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The latest Fires

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Vineyard Performance Team, Jan 22, 2006.

  1. Just wanted to express my thoughts for those fighting the fires.

    I hope those that are in the line of fire are able to save their family, homes, animals and precious items.
  2. so where are the latest fires happening?
  3. A Friend of mine live in TYRES & says it looks ok atm BUT the big worry now is Wednesday / Thursday ..... more heatwave + strong winds ...
    We hope its out before then ......
  4. Ditto.
    As an ex-member of the NSWRFS, I think i might have to join up with the ACTRFS before next summer...
  5. That page has been taken off line "due to high demand" (der) the latest news page lists what's going on and where and is here.

    I've got a project on my books at Parker's Corner which is between Erica & Rawson and I aint going for a site vist for a while for obvious reasons, besides my employer has certain rules about letting us go too close to fires :roll:

    I was in Canberra for the Subaru Rally of Canberra in 2004 and I couldn't believe the moonscape and shear size of the 2003 fires. It was spooky driving around Duffy in what was once a suburb but looked like a new estate with roads but no houses.
  6. A quick update on the current fires:

    Grampians, Erica, Anakie, Yea - going
    Horsham, Portland, Ballarat - contained.

    Best advice is to keep away from these areas - keep the roads clear for all fire crews. If you are in the areas, keep tuned to ABC 774 where regular updates are broadcast.

    The Grampians has had a mapping and area update - about 87,000 ha.

    Its going to be a looooooong week! Cheers
  7. He'll need to watch it then - that rubber burns. :LOL:

    Seriously, I've got a mate in the TYERS CFA and know a few people there. It's a serious worry.
  8. Yep, we are on Becks Bridge Road and are still on alert. My phone went down on last Thursday (before the fires) and Telstra are supposed to be coming today to fix it (we have been on alert since Friday). Very scary when my mobile doesn't always have reception at home, so we are totally unaware of current conditions. I have been running up the road every hour or so to keep an eye on how close it is...my fire plan is to get the kids/animals/bikes/paperwork out and leave the rest (everything insured). Car has been packed since Friday and I am ready to leave at a moments notice. It's looking good for the next day or two for the firefighters weatherwise, and hope they stay safe. I have been told that the only thing that will extinguish it is rain, so please pray!
    I have to congratulate and thank all the personnel who have been protecting and defending us and hope they know how much we appreciate the efforts they are going to.

  9. It is just so bizarre to be sitting here in Wollongong with a (thankfully) cool southerly blowing, and be reading about fires in Victoria again. Having lived at Yarra Junction on Ash Wednesday, I know how terrifying the situation must be.
    You are all in our prayers, and also the families of the brave people who have lost their lives defending others.....
  10. It's strange to be sitting in Melbourne with a cool southerly blowing, reading about fires still burning... :(
  11. My grandpa lost his hobby farm near moyston. Lost the wool shed, house is still standing but a bit scorched. He only had 50 sheep there but half of them have gone.

    I've got family in the area near Willaura, if this hot winds start up tomorrow i'll be heading up there to help with what i can. Kinda scary, my uncle spent yesterday helping another farmer destroy stock.

    Someone near him lost 10,000 sheep. Another farmer near by lost absolutely everything. And my uncle was telling me that if the news reports and stories sound bad, its actually worse being there.

    I just hope i don't spent Oz day covered in ash.

  13. the really aggrovating thing about all of this is there are 3 people dead from the fire some demented scumbag started intentionally , I know of one of these "sub" humans who was involved in starting a fire in the sutherland area near sydney years ago , a firefighter was killed as a result , this scumbag is now living happily up here after recieving his piddly little 6 month jail term and is now a member of the Woolgoolga RFS , he was a member of the R.F.S where he started the fire too . I believe his captain is aware of what he has done but i bet his brothers who fight fires around him arent . My thoughts go out to all who have lost loved ones and property not just in these fires but all that have come before, and i thank the genuine volunteers out there doing the fighting
  14. Things are improving here in Perth.
    this fire was getting mighty close to our farm so we were/are watching all developments very carefully.

    Fire alert


    Dwellingup bush fire - Issued: Tuesday, 24 January 2006 11:03 AM

    CALM advises that fire crews from CALM, FESA and the local bush fire brigades are still working to hold the Murray valley bushfire to the north of Willowdale Road and east of the South West Highway near Yarloop.

    Crews will be concentrating on securing the southern boundary of the fire from the South West Highway along Willowdale Road, Driver Road, Logue Brook Road Dupont Road and the Harvey-Quindanning Road to the Murray River, prior to the expected wind change to the NW around midday.

    Though the fire is now contained, variable winds are forecast later in the day, gusting between 30 and 40 km/hr.

    Police and FESA officers have doorknocked in Yarloop, Hamel and Waroona, advising residents of the situation.

    However, the warning for Waroona and Hamel has been downgraded. Residents no longer need to prepare for evacuation.

    The Warning for Yarloop remains the same.

    All access roads into and around the Lane Poole Reserve, Willowdale and Lake Navarino areas are closed. In addition the Southwest Highway is closed between Coronation Road and Uduc Road in Harvey. There will be no access to Lane Poole Reserve until further notice.

    For further information please phone 1300 657 209 for an updated recorded message. The Departments of Main Roads has also set up an information line – 138 138 ends

    For the latest road closure information call the Main Roads roads conditions line on 138 138.

    This message will be updated when further information is available. The message is also available by calling 1300 657 209.

  15. To the best of my knowledge no one has officially pointed the finger of arson at any of the fires. Considering the amount of lightning around in the last week or so that seems to be the cause of most of the fires.

    Two of the deaths came from a car being trapped in the fire (they are assuming they were trying to escape) at the Grampians, the other is a CFA fire fighter who was killed after the truck he was on rolled over on a fire break built on the slope of a hill at a different fire.

    We live in the most bush fire prone country in the world and this is the penalty we have to suffer to live in the country we love so much :cry:

    You're right Rumpy, a large number of arsonists seem to be volunteer fire fighters.
  16. Dave that's a SCARY bulletin; the Ash Wednesday fire started in just that area (I believe one of the Millgrove mills). I hope everything is OK for the people of that beautiful part of the country......

    And as far as reporting of the fires are concerned, a policeman in Kockatoo (hah. beat you!!) told me the Thursday morning that many more people had died in just that town and its surroundings alone, than were being reported in the whole of the state.

    Our throughts are with you.....
  17. If you do happen to go up there to help out your family and are near the fire or see it coming from a distance, think about where you are, and a couple of important thigns to think about.

    1. Fire travels quicker up hill.
    2. If working in trees watch for widowmakers (branches in trees that maybe already burnt) or fire passing over head.
    3. Always make sure you have a safe area you can reach, if things do turn bad.

    and finally condolences and thoughts to the family who lost their father (the firefighter that died in the roll over)
  18. Was his name 'Giraffe'? 8-[
  19. Thanks mate, it's only small at the moment. I am not even seeing much smoke. But then again the biggest fires start that way, small I mean.

    It’s not in a very accessible spot but the water bombers are onto it and the wind is against it so . . . :?: