you pay for a superbike that tries to save every gram possible I guess.... But it's kinda funny how much lighter the blade was than the hornet! :LOL:

    Sorry to bore you all with my drivel!
  2. I bought all my Honda's from Jeffrey's (about 5 in total). Although I could always have saved money by buying somewhere else, the service they provided was absolutely fantastic. They'd always find time to fit my bike in for a service, even if I left the booking until the last minute.

    If I needed a tyre changed, they'd do it for me there and then (and give me a really good price as well).

    And for servicing, I'd always get a new or nearly new loan bike for the day.

    Chris, Don, John, Dean, Mick and the crew there are a great team. Oh, and 3 days a week our very own Mr Scumbag works in accessories. He'll fit you out with something nice!
  3. Yeah i've been going in there for over 2 years now, due purely to how Nice the guys are!
    If they haven't got something I want....(Like my dainese pants) I find it elswhere and then promptly tell them to order it for me! :LOL:
    I'm closer to new world Honda now, and I got my 929 from there, only because they had just what I was looking for and at the right price for me (at the time) but I couldn't care if I lived in new worlds carpark... I'd still make the trek to Jeffrey's.

    Oh and scumbag was at the ringwood store when they handed over the keys to the test Blade :twisted: Needless to say, I think Scumbag has seen my smile wide enough that my head almost fell in two :LOL:
  4. Can't agree more with you in regards to Jeffreys great service and willingness to go out of their way, I recall T boning a guy who pulled out of a stop sign and writing off my '96 Blade late on a Friday afternoon and within the hour Chris had one of the boys there with the ute to take it back to the shop for me.
    John and Dean have always gone out of their way to set me up with a loaner when needed and look after prices.
    Mick is there to offer his advice and services without hesitation also.
    They are a great friendly team with service second to none,well worth supporting. Kev. :wink: