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The knocking knees of a learner

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by MattCPC, Apr 16, 2016.

  1. Got my learners 10days ago having never ridden before. Had my eye on a CB500f and thought I should go for a test ride today instead of just sitting on the bike in the showroom, per my previous 2 visits. If the stress of taking to the public road for the first time wasn't bad enough, signing a waiver and agreeing to hand over a lazy G if I scratch the bike was enough to get my knees knocking.

    After riding around the car park for 10mins, trying to recapture some muscle memory from the pre-learners training, I was off. I am glad to report it all ended well with both me and the bike returning unscathed.

    What have been others experience on buying a new bike and riding it out of the showroom?
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  2. Welcome, MattCPCMattCPC

    Happy hunting. Glad you found a dealer who let you test ride.
    I believe face lifted versions of the 500cc trio are on the way, so you should be able to get a good deal now on the run outs, or wait for the new ones.
  3. Welcome to the forum and a lifetime of addiction to two wheelz.

    The good news is that we have all been through what you are experiencing and soon you will be riding like a pro.

    Just remember to breath .
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  4. Surprisingly the dealer didn't even ask for my (still wet) riders licence. Simply just photocopied my DL. Things might have been different otherwise.
  5. Haha you did better than me. My son rode my (secondhand) bike home, and it took me a month to work up the courage to ride it out of my neighbourhood little streets.

    I DO remember being in the cage once, and following an obviously raw noob down the Princes Hwy from Dandenong to Hallam. Pretty sure he'd just picked up his first bike from Peter Stevens and was taking it home. I kept the other cars off his tail (he was going pretty slow in the 80 zone) until he pulled into a service rd.
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  6. I too had a bit of a trial by fire with my first road ride. I didn't test ride bikes, I knew what I wanted in the CB500X between the specs and value it was a no brainer. But that first ride out of the dealership was god damn stressful. I never stalled in my Ls test as I'd ridden off road previously but I stalled three times leaving the car park thankfully never again once I got going. I barely exceeded 60kph as that felt like a million to me at the time on the road(off road and road is so different you might as well not even compare) 80kph roads the whole way, with traffic. I had my best mate following me in his car just in case it all went belly up. One of my mistakes was obviously not asking for a bit of car park to get used to the clutch in. Nowadays I ride at road speeds and even slightly beyond if conditions allow, that first few km out of the dealership regardless of new or second hand is the hardest.
  7. welcome aboard :) I was petrified riding my bike home, still cant believe I didn't leave finger marks on the grips :)
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  8. Ditto!! One of those early memories one never forgets!
    Welcome MattCPCMattCPC!!
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  9. Let alone test riding, I didn't even sat on my CBR500R before buying it. Went to the dealer, saw the bike, negotiated and signed the papers.
    When I went to pick my baby up, I rode on the side street to get familiar with the clutch for 5 minutes, then hit the road on a normal traffic to home.

    And welcome to the NR MattCPCMattCPC
  10. Brought back the bowel shaking terror I had when the realisation hit me that the bike I bought and had delivered for me (after already dropping it while being stationary - that's a whole other story) needed to be be ridden up a steep driveway and onto the main road I live on.

    If I needed proof that my adrenal gland was working, that was it..
  11. Hahahahaha, I Mentor new riders, A lot of them have had their bikes delivered or had some one else ride them home,
    The bike is sitting there and they are terrified to ride it, Its normal, Its some thing new,
    And every one has told them they will die on it, hahahaha.

    It takes quite a bit to get them relaxed enough to get on the bike and actually ride it up the street,

    I usually turn it around for them and line it up at the curb, So all they have to do is ride it away, With me following,
    Just crossing a busy road to get started on a ride, Is totally daunting to them,
    I do make sure they know all the controls on it before we go,

    But after about 4 hours and 160 kays thru all the best twisty roads I know, and quite a bit of light traffic,
    They are usually confident enough to ride it on their own,
    Once they have their fear under control, They can progress to riding safely by them selves,

    Just putt along at your own pace, Take your time, Dont over think the situation, Relax and take deep breaths, Have patience,
    All good things take time,
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  12. I picked my bike up after getting my Ls.. First time i had ridden a bike other than the lil 125s they test you on.

    I had to ride from the bike shop straight on to the freeway and home (20 min ride @ 100 kph).. I had my dad follow me in a car just so i had some company and if I needed to pull over if it got too much.

    I too white knuckled it, getting used to the wind buffeting etc..

    An experience shared by many ... fond memories!
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  13. Same Same o_O

    Welcome to NR MattCPCMattCPC, enjoy looking around.
  14. Welcome, and work on relaxing those knees!
  15. I second this.

    And welcome to the mayhem.
  16. Hahaha ! I bought my first bike CBR500RA from a dealer this April but was too scared to do anything but sit on it . The missus was telling me to go for a test ride but I was too worried i'd drop it .
    The dealer delivered it to my house & there it sat , in the garage for three days while I blamed the rain / the economy / North Korea ect ect for not taking her out . Finally worked up the courage & after a few bad gear changes , took off !!
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  17. My partner purchased a Honda CTX700 from Western Australia. It finally arrived at Lidcombe for pick up. We had both just come off our P's.

    We went to pick it up from the cargo place and there it was still sitting in the container. (Cue major anxiety)

    My partner was too scared to drive it out of the metal base so i had to do it.. OMG i nearly died. Then i rode it into the carpark for her to get suited up and hop on.

    From there we had to get on the M4 (major Sydney motorway) and drive out to Blacktown. All at 8.30am peak hour traffic.

    I followed in my car as she drove 60 kmph on the m4.. Lol what a nightmare!!

    Then it sat in the garage for a month as we had both been traumatised... Never again!!!
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  18. Yeah the first ever test ride was amazing but on ghe day I picked her up and 2 hours of highway was terrifying.
    Good to hear from so many Honda riders.
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  19. After the first knee knocking experience, I indeed purchaed the CB500fa. But there was no way i was going to ride it from Lake Macquarie back to Sydney so managed to get the seller to bring it down. Now parked up in the garage pending some free time and sunny skies. Fingers crossed for this weekend. The oggy knobs are on.
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  20. I got my Ls in the early 90s and my first bike was a little East German MZ, a 150cc 2 stroke. I was way too nervous to ride it home and got a mate to ride it back from the dealers. Second bike was a 250cc 4 stroke trail bike about 2 years later. The berlin wall had come down, the MZ factory had been liquidated and they had started making spare parts out of unobtainium. So I traded the MZ and it's cracked crank case in on a Yammy XT250. I left the dealer with a fair bit of confidence and a big grin right up to the first traffic lights. Being used to the 2 stroke I changed down as I normally would and promptly got a compression lock up. This was about half a km from the dealers. Lucky I was wearing brown trousers. I test rode my third bike after quite a long break from riding, expecting to be really nervous and being a 500cc twin, it felt like a GP bike compared to my first two. The GS500 is a really user friendly bike and I felt really at home on it right from the start even after a long break. Bought it on the spot and ran it for a couple of years before buying the VFR. That did elicit some nerves riding it home, it's a seriously big step up in power and the weight distribution makes it a bit cumbersome at first. The ride home turned out fine but I had a stationary fall over the following morning. Don't have to worry about scratching it now.
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