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The last statements of executed prisoners.

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by 2up, Sep 29, 2009.

  1. Damn, some of those are hard to take.

    "For those of you that want this to happen, I hope it makes you feel better and you find some sort of relief."
  2. Geez spot the whitey in that list.
    Says more about the texas legal system I reckon.
  3. Mine would be; Haha, I won.
  4. hmmmm freaky stuff eh
  5. When Bush Jnr came to power he was known as a governor who not only approved of the death sentence he was rarely one to commute any of them.

    Then, as his general lack of oratory skills became known, commentators said that when questioned on say, foreign affairs, he would stutter and hesitate. But when it came to the death sentence he made Obama look like a mute with stage fright.
  6. Ha. This guy got ripped.

  7. Hey, a Bush rant! I haven't heard one of those in a while. Mjt, you must get bored these days with nothing to rant about? Then again, I suppose Bush might give you new material for a quite a while. Never gets old dude, never gets old...

    Anyway, I've read a few strange ones, a bloke called James French or something. Laughed as he got into the chair and said "I can just read the headlines: French Fries"

    Another bloke said "Beam me up, Scottie"
  8. amazing how they can crack jokes and laugh knowing their life will end in a few seconds
  9. No matter which side of the fence you are on, executions 440 or so and counting seems to show that even the death penalty being in place doesnt seem to be a deterence to people. a drugged up zombie doesn't stop to ponder the repercussions when all he wants is the money for his next lot of drugs, even if that means killing you and anyone else in there way
  10. ...And the cost in killing someone is unbelieveable!

    • The California death penalty system costs taxpayers $114 million per year beyond the costs of keeping convicts locked up for life.
    Taxpayers have paid more than $250 million for each of the state’s executions. (L.A. Times, March 6, 2005)
    • In Kansas, the costs of capital cases are 70% more expensive than comparable non-capital cases, including the costs of incarceration.
    (Kansas Performance Audit Report, December 2003).
    • In Indiana, the total costs of the death penalty exceed the complete costs of life without parole sentences by about 38%, assuming
    that 20% of death sentences are overturned and reduced to life. (Indiana Criminal Law Study Commission, January 10, 2002).
    • The most comprehensive study in the country found that the death penalty costs North Carolina $2.16 million per execution over the
    costs of sentencing murderers to life imprisonment. The majority of those costs occur at the trial level. (Duke University, May 1993).
    • Enforcing the death penalty costs Florida $51 million a year above what it would cost to punish all first-degree murderers with life in
    prison without parole. Based on the 44 executions Florida had carried out since 1976, that amounts to a cost of $24 million for each
    execution. (Palm Beach Post, January 4, 2000).
    • In Texas, a death penalty case costs an average of $2.3 million, about three times the cost of imprisoning someone in a single cell at
    the highest security level for 40 years. (Dallas Morning News, March 8, 1992).

  11. Just wait till the drugs wear off... zombie gone, raging monster in place.
  12. I take it that you're a Bush "fanboi", then.

    It's funny that while Bush was governor of Texas, which is what this thread is about, that he presided over the most executions of any governor of that state.

    Doesn't sound like all that pleasant a place to live, particularly if you're not a religious christian nutcase or if you're not white.
  13. Not at all MJT, I just love to hear irrelevant rambling about Bush whenever you get the chance. I thought you'd cut back a bit after he left, but you're still at it. Some would say you're a bit thick to continue with it, but I just think you're dedicated.

    It's great man, keep it up! The kids love it.
  14. Almost every one of those last statements before death could be read as acceptance speeches by rappers for MTV music awards.

    Carry on.
  16. The legal dudes in Florida should send their convicts to Texas for execution...it seems to be a lot cheaper there.
  17. Ha! centralise it?

    I dunno about those amounts at all. Did some googling before, and the numbers were a fair bit lower. Something like $30,000 per prisioner per year, and the execution cost wasn't that high? If the stats are correct I guess the rest would have to be legal fees?

    As a sidenote, read a book last week called "Take a seat please" or something like that. About a journo who saw and reported on 180-something executions. Interesting stuff.
  18. Those numbers include legal representation and multiple appeals I believe. Apparently even 'indignant' offenders get a legal team of 2-3 people. I can't figure out why it costs so much more in Florida either! Maybe because Texas does it more they are more efficient at it or something.
  19. I dunno what drugs you're on but I'm hardly an avid anti-Bush type. The above comment was perfectly relevant given the comments about Texas and the subject matter of this thread.

    If you can't grasp that, that's your problem.