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The Lies of Christmas

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Mr Flibble, Dec 15, 2009.

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  2. Oh man I LIKE that! =D>
  3. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Saint_Nicholas
    So it is not to say that Santa Clause didn't exist... just that he has been bastardised well beyond recognition of the original character.
  4. It is widely known in all religious circles that the calendar is a bit screwy - but Christmas holidays are defined by the Industrial Relations Act just as much as the Bible these days :p

    What's your point about the 'lies of Christmas'?

    "You have the day wrong so the faith you live by, the higher moral power you believe in and the people you love are a pile of shit. haHA!" ?
  5. Isn't all about celebrating the Birth of Santa...
  6. Well the astrological or astronomical origins for our celebration dates are quite fascinating. So the christians borrowed a couple of things from pagans, we all borrowed from nature anyways.
  7. I'm Pagan and have been so for about 30 years. Both Christmas and Easter are Pagan dates, Christmas is a day or so from Midwinter (nthn hemisphere of course!) when the birth of the (male) Sun(Son!) is celebrated along with the Yule tree (Oak King/Holly King - summer/winter) and good old Santa is a representative of Odin......(don't let me get started here!) None of these have anything to do with Christianity of course but I'm up for Christmas pressies regardless.
  8. I care not about trivial things such as christmas.

  9. Christmas holidays perhaps (eg next year 27th Dec is a Holiday in the ACT at least) but Christmas day itself is set in stone as the 25th.

    It is generally understood that the mythical character was actually born in September sometime. The 25th of December was chosen by some Pope or another way back when, as it was already a Pagan celebration and he wanted them to convert to Christianity and he thought that it would go down easier if they could still pig out on the 25th. Ergo it is a lie and lying is not Christian.

    The people you love are probably not piles of shit Bonk...
  10. Ummm… Once again there is considerable historical evidence that the character is not mythical.
    His exploits do not have quite the same historically backed evidence.
    The thing I find amusing is that Christ was a heretic (Against the churches of the time) and yet Christians spent so many years burning heretics.
    Over all it sounds like he was pretty cool, Once you get through the noise what was his message???
    Love thy neighbour don’t let all those old priests tell you what to do. Oh and Greed is bad m’kay
  11. It's generally accepted that the shepherds would have frozen, along with their sheep, if they had been 'abiding in the fields, keeping watch over their flocks by night' while Jesus was born in late December.

    Christmas and Easter are both pagan festivals, dating back to the time of Nimrod in Babylon. As the Roman Church absorbed nations following this idolatry into its fold, they repainted the ancient image of the mother and child into the image of Mary and Jesus.

    Easter, which follows the phases of the moon, as befits a pagan religion, and not the date of Jewish Passover, which is always on the same DATE every year, was also repainted from the death and miraculous re-birth of Nimrod as his son, to the worship of Mary and her son.
  12. wow...i always thought it was the day Santa died on the cross for all our sins, because some woman ate a poisoned apple....or some crap like that anyway.

    who gives a shit anyway...Christmas is about presents, that's what's really important here.
  13. Nahh.. Christmas is about families getting together for better or worse.
  14. Whether you like it, or not. :busting:
  15. I love a select few people, and suffer the rest of the humanity with supernatural patience, frustration, or blind hatred.

    I ain't really the churchin' type.

    But I do know that it's the coming of their god to earth that's important to people who value Christmas in a religious fashion.
    That is what they remember and are thankful for on the day: not the accuracy of a calendar.

  16. Well said that man!
  17. Bonk, were you born a genius or did you have to solve a Rubik's cube several times first?
  18. To the OP, its kinda pointless discussing the quoted text if the majority on here are not Christians in the first place.

    Having said that, I will now reply to it because it annoys me. Where I think the writer gets it wrong is in implying that christians say he was born on that day. I have never heard anyone try and suggest this is the case. Christians just celebrate his birth on that day. I have never read anything in the bible that says we have to celebrate the birth of Jesus on the actual day that he was born. In fact rather than set one date to celebrate his birth, death and resurrection, why not celebrate it every day?

    The santa issue is a bit more clear cut. A good friend of mine told me a story of how his six year old kid told the rest of his kindergarten class that santa didnt exist. Pandemonium ensued. When the teacher called him to complain that he told his son santa didnt exist, my mate replied "what, didn't you know?"
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  20. I have never read anything in the bible that says we have to celebrate the birth of Jesus on the actual day

    There's actually NOTHING in the story itself, in Jesus' own utterances, OR in the preaching and writings of the Apostles, that says we have to celebrate Jesus' birth AT ALL.