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The kids are out to get my bike

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by slickncghia, Aug 30, 2007.

  1. ...I just know it

    First day riding to Work (i work at 5 primary schools) it was a great feeling wanting to go to work. But i know those little buggers are gonna be touching suzi.

    Every 1/2 hour i feel compelled to go outside and check if shes ok and scorn at any of "them" who get caught within 20m of the black beauty. Its mainly the fact that at some/most schools i park on the school property and the kids go everywhere at lunchtime.

    Im more worried that its gonna be nocked over than stolen.

    Does everyone else get paranoid about there bikes when they leave them? i cant imagine parking it on a main street all day or in the city

  2. Can you park it in view of the office reception, the principal's office, or wherever you'll be located?

    I've parked away from the entrance to reception, but within view, then mentioned to the ladies in there of my concerns and that I didn't want the children to get injured. They assured me they'd keep an eye on it for me :grin: . I was only there a few days and there was plenty of interest from the kids, but none dared even block the view of reception. She must have scared them at some point! :LOL:
  3. One of my work mates and I park our bikes on the wide footpath out the front of our office. He was just telling me about some guy wandering round our bikes and checking them out before. The guy went to touch them and my mate just about screamed at him.
    Even tho there are alot of bikes parked out front, its well lit and its exposed, I still worry.

    BRB, goin out the front now :p
  4. Yeah at work I park my bike out the front with the other bikes and I look out the window from the kitchen about every 30-60 mins.....
    I can't help it :p
  5. I don't normally ride to work. There is no on site parking for me. I work in Redfern,Yes that Redfern. So the times I have ridden to work I have had to park several minutes walk away and can't see the bike. I use just one pannier when I ride to work so I can take it with me when I park the bike. At least I know the pannier is safe. :shock:

    I use the steering lock, a disc lock and a cable lock. I suppsoe I could cover the bike in funnel web spiders too. But if someone wants it they will take it no matter what I lock it down with.

    Who climbs all over my bike when I can't see it I don't know and don't want to know.

    Also the return trip home on the road is murder. Train is so much quicker for me.
  6. My probblem is keeping my kids from touching my baby - and my wife for that matter
  7. We still talkin bout ur bike? :shock: :LOL:
  8. Its the kids in Redfern touching my bike that worries me.

    My own kids ride on the back so have heaps of respect for my bike. The oldest is only 3 years off being able to ride a bike herself. NOT MINE. :mad:
  9. Take a bike cover with you and cover it up... attracts a lot less interest. They'd have to pull the cover off to mess around. If you use a xena disk lock, that would trip it off. You can padlock your cover shut at the bottom too.

    Damn inconvenient tho =/
  10. I work in the cbd. I usually park my bike in one of those carparks in the middle of the street with room for about 16 bikes or so.... lately its been warmer so it fills up when i get in late after i've slept in, so i just park on the plaza out the front of my office building.
    yeh-- i stressed the first couple days, but now i dont even bother with the disc-lock (well once every couple weeks, just to throw the wanna be bike-thieves) the bike has plenty of company from other bikes so i dont tend to worry too much.

    edit- but i do say bye every morning to it and say hello if i walk past at lunch :p
  11. Back when the earth was cooling, I used to ride a Zook GT550 to work (country district high school). Being in the Tropics, I'd park it under a shady tree, on the lawn by the library. Going home one afternoon after school, for some reason I glanced at the front brake as I walked up to the bike.

    Some little turkey had been at the front brake line with a very sharp blade. Just put a deep slash in it, but not all the way through. I reckon the first emergency stop would have blown it like an aneurysm in an old artery.

    Parked it where I could see it through my classroom windows after that ...

    And I was one of the more popular teachers at that school ... :bolt:
  12. i used to get yell from kids in my neighbourhood; but because i kept my cool i dont' get any now :cry:
  13. When I was in High School one of the teachers had a brand new XS650. We thought he was a god. We never went near his bike for fear of a canning if we touched it.
  14. easy....buy a bike cover....
  15. At my old school there was a cage with a heap of bike racks where the kiddies used to lock up the bikes and the cage would be locked during the day and unlocked like 10min b4 school finished. Good way if they have one at either of your schools to keep the prying hands of it during recess etc etc.

    And i work at a retail store, so we got a main entrance and a back door for fire escapes etc etc. Its under cover and in a small blocked corner thingy so its out of view unless u actually go up to the door. so my baby is pretty well safe. *touch wood*

    also when it starts to rain i usally bring the bike in the store so it doesnt get wet and cold :p
  16. I am the night duty manager at the local Coles. I just park it in the store overnight :)
  17. yep easy, bike cover, when they cant see something nice and shiny they are unlikely to bother with it
  18. i work at armaguard so i just park it under video surveillance if anything happens to it there payin for it :p
  19. When i use to work in Williams st in the city (Melbourne), i used a bike cover everyday as i parked on the path directly in front of the building i worked in. I had workmate standing next to me as i uncovered the bike to go home, and he said to me, for 3 months he always wondered what bike was under there (this was my gixxer 750 for those that know me, know that this bike attracted alot of attention)... For the last 8 yrs I have had secure access in the building and now that I work for Telstra in Clayton, there is a small bike parking area with cover, but I still use the cover.. Mainly for cold overnights, as it helps keep the dew off the bike.
  20. Try the Scorpio alarm. It has a perimeter alarm so when someone approaches it starts to beep and if they don't get the hint, the alarm activates as well as the remote.