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The kid has style!

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by ROY G BIV, Feb 19, 2006.

  1. http://www.jakamara.com/images/imatra05/25.jpg
    Saw this pic today and was well impressed by his cornering style! :cool:
    Reminds me a little of me!! :wink:

  2. yes get them knees on the ground
  3. hehe yeah ive had that one saved to my comp for ages. anyone seen the one of the kid on a pink bike, pink leathers and knee down?
  4. It's not just about the knee being down, i know that comes with the territory because i have ridden minimotos myself. What i meant was how aggressively he has taken the corner, look at his head and body english ffs!
    No kid in those pics you linked to had the same kind of style, they were just cornering.
  5. I just put up any link bc the site is fulla pix of Australias
    best minimoto racers

    same style, same aggression, same head & body english as U put it

    Go to the tracks & U'll see em doing it all race :twisted:

    Moderator Steve will tell ya. Hes a racer & always at the tracks
  6. Whatever mate.... :p
  7. kids got skills...ill give him that
    cant wait to get my little girl into these cute little bike
    :p :p
  8. Melbourne & Queensland have majority of the best in Australia
    GPTC is close to your place bro. U'll find em there once a month.


    Get a load of these kidz :grin:
    Pix courtesy of xxsteve & co :cool:


    & a fellow netrider.. :grin: (recognise him xxsteve?) :-k \:D/


    & Kishy on his debut :rofl: :driver:

    http://i51.photobucket.com/albums/f355/kjude/Ma Rides1/4b1dff8b.jpg
  9. it looks like too much fun
    i think i might have to take it up first....
    just to make sure its safe for my little girl
    :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  10. I put up a vid a while back of kids getting around on these things. They were all like 7 and under. I have pics of lil tackers hanging of these things that look fekken awsome

    Cheers :cool: