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The life and times of a young lad named Ktulu...

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by peeahh, May 28, 2007.

  1. So someone mentioned a while ago that Ktulu should write a book with all the stories/comments he comes out with....

    I'm bored, so I figured we could help him get on his way ;)

    Ktulu's words of wisdom:

    "ZX6R, eh?

    Well, if you've just swapped sex for a bike, at least you got a good bike."

    "Scientists have demonstrated that just looking at a pair of nice boobs for 10 mins a day noticeably improves health and well-being in a vast majority of males."

    *snip* "Tipper managed to get level with the front-tyre of the bike and that is when the voices told him...

    "Tipper!... Tipper! You see that spinning black thing with the shiny bits in the middle?
    Well that thing tastes better than the most delicious rabbit you've ever eaten, thrown up and then eaten again. You should bite it."

    And he listened.

    As Tipper's jaws clasped the front wheel just forwards of the guard, his teeth gripped and his head was pulled straight down under it. His mouth was run over before he let go and in his attempt to get away after the voices told him...

    "Well, maybe that wasn't the best idea we've ever had then... but we were totally right about those Mormons remember!"

    ...*snip* Anyways, I have forgotten to mention that Tipper's brain was visible through the hole in his head.
    You may have heard the saying "More fun than a hole in the head." - well, there is probably truth to that. "

    "The more important question though:

    Was she hot?"


    "The last time I rode without gloves, I had a stack.
    Slight graze on my knuckles... I got off very lightly.

    Now; I ALWAYS protect my hands.

    ... figure I owe it to tha ladies

    "I never usually get a 2nd look from ladies in normal clothes... but as soon as that jacket's on; I know how Fonzi feels."

    "hahahahahaha olllololooololo hahahahahahahaha PENIS

    yeah I said it"

    Why do we care again?

    None of them are hot.

    And you can just wear your back-protector WITHOUT the jacket on really hot days!

    It's not squidding

    ... it's Ninja Turtling

    And now the search function is stuffing up...you post too much Ktulu :p

    Feel free to continue on people...I know there's a CRAP load more Ktulu stories that I've absolutely pissed myself at, but again...he posts too much and I haven't found them...yet...
  2. Hahahaha Peeahh...

    Nice work... Yep, i think if there was such a book called "ktulu's words of wisdom", the world would be a better place :shock: :LOL:

    *Jamie shouts a chant to Ktulu*

    Write a book...
    Write a book...
    Write a book...

    hahahahah :LOL: [/i]
  3. do a 2loo miligan of motorcycles.

    spike wasnt very funny, you would do much better 2loo.

  4. Awww shucks, I'm flattered as all heck.

    You gals are wonderful

  5. /me falls off chair

    That is the worst yet best whilst still being the worst image I have ever seen. I'm crying whilst laughing. There's a special place in Hell reserved for you Ktulu (I saved you a seat).
  6. A truly appalling picture but quite 'armless... :roll:
  7. HA HA HA HA, that poster is GOLD!!!
  8. its all the photos that i love.....

    ktulu needs a photo gallery of netrider photos....

  9. Man, i'm too scared to post stuff like that cause all the whingers :p
  10. wang chung

    ho! with tits like that on ya avatar, i beg to diffa!

    [hmm, i wonder what kind o thank you card stump can do]

    thanks 2loo! i will print that one out. you should become a netrider GOLD member.

    stump it up! :cool:
  11. There's no doubt that Netrider has been a very much different place since Ktulu arrived on the scene.

    And what about his Motorcycle Accessamories??? :LOL:.
  12. :LOL: MY God! :LOL:
    Ktulu, That Pic is Gold, Pure Gold, I dips me hat sir!
    I can't stop laughing..... Does that make me evil? :twisted:
  13. Well, I did get in a little bit of trouble for posting this once...
  14. you're a Card. good show, old boy
  15. Man i was hoping that pic would never re-surface,
    (iloveyou) it makes me feel bad while i laugh my arse off.
  16. Keep adding people!