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The lights are on ...

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by hornet, Apr 18, 2008.

  1. ... but nothing else is :(.

    Pulling out of a servo this afternoon at Nowra, I ran up to around 6,000rpm in first and the tacho needle then fell to zero. Panel lights are off, temp guage isn't working and the indicators have gone to lunch. Thankfully the headlight is OK; just as well considering the rain I rode through to get home.

    Any clues, you mechanical gurus? I suspect a fuse.....

  2. Engine's still running though I take it?
    Sounds like a fuse though the reason why that fuse went might be linked to the rain you mentioned. Suspect water may have got into a connector somewhere and shorted something out.
  3. Fuse or the connector that is directly south of the instrument panel. That will take all those things out.
  4. Fuses check out okay. 'Tis a trip to the mechanic, I fear, can't really go riding round with no indicators :(.
  5. accessories relay.
    either that, or a main fuse, not within the confines of the main fuse box.
  6. :WStupid:
  7. I'm up for that; if it's not inside the fuse box, where is it, pleeeeese????
  8. Um
    Outside? :?

    Got a service manual or service book?
    Pretty sure someone here would know, hondas are as common as pigeon shit in the city.

    Better still
  9. yes, I downloaded a .pdf of the workshop manual ages ago, and it's somewhere on the multitude of my back-up CDs :LOL: Might have to look for it again. Thanks for the ideas, folks :).
  10. Well, after all it WAS the fuse. Except the break in it was so small you needed a magnifying glass to see it, and, cunning Honda, the legend of what fuse is what in the lid of the fuse box, TRANSPOSES the order!!!! Front identification relates to the rear fuse, and so on :evil:.
  11. Or a $10 multimetre :wink:

    Glad it all worked out
  12. Obviously the fuse blew due to water in one of teh various conectors. Which is why I like to assemble connectors with some silicone spray or silicone grease on them, and smeared into teh cavities on the outside where the wires enter.
    Not that it matters on teh GTR, everythng under the fairings is covered in dust, not much of a water problem in there!

    Regards, Andrew.
  13. Possibly.

    However, minute "cracks" are usually due to vibration fracturing the fusible element. A short or overload usually causes a visible gap as it burns away the metal in the fuse.

    All the best

    Trevor G

    PS The vibration doesn't seem to affect spare fuses because you seem to need some current flowing through them to induce the fracture.
  14. trev, the flow of current generates a heating effect (and cooling once current is ceased) - which is a fluctuating cycle. this makes the material much more brittle :)
  15. I'm not a metalurgist or a sparky, but

    1. The problem happened before it rained, and

    2. the fuse carrier is mounted on a rubber block so I doubt vibration was a factor

    Seriously, with over 115,000 kms on the clock, old age (a bit like its rider, really) is the most likely scenario :LOL:.

    I'm just glad it's fixed, and I now have a couple of spare fuses tucked away if the others decide to go out in sympathy.