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The Landmark Forum - WTF?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by starlet, Jul 15, 2008.

  1. Hi guys,

    A close friend of mine just went to the Landmark Forum (self-help seminar) on the weekend. Three full days from 8am till 10.30 pm with sceduled lunch breaks and even scheduled toilet breaks (that's right, not allowed to leave the room even if nature calls) :shock:

    My friend was recommended this forum by her boyfriend that went a few years ago, he swears by the positive impact it has had on his life. She wanted me to go along with her but because of the cost ($500-$600) I declined. Anyway, since speaking to her after she got back on Monday she sounds very different. She's very happy (which is a good thing) but she just seems absolutely blind to reality. For instance we had a conversation where I told her my mum wanted me to go overseas with her in a few weeks but of course I can't because of work and money but she wouldn't even listen to my reasons - she kept saying "You should go, live in the now, you're being cynical" which is just weird for her.

    Also, since Monday she has not stopped trying to convince me that I am unhappy and need to go to this forum "because she loves me and wants me to experience what she has". This is a friend that was completely on my level and hearing her spit out these pre-recorded lines is definetly not her.

    After doing a bit of research, this place has been thought to have been a cult and has had a few lawsuits against it so my question is.... Has anyone here experienced this first hand or know anything about this?

    I'm quite worried about my friend cause she told me that on the last day they were telling everyone about the Advanced Course and a lady who she met there grabbed her by the hand and said "Stop procrastinating, let's sign up".... she then went and left an $800 deposit for the Advanced Course for next month!
  2. your friend is a sucker.
    they are born every day.
  3. You've just lost a good friend.
    It's either a cult or an Amway convention.
    either way it's a forum for pissweak individuals who indulge in self improvement by adopting American Rah Rah rubbish.
    a fool is parted with their money very quickly and your ex- friend is a fool.
  4. ^^ :(

    That's what I'm afraid of. I was trying to tell her all day and she just kept saying I am cynical. I'm hoping it will wear off?
  5. let her go.
    dont even try, she will return to you when she works it out....if she works it out.
  6. Get her interested in Scientology.

    Divide and conquer the conscious mind!
  7. But I'm going to Thailand with her in October. I think I do have to let her be though.

    Well I actually sent her an email today and said "You might be interested in this" and sent her a Scientology link. LOL

    Oh dear, she's gullible as is - the perfect victim for this Landmark place!
  8. Sounds dodgy with a capital F.

    I would suggest letting your friend work it out for herself and, until then, stay well clear.

    Wish I could find a way of getting suckers to pay me $600 a pop to tell them when they can use the toilet :twisted: .
  9. So become a Gastroenterologist.
  10. :rofl:

    Succinct and to the point as usual :grin: .
  11. Don't knock it dude, it worked for Keith Code :LOL: .
  12. Some of these self help things are OK, the message that life is great and can be enjoyed is a good one and should be encouraged. The tricky bit is adopting an open yet questioning mind to these ideas. As long as she doesn't get involved in a cult don't stress she still is your friend but a bit happier, like all drugs she will come down and you as a friend can choose to be there or not.

    Anyway enjoy the hugs she will give you and don't take it personally if she backs off for a while. :beer:
  13. Condolances of the loss of your friend.

    I have a bridge for sale, by the way. Can you forward her contact details?
  14. Jeebuz people. Glad to see everybody is willing to be open minded and hear things from both sides before labelling.

    I went to the landmark forum some months back, yep there's marketing in there and some other crap. But if you're smart enought to look over that there's some great tools there to help you through life and put things into perspective.

    The first week after your friend finishes the forum they might be a little bit 'high' after having shared a lot of their problems. But your friend is still there, just perhaps a little less resigned and cynical about how they feel thier life will unfold and how people will treat them.

    My suggestion is you try the course before bagging it.

    I didn't bother with the ongoing forums or the Advanced course, I got what I needed out of the first course.
  15. So, you interested in a bridge then?
  16. Is it a covered bridge?

    Actually, I'd prefer an island, don't suppose you've got one of those?
  17. My mother got bullied into paying the ridiculous amount to attend this Landmark seminar. She hoped it would help her with confidence building.

    The first day, I dropped her off and by the time I picked her up at 10.30 she was absolutely knackered. The seminar did nothing for her… she just sat there thinking ‘um… no’.

    She went back the second day to make sure it wasn’t just an ‘off day’. We stayed up that night talking until all hours of the morning when she decided talking to her children helped more than this stupid thing did…

    She didn’t go back the 3rd or 4th day and she didn’t regret it (despite the no refund policy).

    Two weeks later she receives a phone call asking why she did not turn up for the remainder of the course, to which she pointed out that it was not suitable for her and that she obtained little from it.

    *she received a check in the mail for the full amount one week later*
  18. Now that, I wouldn't have expected. Is it some sort of clever PR thing?
  19. My bosses business partner does something that sounds like this. I call them his man love seminars, as he and his mates that go to them all come back hugging each other. That's enough for me.