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the light sabre is real

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by troy, Apr 15, 2006.

  1. Excellent
  2. not only that but 'using the force' is too :)
  3. Wow, brilliantly done and I like the ending!
  4. That was fantastic. Those guys have some serious talent!
  5. + 1

    Cheers :cool:
  6. Did anyone ever see the "star wars kid" video file?

    Apparently somebody added the lights and effects to that little kid with the broom handle.

    Still looking for it, but that would be awesome ;)
  7. Do a google search for "star wars kid".

    The kid has just been awarded a massive payout from the kids that put it on the intertron because he got payed out everywhere he went. He got LOTS.

    As to the video at the top, its been around a while, at least a few years. There are a few fan films like that, and just as good. Ebaums world the fcukers have just gone at watermarked it and claimed it as their own and are making money from it. Grrrrr
  8. http://www.theforce.net - fan film central

    the technique of rotoscoping the blades isn't that hard - anyone wanting their own piece of Star Wars drop me a line and I'll be glad to help you out. I've done it plenty of times before, being the sad sci-fi geek that I am.
  9. They water-marked their copy of it so anybody who e-mails it around or anyone who shows friends etc will know where they can find it, and it also advertises their site. They haven't claimed it in the slightest, if you paid attention you would have noticed the Credits at the start advertising all the creators of the Movie, to the menbtion the end credits that acknowledged all who worked on it. Videos are submitted by the public and then embaums world simply stamps them so anything pulled off their serviced get accordingly referenced.

    Its no different to Netrider 'water marking' the photos that are submitted to the photogallery. Get over it.
  10. Are you saying you can actually edit the movie clips to make it look the genuine article?
  11. Kev: yes, I can, at least the visual effects. Sound I'm still pretty rough with, but the actual sabre stuff, piece of cake!
  12. yeah, Peter Jackson did it recently with a turkey called King Kong :p
  13. I'd certainly be interested in learning how to do that. Do you know of any written tutorials?? What software do you use?? and can you explain it to me??

    Or do you simply want me to dance around the room with a broomstick light sabre and post you the clip on CD, upon which you will conduct your magic and post up the finished product (minus the sound; i can supply that with my vocal cords!) for all of netrider to see??
  14. Josh, you have a dangerous masochistic streak, my man :LOL:
  15. I'm impressed! I'm actually tempted to whip out the old broomstick and the dodgy 2 megapixel camera to see what can be achieved.

    However I won't. :D
  16. See above post with link in it. Go there. Read. Be a sad StarWars geek like me...

    But yes, I can teach you how, or you can take the clip, send to me and I'll work the wizardry. I'm also reasonably competant with various styles of swordplay, so I can help you choreograph it.

    If you are going to wave the broomstick around (slow, by the way, the lightsabre "blades" in the movie are thin aluminium rods, which whip around quicker) then put some circles of coloured tape along the "blade" so I can track its motion better. Use a different colour for the tip.
  17. But you want to, admit it... :p

    OK - 30min challenge - someone grab a cardboard tube, take a photo of themselves (or someone else) holding the tube as it were a lightsabre, and post the pic up here. I'll do a still-frame edit of the blade onto it and post it back up for all to see.
  18. Sorry, i just have a boycott against ebaumsworld. They tax stuff and don't give due credit all the time and claim it as there own. Then the real publishers ask for it to be taken down and they don't. There was an interview circulating around whith an admin from ebaumsworld. The interviewer half way laid into the eabums dude because some of his stuff had been put up and they hadn't taken it down when asked.
  19. Ok, now i'm going to be a complete hypocritic barstool. But at least i'm not making money from it. Making the light sabre effect is not hard. Me and my friends used to do it in high school. They were the ones with the talent, i just watched and sometimes played a part.

    But you can just use photoshop to make the effect. Here are some examples.