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The lighter side of working on your bike

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by ginji, May 22, 2007.

  1. Come on everyone, out with the stories about the silly and stupid things you've done while working on your bike (or someone else's bike, or someone else working on your bike etc etc)

    What happened to me: Crashed my bike, and finally got it back after 5 months... went to open the seat to get something out that i thought i had left in there and... well, my repairer forgot to hook the lock up to the release mechanism... an hour later after taking the back of the bike apart from the bottom, i finally managed to get it unlocked and of course, the thing i thought was in there wasn't :LOL:

    What a friend did to someone: Had a friend who was working on his bike, pretty much had stripped it fairly far down. In a container were all the bolt he'd taken out, and so a friend of his walked passed and put a completely random bolt in the container. Bloke puts his bike back together and ends up with this bolt left over, scratches his head and ends up taking the bike apart again to figure it out, puts it back together and his friend walks past, picks up the bolt and says "i was wondering where that went" and walks off :evil:

    your turn, out with em!
  2. After dropping my bike while pushing it backwards, breaking the footpeg and mount, I put it all back together after getting the bits welded up.
    While I was taking it for a "shakedown" I "lost" the rear brake. The link pin that attached the lever to the brake piston had fallen out, as I had not put the retaining split pin in. :oops:
    The following day I drove the same road and found the link pin. :grin:
  3. Spent 3 hours looking around the garage floor for part of my bike speed (the bit that goes on the rim that is magnetic), only to find it stuck to the bottom of a tin can..
  4. Grab rail on the Hornet. Could NOT work out how it came off. Me & the BF took apart every screw we could find, but we couldn't work out how to get the grab rail off the back. I think we undid around 34959875 screws before I got fed up & asked on the net how it comes off.

    That's when I found out that the allen key bolts that hold it to the bike have little plastic caps you have to take off to get to the bolt underneath.
  5. Heh heh I spent a few hours on that same issue Tash :)
  6. **Note this was not the first time I replaced the oil on my bike :grin:

    So just like before I pop on my trusty 12mm double hex socket, seems since the last time I did it I must have put it on really tight. I mean really really tight. so much so that this time the corners of the hex bolt head started to strip. Then I remembered the last time I actually took it to the mechanics to have a major service done. I thought I had better ride to the shop and see if someone can loosen it for me before I strip it too much. Damn mechanics and their fancy tools quite possibly did the bolt up too tight for my girlie arms.

    Mechanic gets down and prepares himself for a bit of a struggle only to find that the bolt in question came off with a firm tap of the ratchet handle. Of course I noticed that the mechanic was turning the bolt in the opposite direction :shock: :oops:

  7. lol sorry but as soon as i started reading this i knew what you were doing, just remember in a major of cases bolts/screws come undone in a anti clockwise direction unless of course you standing above the bolt but the bolt is facing down, then it clockwise

    always have a fiddle with your ratchet first, hold the socket in your hand, and turn the ratchet anti-clockwise and the socket should turn within your hand

    also note there are some reverse threaded bolts out there
  8. yep, most of the ones for anything to do with gas will be reverse threaded...

    I've tried many a time to undo bolts the wrong way but never had to get someone else to do it for me :LOL:
  9. When changing my back wheel over to my spare set, i forgot to put the caliper hanger in. I realised ounce i had adjusted the chain an tightened her up. I took the wheel off again, and put the mount in. I tightened her up.. I forgot one of the wheel spacers... I took it off again... Next, I forgot the caliper mount again, after tightening it all up and adjusting the chain. I was frustrated.

    Another occasion it was the night before PI gp, and i decided i wanted to go on the morning run. I spent about six hours giving my bike a good detail, and just before i went to bed i decided to replace my clutch cable with a spare. It would have been OK, but I had one there and the old one was gettin worn, so I just cut it off. By this time it was about 2am. I realised that the new cable had to have the tip sodered on, and i didnt have an iron, and the ride left on the saturday morning. I got up early, went to the wrecker, and he gave me a cable. I was going to be too late, so i rode all the way to PI with no clutch, an art a courier has to master! Man that must have hurt the box. It must have looked funny to all the others behind me to see me roll up to lights in neutral, paddle walk off the lights and dump it into gear. I think i stalled it only about 6-7 times outta 30 plus starts... go me.
  10. Got a rear tyre put on my bike for a Dealer, picked it up and rode down the road past a speed camera, looked down at the speedo which was reading 0 and looked up to see a flash. Was only about 300m up the road from the dealer.

    Rode back to the dealer and told them what had happened, they fixed the speedo, and gave me a letter explaining what had happend which I copied and send it to the police explaining why when I go the fine in mail and the police dismissed my fine for me. :cool:
  11. i'm surprised they let you off, apposed to not sending you another fine in the mail for riding a defective bike as you should have noticed as soon as yuou took off, if you are friends with someone at a dealer you could do this just about everytime, dog was smiling down on you that day
  12. I had a funny one last night; I finally went to clean some of the chain-fling crap out from underneath the Minja... And found that the sidestand cutoff switch was dangling off. The built-up gunk and crap from the chain was the only thing holding the bolts in the little unit. No idea how long it's been like that! :LOL:

    /A bastard to fix as well, had to figure out how to hold the bike up without a stand. Luckily I'd heard Deano talking about his "race crates" so an old pair of meaty stereo speakers did the trick!
  13. Oiling the chain by myself. Pushing bike forwards with side stand down. Side stand gets dragged back as it catches on an electrical cord thats laying along the ground the bike falls on top of me and traps me there. :mad: :mad:
  14. I stripped down and rebuilt a BSA Gold Star, only to leave an old rag stuffed in the cylinder bore ... after much debate about why it wouldn't kick over, someone discovered part of the rag poking out of the carburettor mouth and lo! all was revealed

    on the other hand, when i was in england a mate didnt tighten the front wheel-clamps on his little stroker thingy; the first speedhump we went over he decided to get as much air as he could and subsequently watched the front wheel, with brand new sticky tyre, bounce down Church lane ahead of us. luckily he managed to get between me and the road, or else i mightve scraped an elbow, hahaha
  15. ha just reading these the other day and thinking "not me!" :oops:
    i left the house at 10am today to have a ride and got down to the garage in my apartment block to find out i had forgotten my keys.. and locked myself out! had to call my mrs (who was out clothes shopping) and she was nonplussed to come back but ended up getting home at 12. still time for a ride! down and start the bike and check the oil before leaving and my oil is below the sightglass! being a sunday no bike shops are open so the hunt begins for compatible oil at a servo. no luck, at repco when i ask the guy if he has oil he helpfully suggests a bike shop. "no sh!t genius".
    Anyway an hour later i get some oil and at 1pm i head off for the twisties!! have a great scratch only dampened by a few wet spots on the road but 30mins later i find i havent got a gear shifter!? after pulling over i realise the shaft from lever to gearbox had vibrated loose and was now hanging down. no prob, ill tighten it up with my tool kit...which i left in the garage the other day :evil: . i struggle home in 3rd gear leaving others far luckier than me to enjoy the mountain. :LOL: not my day!!
  16. One day I decided it would be a great idea to clean the chain using the center-stand with the bike in gear and the engine ticking over (too lazy to turn the back wheel by hand).

    It was all going along quite nicely up until the point where the rag I was using got caught between the rear sprocket and the chain (unfortunately the rag was wrapped around my hand at the time).

    The noise of the bone breaking as my finger was cut off was rather unpleasant but at least the bike was considerate enough to stall afterwards. The worse part that I was 'home alone' and had to slacken off the wheel nut one handed so that I could get the rest of my fingers out and call for an ambo :LOL:
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  18. :shock: that ain't light, but i guess it serves as a warning; don't do that!

    Did they re-attach the finger?
  19. Finally got sick of changing the oil/maintenance on the side stand on my pristine blue zx6r, so I ordered front and rear track stands. 2min and 35 seconds after the stands were delivered, I had them sitting proudly next to my bike - all nice and shiny. Decided, having just forked out money on these stands, I wanted to keep them pretty so I proceeded to lay cardboard, roll the bike onto the cardboard and then lift the bike onto the stands - all so that the stands wouldnt get scratched.

    Next step was to do the quality control check, wiggling the bars ever so gently to check stability on stands. Satisfied, I walked around the bike admiring my beauty and I gave the stand's protruding handle a little kick with my foot. The next fraction of a second took about 3 hours as I watched my precious bike flop on its side with a massive BANG!!!! It landed within an inch of putting a mice big gash down the door of my 3000GT too.

    Extremely embarrassed and pissed off at myself I pulled the bike up to find not a scratch. Thanks to my mates for making me get frame sliders!

    The stands were still nice and shiiny too...... :oops: