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The Last 5k were the most eventful...

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by spenze, Nov 18, 2010.

  1. So I went out on the new (Melbourne) Wednesday Night Goldilocks Ride and had a blast. Ended up doing about 120km if we count my ride to the start point and getting home.

    During the ride everything seemed to be working fine. The exhaust was giving off its sweet note that it always had. However on the way home things changed... for the worse... severely.

    About 5km from home I noticed that the engine was now louder than my exhaust. Never noticed that before I said to myself. So I decided to open it up a bit and straight away I find that I have no more power (I was doing 70kph in 5th gear). So I change down a gear and roll it on... hmmm, still no power. The bike was happy to stay at 70kph but was very reluctant to accelerate.

    As I approached some lights I had to slow down, but didn't need to stop, so I ended up in second gear. Now it wouldn't accelerate past 60kph and the engine noise was definitely starting to get that "clunk clunk" sound to it.

    Ok, only 3km to go... come on bike, just get me home. Alas, my prayers were not answered. 2.4km from home, right outside a service station the back wheel just locked up at 60kph. I figured it was locked when the back wheel was trying to overtake the front one.

    I pulled in the clutch and the back wheel went back to where it belongs.... in the back. The engine had also (naturally) cut out as well. In a desperate attempt to get it going again, I figured that maybe, possibly I could crash start while I still had all that momentum. So I changed up a gear and dropped the clutch. Wooooop there goes the back wheel again.

    Stopped outside the service station and had a fiddle with anything that I could find loose.... no luck. The starter motor didn't have the oomph to do anything, it was for all outward appearances... seized.

    So my options were now;
    a) Ditch the bike at the service station.
    b) Ditch the bike at the local police station over the road.
    c) Push the damn thing home.

    I figured if I left it anywhere, it would be a while before I could arrange getting it picked up and I didn't want it pinched.
    If I left it at the police station they would probably get it towed.
    So I went for option c) and started pushing.

    Time seems to drag when pushing 180kg of metal (yes I say metal, because at this point, its not really a bike) around!

    Well 1km down the road the first good samaritan stopped to see if everything was alright. It was some guy on a motorbike.... and if you're on here, thanks for taking the time to check on me. As the starter wasn't even turning the engine, there was nothing he could do, so I more or less shoo-ed him off.

    Since I had been pushing my bike for about 2km at this point I decided to take a breather. So I took a seat and relaxed for a min. This is when the next vehicle showed up.... with dazzling lights that flashed.... red and blue. Yup the cops arrived because apparently I "looked a bit suspicious". They asked a few questions, had a look at my licence then took off when another call came in (apparently they do actually do police work at midnight).

    It was right about here that I decided that I should have left my bike at the service station and hoped it got stolen! At least it was covered by insurance.

    So here I am, home after a well needed shower with a buggered bike in the garage.

    Now the story is over I have some questions for anyone in the know.

    1) is the bike f**cked? as in, I need a new one (engine)?
    2) if its not, do I take it somewhere that does motorbike servicing?
    3) or will it need to be taken to a full on engine rebuild place?

    oh and
    4) anyone got a spare LAMS bike? *flutters eyelids*
  2. Sorry to hear your tale. At least it wasn't raining. It doesn't sound good though mate.
  3. What type of bike do you have?
    I was at the ride too.
  4. Wait . .
    Spencer, on the gs 500?

    I guess you have to cal the mechanic, or a friend to have a look at it in the morning.
    Good luck, and I hope it's nothing too serious.
  5. Sorry to hear about your ordeal spenze. Firstly you have no option but to either get a bike shop to pick the bike up or you take it to them so they can diagnose the problem. Secondly hope it's not as bad as you make it out to be where the engine is gone.
  6. Bugger - really sorry to hear that Spenze.
  7. good luck with it all spenze.
    let us know the outcome, could be helpful info into the bag of experience....
  8. I'm guessing a bit here, but think I'm right. For your sake I hope I'm not.

    1) yes.

    The engine growing increasingly louder is a sure sign of being low on oil. The back wheel locking is a sure sign of an engine seizure. I think you welded your pistons to your engine and now you have a solid lump of metal in your bike, not several moving parts.

    I'd say our bike was burning oil at a fantastic rate to go from getting loud to locked up in two k's.

    2 and 3) Any mechanic should give you a rebuild. Ask around for places people trust.

    4) no
  9. Spenze, do you check your oil weekly?
    Do you know you had plenty of oil before yesterday's ride?
  10. spenze is very meticulous and fussy when it comes to bike maintenance and checking oil/fluid levels :p

    Spence choose wisely which shop you decide to take it in to as the last thing you want is to pay over inflated service/repair costs. If you don't mind the distance I have a good mechanic that I could recommend near the airport.
  11. No oil light coming on? (Does it have an oil light?)

    Not so sure it's loss of oil. Maybe some other kind of bearing failure? If so, at least it should only be one cylinder, as long as the conrod hasn't let go.

    Nasty though.
  12. Are you insured?

    If so park it in a dodgy area for a week, make claim, new bike.


    (Have you checked your valves lately?)
  13. What a shit.

    When you say the engine noise was louder, what kind of noise was it? It certainly sounds like a seizure of some kind, whether bearings or pistons, hard to say from this distance.

    If you hold the bike vertical, does oil appear in the oil window?
  14. As luck would have it I checked the oil just before setting out on the ride and it was full. So unless it managed to chew its way through 2l of oil (it holds 3), I think i can rule "running out of oil" out. The bike definitely didn't make the terrifying screech that a piston makes when welding itself to the engine casing. That being said, I haven't checked the oil since I got home, so I will do that tonight.

    Rob, it's hard to describe a noise. I just know the engine noise got louder, then developed a "clunk" noise. The faster the revs, the more "clunking" there was.
  15. Could also be something further down the drive line (gears, clutch etc.) hard to tell when you're moving.
  16. sounds pretty fatal mate. Even if it's not a seizure, i'm betting you're still looking at a complete strip down and probably a rebuild.
  17. Loud engine noise accompanied by lack of performance and followed by an engine lock-up is not a good sign. At a wild guess you crank is screwed.
  18. Duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuude that sucks! I had no idea! Hope you get it all sorted out soon :( And cheaply might I add :p
  19. it is about 5k acknowledgment and it is making readable to other.
  20. Sucks to hear spenze, good weather approaching and no bike.
    City West Yamaha are apparently very good in Hoppers, not too far either.
    Maybe try seeing if you can remove the plug to access the crankshaft and see if it will turn either way by hand.