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the lack of logic/ or we're dreaming

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by D Stump, Aug 7, 2007.

  1. life can come up with some funny things. i consult an online dream dictionary sometimes to interpret the images in my dreams.

    words such as, thief, car key, and open doorway are not in the dictionary;


    the definition for 'whipping boy' is.

    so lets put this in perpective shall we,

    you wake up after having a dream which involves a boy with a whip who is [amoung other things] whipping it old school!

    you fire up ya puter and log on to the dream dictionary, and low and behold, the very unusual item you were looking for is there.

    this raises some questions

    how is the dream dictionary made? is it bit by bit depending on order of dream symbols by those who are in the social circle of the ceo?


    hmm, so let me get this straight...if i need to FIGURE OUT WHAT I WANT TO DO i will dream of a boy [hopfully man] with a whip, who is whipping it?

    hasnt happend yet [in my dreams]

    every night for the past few nights, 2 red headed men have appeared in my dream. they look similar, are well built, and after stump :wink:

    maybe if i type the word WHIPPING enough, i will dream of one of them WHIPPING and be able to look up WHIPPING BOY in the dream dictionary as so many of us have dreamed.


    anyways, i've become quite the dream interpretator over the years and am happy to tell you what they mean. keep in mind that i cant dig up anything you dont want anyone to know about [no ones that good at it]. the person who dreams is the best to understand the meaning, i can just tell you the direction to view the dream.

  2. Hmmmm... I rarely remember dreams, but if I had one of a person whipping me I'm sure I would.

    Does it mean anything extra if they're dressed in leather and there is a dog collar and a bowl with some yellow liquid?
  3. lately, almost every night, i have been dreaming that i am fighting off badies that are trying to get me/friends/family.
    havent been beaten yet either :woot: :?
  4. joel wrote

    in this case, if you can, you ask them why they are chasing you and ur subconsious will tell you whats happening in your waking and what you need to do.

    if u have any images/colours etc that can help me to figure it out.

    Dirty trix

    your dream interprets to ur secret of being a sexually confused homo alian who apears every friday night JUST LIKE URKEL!

    you have a strraannge high pitch voice JUST LIKE URKEL!

    and zero luck with the other boys JUST LIKE URKEL!

    and a massive massive cocck
  5. What does the size of Dirty Trix's pet rooster have to do with anything in his dream?
  6. It has something to do with everything :LOL: :LOL:

    Stump if you want to understand dreams and their symbology don't read the puff pieces you find on the internet, invest some money and buy [and then read] a book called "Man and his symbols" by Carl Jung. Once you understand the underlying symbols or mandelas of the collective memory you will understand dreams at a very deep and meaning level.

    This is Jung's last a probably best and most important book he wrote.


  7. I dreamt I was eating a giant marshmallow.

    I woke up, and my pillow was gone!

    What does that mean?
  8. Sorry, Netrider's 'G' rated :oops:
  9. you're a fat bastard! :LOL: :LOL:
  10. 2loo wrote

    the dog collar is a sure sign :wink:

    thanks for the tipp matti-san :grin:


    your dream means u harbour deep emotional turmoil, this is likely to be the lust you felt for your 50 year old grade school teacher. sure, shes about 80 now, but that's not going to stop you. you lust for thin skin with glad wrap wrinkles and a brandy before bed.
  11. Hey Careful!
    I resemble that remark!
  12. What a load of shit. Seriously.. fing06.
  13. That's the truest thing I've ever seen on Netrider :cool:
  14. Bah! I used to have flying dreams when I was younger, and dreams of trying to walk across slippery slopes and always sliding away.
    Analyse that!
    Regards, Andrew.
  15. eye, andrew,

    you long for wet woman to stear you thru life

  16. Hey, I long for a wet woman too......
  17. dirty trix, you must be having andrews dream then.

  18. Last dream I remember was the other night.

    Dreamt I was out bush with my mates and I had the chainsaw out.

    Tried starting it but broke the ripcord. Threw the chainsaw away - it landed tip first in the trailer, bent the bar and the chain fell off. I vividly remember thinking 'well that wasn't a good idea'.

    Do I have issues?
  19. Hey stump, i have been having a recurring dream from my childhood to present day. Usually i get it now if i am run down or sick. I am in my bed all alone, in a huge dark empty hall that is so big if any one else was in it i would'nt know, like an asylum and it's so quiet in there that the silence is deafening! What do you think?
  20. i will put some time towards your dream mad hat when i dont have a big guy with big co*k sitting behind me, lets say tomorrow ok? i will put a post in then.