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The Land of the Worst Case Scenario

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Deadsy, May 16, 2013.


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Poll closed May 18, 2013.
  1. This is one of the worst threads ever created. Probably.

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  2. Sorry, but in my opinion it will be locked!

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  1. Is the following scenario familiar to you? You search for information online and you have disaster story after disaster story flung at you in the google search results. What is about the internet that helps this sort of thing flourish? Why do you have to dig through search result after search result until you find something reasonable and intelligent that provides you with a decent answer? It's like digging through a pile of shit looking for a diamond. Sometimes you can't find it and have to walk away in disgust.

    Now let me clarify, I'm not talking about getting yourself into a life-threatening situation and crawling to google with blood trailing instead of going to emergency. I'll give an example of what I mean.

    Say you come home from a concert. You stood closer to the speaker for longer than you really should have. That ringing in your ear, it's still there the next morning. You've damaged your hearing to some extent, that's pretty clear, right? When you sit down and try to get some information online, with that giant, unceasing mosquito in your ear for company, you're met with a bunch of pretty scary, depressing stuff. You have permanently damaged your hearing! The tinnitus will never go away! That mosquito has taken up permanent residence in your ear! You'd wonder how a single metal concert is held anywhere without hundreds of new people diagnosed with lifelong tinnitus at local GPs the following day. And then the tinnitus goes away. Lesson learnt. Both in regards to being kind to your ears and the disasterphiles who inhabit the internet.

    It doesn't end there. Got something in your eye that's making it itch? I'm Dr. Interweb and my diagnoses is a corneal ulcer! That's another medical example. I know. Something for a real doctor, not google. What I am talking about here applies to almost everything, though. From an enviromental issue, to a mechanical problem. Just about anything. You even see it on this forum related to riding. What is it about the internet that thrusts the worst case scenario to top of the list of possiblities? Is it just a reflection of society and people in general or is it something else that has to do with the nature of the internet?
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  3. ImageUploadedByTapatalk1368697506.932642.

    Unfortunately on the Internet everyone is an instant expert and can back up their claim with a 'factual' link from Wikipedia.

    You need to have a bullsh/t filter on like you do in real life.

    Whenever you are reading something on the net think of it being told to you by some random geezer at the Pub.
    It's usually embellished bollocks they will dribble to anyone who listens.
    Call bullsh/t and move on.
  4. Deadsy my man, you have way too much time on your hands, understandably. Get some good books and throw your Google tool in the bin.
  5. I had a mild inconveniance and it was fixed easily doesn't usually make a worthy story. Except on netrider of course.
  6. Lamotil works a treat doesn't it
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  7. Well there you go. I've always thought of tinnitus being permanent and the ringing after a concert is just ringing.
  8. I ended up like that after being near the speaker for the first Cold Chisel reunion concert in a small nightclub in Newcastle. People were talking and they all sounded like aliens. Can I sue them?

    Some of the info from reliable organisations online is ok but there is so much crap out there done by nobody's. If you've done any serious science based research then you usually know to head for peer reviewed journal articles or at least sites that base their conclusions on a balance of the same.

    Am saying this not necessarily in the context of the OP but looking deeper into cause and effect. It's a lot like Justus harping here to look at legislation and court rulings instead of the RTA or "he said, she said".
  9. I wear earplugs personally.

    It would be human nature. When working in public service you assume for everyone one good comment you have 10 bad comments. It appears to be fact that more people while share a bad thing i.e service, than a good thing i.e. food. Most of it is sensationalist rubbish and personal opinion rather that actual fact. But thats the way we are as a society, how else could reality TV continue to survive. We love seeing drama and conflict.

    Sometimes i love reading the negative stuff. Especially when i comes to the reviews. They can be very truthful, whereas sometimes a gushing positive report can fail to be objective as they can see everything through rose tinted glasses and gloss over the bad aspect.

    I can't remember where i heard it but when a woman is pregnant for the first time it seems all the women that she has known will gather to offer encouragement by telling pregnancy horror stories and how it will never happen to the mum to be.
    I think it was Lee Evans or Dylan Moran
  10. I could be a tumour.
  11. I had a cousin who was a malignant tumour.
    Twice removed
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  12. Cyberchondria, there is a reason doctors spend time learning the diagnostic process.
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  13. My mum doesn't need the internet. She just talks to her friends on the telephone. You can hear her ailments grow from the next room.
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  14. Tickled my humour button that one.
  15. A month or two back I had a problem with my toilet and the internet provided me with good advice and even videos. Of course that's not a medical problem, but I was dealing with a pile of shit and the answer was as good as gold.
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  16. #17 ibast, May 21, 2013
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    Chances are, if they were at a Cold Chisel reunion concert, they were aliens.

    And no, you can't sue them. Their contract is held in a country not on this planet.
  17. The internet is a very large pool of information. The problem is, it's very shallow and very, very muddy.

    Even when you find the factual stuff, you've got to learn to filter and interpret it.

    e.g. Dengue fever

    That shit can kill you and there is no vaccine.

    I came across it recently, because of our relocation and my daughter being a mosquito attractor. It is transmitted by the Aedes Mosquito, which is quite common here and can be seen at dawn and dust.

    So on the surface it seems my daughters death is a given, if we stay here.

    The reality however is quite different. Firstly the mosquito itself needs to be infected. Then you need to be bitten. Then only a small proportion of people die from it. In fact on 5% get a sever illness and only a small portion of those die.

    So it's a case of limit exposure, wear repellant and get on with life.